Bride With Benefits Episode 42–44 Update on Monday 16th April 2018


The episode starts with Dev and Payal’s marriage starting. They both walk from opposite direction to the mantap. Tose naina….song plays in the background. They smile looking at each other. They take a bride and groom’s chair and everyone start greeting and clicking pics with them. Rajesh reminisces Neelu and Indu telling that Dev is a successful businessman and runs a coaching center. He thinks if he will not inform about this misunderstanding to Dev, he will not forgive him, but he cannot at this time seeing Dev’s happiness.
Dev calls Rajesh on stage. He hesitantly goes. After clicking pics, Dev asks why is he looking tensed. He says he has something important to say and says something wrong is happening. Dev asks what wrong. Just then, overacting aunty
Santoshi comes with Guddi to click pics and interrupts Rajesh. After pic clicking, Guddi asks what he wants to says. Rajesh tells Payal’s family thinks Dev runs coaching center. Guddi gets tensed thinking Rajesh knows everything now and will inform Dev. Rajesh asks if she knows about it. She says no.
Guddan says Jogeshwar/Natru that Dev told Ayodhya coming with family, when will they reach. Natru gets tensed and thinks Dev will spoil his plan and says he has called them, but don’t know when they will come.
Guddi asks Rajesh if he told about this to anyone. He says not yet, but since she asked, he informed her. She asks him not to tell anyone until she comes back. She calls natru and overacting aunty to the corner and informs that Rajesh knows everything now and is going to inform Dev. Aunty starts her usual overacting. Natru asks her to keep silent while he thinks something. Dev calls Rajesh again. Guddi sees that and shows natru. Natru asks santoshi to keep people busy here and asks Guddi to send Rajesh out of venue while he does something. He calls someone. Just when Rajesh is about to tell Dev, Guddi takes him from stage telling Payal wants to meet him and takes him out of marriage venue. Indu on the other side takes Payal out for tree pooja. Santoshi joins them. Guddi takes Rajesh out where Ayodhya hits him and asks his goons to beat him till he forgets everything.

The episode starts with Guddi going back to marriage hall after leaving Rajesh under Ayodhya and his goons’s clutch. She sees Payal missing from stage and asks guddan where is bhabhi. He says she and other ladies have gone for tree pooja outside. She gets tensed that Payal will see Rajesh and rushes out saying she will call her. Payal hears Rajesh’s pleas and walks towards him. Natru asks Ayodhya to stuff Rajesh’s mouth and beat. Payal walks nearby, but Guddi stops them till Ayodhya and his goons hide Rajesh. When Payal’s sees the place, there won’t be anyone. Guddi and Santoshi force her and take from there. Once they leave, Ayaodhya and Natru come out and natru thanks Ayodhya for handling the situation on time and asks him to take Rajesh
from here until the marriage finishes peacefully.
Dev feels uneasy not finding anyone and takes Bhuvaneshwar, Rajath, and Guddan to check outside. He sees natru sending someone in car and asks who was it. Natru says Rajesh drank heavily and was badmouthing about Payal and Neelu, so he sent him out from here. Dev says he cannot believe Rajesh can do this. Natru asks if he thinks he is lying. Dev says no and takes everyone in.
Indu takes Payal to her room and asks her to relax until the rituals start. Bhuvaneshwar comes in and praises natru/Jogeshwar that he handled situation well and is very strong in his values. Indu asks what happened. He says Rajesh got inebriated and was badmouthing about Payal and Neelu, so he sent him out from there. Payal says she canot believe Rajesh can do this after apologizing her. Dev on the other side tells Guddi, junior vamp, he cannot believe Rajesh can do this as he is his childhood friend. Guddi says everyone cannot be good like him.
Dev thinks Natru is handling whole situation alone, so he should call Ayodhya and Gulkan soon. He calls Gulkan and asks when will she come. She asks where is he. He asks her not to joke and says he is in Chaibasa in his marriage. She is shocked to hear that and asks with whom. He asks to stop joking and says with Payal rai, PWD engineer, and asks where is she. Just then, he sees Ayodhya and children and asks if she is giving him surprise and asks her to come out.

The episode starts with Dev calling Gulkan and telling he can see bhaiya/Ayodhya and children but not her and asks her to come out. Gulkan cuts call. Dev then hugs Ayodhya and children and asks where is bhabhi. Mithilesh on the other side tells Gulkan that Ayodhya and children are not in hotel room. Gulkan says she knows they are not in hotel. He asks where did they go then. She says Chaisbasa and says Ayodhya trapped her here to not reach chaibasa and tells her the whole incident happened where she slaps constables and being brought here. She says he purposefully did this.

Overacting aunty Santoshi gets happy seeing Ayodhya’s children and hugs them. Natru/Jogeshwar also hugs him and introduces Ayodhya and children to Guddan and others. Guddan says he saw him in haldi from
a distance. Dev asks where is bhabhi. Children say maa is in jail. Ayodhya and natru get tensed. Ayodhya asks Guddi to take children and feed something and tells that Gulkan joked that she is stuck in jail/mumbai, so children said that. Everyone smile. Dev says he will call bhabhi, but natru and Ayodhya stop him.
Dev and Payal’s marriage rituals start. Pandit asks Guddan to bring water mug as he is bride’s mama/uncle. Guddan slips and mug falls down. Pandit says it is abshagun/bad sign. Indu looks at him angrily, but Bhuvaneshwar says nothing to worry and asks Guddan to bring one more mug. He brings it and performs pooja. After pooja, Indu starts crying and says a big abshagun happened and yells at Guddan. Bhuvaneshwar says when things are happening peacefully, why is she worried about shagun and abshagun and asks her not to blame Guddan. Payal consoles Indu and says everyone are so busy and working hard for her marriage, then just one kalash/mug cannot ruin it. Dad backs her. Indu relaxes and asks Alka to take care of Payal and make her fast till morning as marriage muhurath is of 4:30 a.m.

Ayodhya takes out his family and describes how he made a drama and sent Gulkan into jail to attend Dev’s marriage. Santoshi starts her usual overacting. Natru says he played a nice drama and trapped Rai family and they think him as a great person. Jaiswal praises him. Natru says once Payal marries Dev, he will get regular income from her and enjoy life. He says Gulkan should not come here. Ayodhya calls inspector and asks when will his wife Gulkan get bail. Inspector says she will not get bail until court opens on Monday. Natru and whole family jump in happiness.

Precap: Payal in her room thinks Neelu has come, but a man comes in and locks door from inside.

Update Credit to: H Hasan