Bride With Benefits Episode 34–35 Update on Friday 13th April 2018


The episode starts with commissioner telling Jogeshwar that he cannot stop Payal’s transfer. He says Payal will reach here in some time, he can meet her and then go. Jogeshwar/natru thinks if Payal sees him with mango bribe box, he will fall in her eyes. He tells commissioner he has some important work, so he will meet Payal later. Commissioner asks him to take mango box and leave. He takes and goes out and sees Payal’s car. He hides his face with mango box. Payal tries calling Dev and his phone is not reachable. She gets out of car and identifies natru as someone known, so she calls him, but he runs. She then thinks she is already late for the meeting and gets into commissioner’s office. Once she goes in, Guddan and Rajath come there with sweet box containing bride for
commissioner to stop Payal’s transfer. Payal comes out of commissioner’s cabin and sees them.
Ayodhya brings food for Gulkan and asks her to have it. She says she will not. He force feeds her and says they don’t have ritual of taking back gifts, so she should forget getting back dowry from natru. Gulkan says he can go instead. He acts as getting angry and says he will not tolerate natru insulting them and will never go there. She asks him to calm down and hugs, thinks she will get her dowry money back at any cost.
Payal informs Bhuvaneshwar/dad about Guddan and Rajath trying to bribe commissioner. Dad scolds them and says because of them, Payal’s reputation would have been at stake. He says they would have harmed more than helping. Indu asks him to calm down. He says they will create a big prob some day. Payal says Guddan she knows his intention was good, but way was wrong.
Dev reaches secretiat and tries to meet secretary, but peon shoos him away.
Indu tells family that one of relative’s daughter’s marriage broke up with a similar condition, and if Payal’s marriage postpones, they will incur heavy losses.
Dev enters secretary’s cabin via window and thinks of convincing him to stop Payal’s transfer. Peon sees Dev in secretary’s cabin and drags him out with the help of security guards while he continues requesting to let him talk to secretary for 2 minutes,
Indu cries and tells her daughter will go to office after bidayi instead of sasural and prays god to do something. Bhuvaneshwar asks her to think that god knows what is best for our daughter. Guddan says jijaji is telling right. Payal says we have to face the truth and she has al sayto go to Devgarh by postponing her marriage. Alka says she and Neelu will help her in packing. Neelu asks her to call Dev once and ask if he did something. She tries Dev’s number, but his number is not reachable.
Dev is kicked out of secretary’s office. Payal thinks life is unpredictible, everything was fine some time ago and now it is different, she has to fight and take up her responsibilities. She also starts packing bags. Alka asks what happened. Payal says she did think she would face this kind of situation any time, but is facing now, either she has accept defeat or face it. Neelu says she knows Payal will not accept defeat and says let us wait till jiju/Dev comes back. Payal says it is very difficult. Dev thinks he promised Payal and will stop her transfer at any cost.
The episode starts with Dev speaking to Payal over phone and assuring that he will get her transfer ordered stop for sure.
Natru gets high fever and murmurs Santoshi that she will have to send jewelry. She says why will. He says when he will not be alive, what will she do winth the jewelry. He dreams Gulkan as Yamraj trying to take his life and asking Santoshi to do house hold work who is in a beggar avatar. He wakes up and starts frightening. Santoshi calls Ayodhya.
Secretary’s driver sees Dev waiting and offers to help him. He says he will delay starting car, he can speak to secretary by then. Dev agrees. Just when secretary sits in car, Dev sees a truck rushing towards a blind lady and rescues her. Secretary gets out of car and comes near Dev. Driver says secretary
that Dev is a good boy and was waiting to meet him since hours. Secretary asks why he wants to meet him. Dev says he came to invite him for his marriage. Secretary says he does not even know him. Dev says he is state’s secretary, so he is an important person and says because of him, his marriage will not happen. Secretary asks why. Dev tells he is marrying Payal Rai, but because of transfer orders, Payal has to go to Devgarh. Secretary says he cannot do anything now as his officer hours are over. Dev says he came here hours ago, but since he was busy, he could not meet him.
