Bride With Benefits Episode 59–61 Update on Sunday 22nd April 2018


EPISODE        59      –      61

Dev shift to the guest house. The servants tell him they will arrange his clothes and items, but he refuses saying that he will do it and sends them off. Payal enters and helps him. He says he will do it by himself. She says she will do it and starts arranging his clothes in the cupboard. Goonjun sees that and thinks now Payal cannot even enjoy his wife’s right and that her fate is bad. While arranging the clothes, Payal’s pallu stucks in bed. She reminisces Dev holding her pallu once and thinks he has held it. She turns back and sees it under the bed instead. Dev frees her pallu. Mai Hun song plays in the background. Payal then serves breakfast to all the family members. Jagadev likes the the breakfast after taking a bite and praises Payal that she has magic in her hands. Goonjun does not like Payal’s praise and feel jealous of her.

Jagadev and his jokers gets tensed seeing Rajesh. He scolds him and asks how dare he to come to his house and asks him to get out. Dev interferes and asks his father to stop. He says he is right, Rajesh had to be punished for misbehaving with Alka and Neelu and insulting Payal. Jagadev says he is right and asks Aditya to kick Rajesh out. Dev says he wanted to see if he has stopped his drama or not and asks him to at least stop his drama now. Jagadev says he does not know what Rajesh did. Dev asks him again to stop his lies and says Rajesh apologized to Payal for misbehaving with Alka and Neelu, but his dad and his jokers made him beaten up by their goons and threw him out as he wanted to tell the truth to him. Dev adds that his father lied to Payal’s family to get him married and now, he will leave studies and will not keep quiet until he opens a coaching center.

Dev who is determined to start off his own coaching career goes to the banks and requests for loan. The managers rejects his loan requests and he sadly walks out from each bank as his loan requests are rejected by every bank he visits. Rajesh asks what happened. He says he did not get loan. He wants to work hard day and night, but does not have money. Rajesh suggests him visiting a businessman he knows as Vikas Jha who will give him loan but charges more interest than the banks. Dev gets happy and takes his friends advice. He meets Vikas Jha who congratulates him for his marriage with PWD engineer Payal. Dev says he needs huge loan amount. Vikas says he will help him and asks how much money he needs. Dev says 10 lakhs. Vikas says he can take 5 lakhs now and 5 later. Dev asks about the documentation. Vikas says no need for that and says he made huge money and knows people well. He gives him 5 lakhs and says it is his dreams. Dev happily leaves. Vikas who have his own motive says his brother Aditya did not return his money and now he will get back his money and also approve his project from his wife Payal.

When Jagadev is singing song, Santoshi asks if he is singing after so much has happened. She says she thought they will live peacefully once Dev’s settles down. Jagadev tells his wife that they will have more money with working daughter-in-law’s salary and also they will get money from Dev’s new business. Santoshi gets happy on hearing this. Jagadev starts singing song again. Santoshi says she is waiting for Payal’s salary and they didn’t receive anyone’s salary on the 1st of every month and asks how did it come? Jagadev says the salary is deposited in bank account every month. Santoshi then asks how it will come in their hands. He says he has plan to get her money. The servant informs Payal that Vikas Jha called her. She thinks who is he? Vikas Jha greets her and introduces himself to her. He tells her that Dev came to him with a proposal to open a coaching centre and he gave him 5 lakhs rupees as an initial payment. Payal is clueless.

Payal tells him that she is not understanding anything. Vikas says she is an PWD engineer and there is one file pending in her department. He asks her to pass that file as that is his contract and now he wants her to approve his project in exchange. He gives her advice to think about his proposal before coming to any conclusion. He adds that if she thinks about his proposal then it will benefit her husband. Payal reminisces Dev’s words that he will prove himself suitable to become her husband. She thinks of what to do? Dev’s dream will be broken if she tell him anything. She gets Rajath call. Rajath asks how is she doing? Payal says she is fine and asks about him. Rajath is silent. Payal asks if everything fine? Rajath says this is the difference between her and him as he didn’t understand her and she have done so much for him. Payal thinks whether her brother came to know about the truth of her marriage.

