Amaya Episode 154 Update on Saturday 14th April 2018


Marco Antonio accepts to help Mauro to unmask Lucrecia because she also tried killing him but the nurse saved him by exchanging him with a dead baby at that time and he confesses to Mauro that he is he’s his son who everyone thought as dead and that his mother is Florencia and this brings great happiness to Mauro after showing him a DNA test he conducted with Mauro blood and so with the great happiness, Juliana and Manuel feels they are not going to tell Mauro about Max’s imprisonment and Juliana welcomes Marco into their family. Then he disclosed to them that he knows Cesar isn’t his son.
Amaya warns Cesar that she’s going to start with the divorce procedures and that she’ll leave the house. Cesar tells his mum that he is determined to keep Star Zone no matter what.
Max comments to his cellmate he doesn’t understand what’s behind Amaya’s marriage with his brother but he senses something is wrong somewhere.
Juliana reveals to Amaya that she is with his father because he is alive and she looks so delighted to find out that Mauro is alive and now knows everything she sacrificed for will be worth it.
Mariana shares with Amaya that she’s worried because Ulises threatened her with doing something to her or to Valeria but Amaya asks her to calm down because he can’t do anything to her neither Valeria.
Marco Antonio discloses to Juliana and Manuel that he’s married and has a daughter called Florencia and Juliana thinks that is so great because her father will be proud to know that his first grandchild is named after the woman of her life.
Cesar informs the family he has asked the notary to open his father’s WILL and Lucrecia supports him in everything but Eloisa and Flavia don’t think so and not when Max is even in jail and also that the police has never declared their father dead but Cesar careless about their thoughts.
Ivan follows Yaayaa in Mexico City on her way to meet Ulises without her notice.
Dario visits Carolina with a bottle of champagne so they could celebrate together because he has no person to have that fun with and Carolina states that she has no problem coming over her house.
The plastic surgeon operates on Nana Yaw’s scar on the face.
Carolina tells Amaya that Horacio’s building has no cameras in the building but they will keep asking some of the neighbors if they have or saw anyone entering Horacio’s apartment aside Max.
Cesar calls Juliana to ask her to come back to Mexico City because he wants to open their father’s WILL but Juliana standing in front of her father tells him she isn’t in support but Cesar careless.
Angela looks so happy for her husband for discovering his origin and knowing them and he wants to take his daughter to see Mauro.
Carolina and the lawyer informs Max that there were no security Cameras in the apartment and Caro feels she is the cause of his imprisonment because if she never informed him about Cesar hitting Amaya
Lucrecia and Cesar meet with the notary and they promise to give him a great sum of money is he’s willing to do anything with the divorce papers in search a way that Amaya never detects signing and giving him the star zone willingly they would be happy and he agrees to do it since it comes with huge sum of money.
Manuel informs Amaya they have a plan to unmask Cesar and Lucrecia.
Valeria wants to go to his father’s apartment and put away his things like photos and other things that will help her think about her dad.
Mauro thinks Juliana has to go back to the city and intentionally agree that he opens the WILL and also should let them know she is still looking for their dad. But she will only execute their plan when the D-day comes. Juliana then agrees to go back.
Cesar calls Amaya to his office to make her sign some papers before giving her the divorce and upon reaching there he tells her that the documents only says she Amaya can’t demand anything from him because she needs the divorce and Amaya quickly takes the documents, get a pen and she’s ready to sign.