Payal tells Indu that she has to go to Devgarh and says Rajath can drop him tomorrow. Dev comes and says she does not have to go anywhere and gives her transfer cancel orders. Payal smiles. Indu asks what is written in it. Payal reads it is secretary’s cancel orders and best wishes for her marriage. Neelu says jiju did wonders. Rajath and guddan thank him. Indu apologizes Dev for her misbehavior. He says he should apologize her instead of coming to meet Payal without her consent and says he wants his new family members trouble free. He makes her sit on sofa and says moms should not apologize and should only bless or slap children. She says he is her would be damad. He says he wanted to tell her something since a long ago and says he does not want to become her damad but wants to become her beta. He explains that Damad is not dear one than beta/son. She has same right as his mother, so she can scold and love him. She says she is asssured now that Payal cannot get a better partner than him and believes he will keep Paayl happy. He says if her blessings ar with him, he will.
Dad says Dev must have wandered a lot since morning and asks Payal to bring food for him. Guddan asks how did he do this miracle. He says only good happens to good people, then how can wrong happen to Payal. Dad asks if he informed Jogeshwar. He says not yet. Dad asks him to go have food while he informs jogeshwar/natru. Payal serves him food. He looks at her and enjoys food. Mere nainaa kaatil hogaye… plays in the background. Payal shies and smiles.
Natru gets Bhuvaneshwar’s call, but disconnects it. Jaiswal asks to pick call. Natru says he will start crying and will request to postpone marriage Jaiswal says if he does not pick, he will call Dev. Natru picks call and asks what is the issue.

The episode starts with Bhuvaneshwar and Indu giving gift list to Jogeshwar. Jogeshwar/natru says there is no need for gift and biggest gift is kanyadaan. Indu insists that he should aspect for society’s sake. He agrees, checks list and gets irked seeing Gulkan and Ayodhya’s names and gets angry. Bhuvaneshwar says they his elder beta/bahu, so should be called. Natru says if he calls them, he will not attend marriage else.
Ayodya gives tickets to Mithilesh and asks him to give it to Gulkan. Mithilesh says how can he and tells him the secret that he wanted gulkan to go back to her sasural, so he lied that he incurred loss in business and will shift to small house. Ayodhya realizes mithilesh’s plan, but says he did right thing and hugs him.
Natru says Bhuvaneshwar
and Indu that Gulkan is very arrogant and insults him and his family a lot. She even slapped Guddi in front of everyone. He says he is very honest and cannot tolerate Gulkan’s insults more. Guddan says even then he should call them for the auspicious moment. Natru says he will not. Bhuvaneshwar says he will do as he says and Rajath apologizes for his mistake earlier.
Mithilesh gives mumbai ticket to Gulkan and asks her to go on a vacation. She asks why did he overspend. He says his business is working good now and even Ayodhya helped him monetarily. Gulkan thanks him and accepts ticket. Ayodhya grins.
Dev’s friend tells him that he will have to take Payal’s permission to meet him after marriage. Dev says Payal is not like that. Friend asks to call Payal and ask. Payal calls him just then. Dev sends his friend from there and starts conversing with Payal. Payal thanks him for convincing his family for simple marriage. Dev says it is his duty to take care of their family problems and they both continue their conversation.. Payal continues that she is lucky to have a life partner like him. He says his friend Rajesh was telling she will not let him meet as no wife would like her husband meet anyone. Payal says why will she stop him, she has his won life and he has his own life and after their marriage, they will have to take care of their feelings and will not hide anything from each other. She asks if he will be with her in every step of her life. He says he will. She says marriage is very near. He says he is waiting each moment for her. She says she will call him later and cuts call. He things he will have to be make himself compatible with Payal.
Dev takes his friend to an office for interview and tells he is giving managerial interview, but will continue his bank exams. Friend says he has changed a lot. Dev’s interview turn comes and he confidently finishes his interview. Manager announces only Dev and another person are selected for next interview. Dev calls Payal to take her best wishes. Payal picks call and asks why best wishes. He asks her to wish him first. She wishes him and asks again why he needs best wishes. He informs her about his interview and she gets tensed.
Precap: Dev gets selected in managerial interview. Friend says Dev that Payal is lucky for him and he should inform her about his selection. He calls her, but she is engrasped in thoughts and does not pick his call.
Update Credit to: H Hasan