Rajath says he came to know that she got the car for him and didn’t show him anything. He then says he is proud to have her as his sister. Payal emotionally looks on. Rajath asks what he have done with her but shouted at her and now he have realized his mistake and apologizes to Payal. She asks him not to apologize being elder than her. She says they are one family and it happens in a family. She adds that she have done what she was supposed to do and she wants her brother to be successful and famous. Whatever she did is for his happiness and they all want him to always be happy. Rajath thanks her and says she is really good. Indu asks Rajath to give the call to her. She greets her and asks why didn’t she tell her mother about the car. A shock Payal call out to her mother.

Indu says she know and asks her to take care of her family. She asks her to give the call to Dev. Payal says he went to coaching centre for some work. Indu says okay and asks her to do the work before going to office tomorrow. Payal says okay and disconnects the call. Sonu and Bunty are riding on Aditya’s back. Goonjun comes there and says he is not a horse, but a donkey. Aditya is shocked and shouts at her. Goonjun asks the kids to go inside. Aditya asks her to be in her limits. She asks what will help do? Payal comes and thinks the kids are scared and decide to take them inside. Goonjun asks Payal to go from there.

Aditya says Payal is the daughter-in-law of the house and has the same right as she and she won’t go anywhere. Payal says she will take the kids to have icecream. Aditya permits her to go. Goonjun gets irked and tells Aditya that he is playing with fire. Aditya says he is silent, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t do anything in future and that whatever he did is to stop her from stopping Dev’s marriage. Goonjun point out that they have ruined Dev’s life. Aditya blames her for ruining Dev’s happiness as she informed Payal about their truth. Goonjun says they are worst than a Dayan and have ruined their own family member’s life. He warns her not to do anything else he won’t spare her.

Payal thinks she will inform Dev everything about the contractor’s call when Dev returns and can’t let him be trapped by anyone. The servant informs her that Dev came and directly went to his room. Payal takes the food to Dev’s room. Dev sees her and asks why did she bring the food to his room. She says he was busy the whole day and must be tried, so she brought the food to his room. He says he will eat when he is hungry and asks her to go and rest as she has office to go tomorrow. He asks if she had food. She is about to speak, then he says he knows she has not and asks her not to wait for him and have food on time. Once Payal leaves, he speaks to Rajesh and tells him that once he start his coaching center, he will gift it to Payal. Payal hears his conversation standing at the door.

Neelu speaks to her friend over the phone that she is being selected for the national level basketball competition, but cannot get coaching as her dad is getting retired and he cannot afford the fees. Balaram hears it and says even Payal used to think about him and assures her that he has saved for her fees and wants her to win the basketball competition. Neelu gets happy hearing this. Later at night, Dev thinks of Payal. Payal also in her room thinks about Dev’s words that he will not consider himself compatible with her until he opens the coaching center. She also reminisces the contractor Jha’s words who wants her to clear his file, else he will back off from supporting Dev. She thinks she has to inform Dev and stop him from getting into Jha’s trap.

Jagadev and Santoshi read Bhagvat Geeta in the morning and then discuss it is Payal’s first day of job after marriage. Just then, Payal comes with tea. They start their acting of reading Geeta again and Santoshi asks her to stop working and get ready for her job. Goonjun comes there and says she has given leave to the servants and Santoshi will not prepare food on Monday, so her father-in-law should prepare it. She says she will not prepare it though. Payal says she will prepare the breakfast. Goonjun says both her father-in-law and mother-in-law trapped a good daughter-in-law who is working both at home and office. Jagadev and Santoshi yell at Goonjun for ruining their plans. Santoshi says Payal will take time to prepare breakfast and then get ready for office, and till then they will take her official car to market and get vegetables. She says the should take Payal’s permission. Jagadev says there is no need as Payal would not oppose them.

Payal prepares breakfast alone. Dev smiles seeing her working. He slips on vase, but immediately hides to avoid Payal seeing her. Payal thinks it must be someone and rushes to get ready for office. She comes out of the house and calls the driver who says he has come to gets vegetable in the market with her in-laws. She asks him to come to office directly. Dev hears that and says he will confront his parents as it is wrong. He offers her lift till her office. She agrees and thinks she will inform him about Vikas Jha contractor on the way. He makes her sit on his bike behind him as pillion and leaves. On the way, he thinks soon everything will be alright. She thinks she should inform Dev now.