Fire and Ice Episode 137–138 Update on Thursday 12th April 2018


Scene 1
Mahi bangs into some man at airport, she gets afraid, she stammers and says i am sorry.
Twinkle says to RT that i will be with her, i will make her Punjabi patakha. Mahi gets call from someone, she says thank God you called me, i was so worried, she smiles.
Twinkle says to RT that you didnt show me her photo, RT shows her photo on mobile, Kunj takes phone and says she is my sister in law so i will see it first, Twinkle says she is my sister so give it to me, she runs behind him, Kunj says see Leela, she is making her husband run, Twinkle says i will lock you in washroom, they run behind each other. Leela says to RT that its good, Twinkle accepted Mahi easily, i hope everything will become fine.
Twinkle runs behind Kunj and asks him to give phone, he says see your cheeks, its swallow like balloon, should i pull them, Twinkle asks him to not joke, he says i will not give phone, Twinkle runs behind him, they fall on sofa, Twinkle on top of Kunj, Sajna ve plays as they share eyelock, Twinkle tries to take phone but it falls from Kunj’s hands, she says how will i see her picture now? Kunj says i will get is repaired, Twinkle says i dont need your help, i will see my sister when she will come here, Kunj says i will face her face to face too, Twinkle says its bad joke, Kunj says your taste it not good, Twinkle says i am really excited that my sister is coming, i am going to find a punjabi groom for her, she says i am going to get gifts for her, she leaves.
Twinkle is stuck in traffic. Mahi is in traffic jam too. One women is pleading everyone to break the traffic jam as her son is in ambulance, she says he is serious please let her go, nobody listens to her, Twinkle feels bad for her. Mahi comes out of car and asks one man to take his car back but he scolds her that we are stuck here too, she tries to give space to ambulance but nobody listens to her, Twinkle says its enough, nobody is helping lady, i have to do something. Twinkle comes out of car and passes by Mahi, she comes to lady and consoles her, she starts guiding cars and clears traffic jam, Mahi sees her and thinks that this girl is great, she is controlling whole traffic, Twinkle comes to Mahi and asks why she is standing in middle of road? she scolds Mahi that now will i have to clear road from people too? Mahi says sorry, Twinkle says you are weird girl, Twinkle asks her to leave from there, Twinkle goes and sit in her car, Mahi sits in her car and keep looking at Twinkle, she leaves from there.
Scene 2
Mahi arrives Sarna house, she looks at address. Cherry comes out of Sarna house, she shows him address and asks to help, Cherry eyes her and thinks who is this hot girl? Cherry says i didnt see you here beefore? you seem new here, he looks at address and says this house? he asks whom you wanna meet? Twinkle comes there, Cherry gets tensed. Twinkle says you are same girl who was standing in middle of road, is there some problem? Twinkle looks at address and says this is my house’s address, what work you have? and whom you wanna meet? Mahi gets tensed, RT comes there and says Mahi? Mahi smiles seeing him, she says Papa and hugs him, RT says what a surprise, you were coming tomorrow, you came today only? Mahi says i thought to surprise you so i came here, RT says good, Leela gets emotional seeing her, she says my daughter, RT says this is your mother, Mahi is stunned, RT points at Twinkle and says she is your elder sister, Twinkle smiles at her, Mahi is shocked.
All come in house, RT says to Mahi that its my mistake, i kept you away from your family. Mahi emotionally looks at Twinkle and Leela, she comes to Leela, Leela says Mahi? Mahi says maa.. they both cry, Leela hugs her and cries, Twinkle smiles, Leela says by daughter, she says i missed you alot, thank God my both daughters are with me, Mahi comes to Twinkle and says Twinkle di? Twinkle says you are my mahi? my small mahi? you were so small when i saw you last, you were wearing yellow color frock but now you wear suits, you have grown .so much, i am stupid that i couldnt recognize you and scolded you too, will you forgive me? she holds her ears and says i am sorry, Mahi hugs her and cries, Kunj says now our family is completed, Mahi looks at him, he says i am son of this house, i better no best half of Twinkle and your brother in law, Mahi is happy to see him and says hi jeeju, Leela says this is great day, our family is completed today, we will go to Guradvarah today.
Scene 3
All come to Guradvarah, Mahi is biting her nails, Twinkle says this is bad habit, she asks Mahi to not feel tensed, all are with her, Kunj says if you make it so obvious so she will feel conscious, he says to Mahi that i am with you, your sister has habit to get in everything, Twinkle says he started here too, she asks Mahi to not listen to him, Leela says to Twinkle that you started here too? lets go in. A lady meets Leela and says my daughter’s marriage is fixed, Leela congratulates her, lady asks about Mahi? she asks who is this pretty girl? Leela says she is my younger daughter, just returned from London, lady says she is NRI? she says i will find groom for her, Twinkle says find best punjabi guy for her, my Mahi will get married too, Lady leaves, Mahi says i cant marry, Twinkle asks why our mahi cant marry? Mahi says because i am already married, all are shocked.
In home, RT asks Mahi whom you married? you never went out of house without my permission then how did you marry? with whom? Mahi says he is very nice guy, Rt gets angry on her, Twinkle consoles Mahi and says dont worry but you took such a big decision so he is angry, dont be tensed and tell us everything about that guy, tell us how you met him? trust me Rt will not do anything, Mahi says me.. RT shouts to answer, Leela says let her answer, RT says how can she marry without telling me? Kunj asks RT to calm down, he asks Mahi to speak up. Mahi says everything happened to fast, after you came to India, i met him and my life changed, everything looked perfect, i looked perfect, it was like dream come true, the one who take me away from every problem, who doesnt make fun of me but support me, he has all these qualities, he is perfect, i still dont believe that he loves me, RT says you are mad, he fooled you, Mahi says no, he loves me and i love him too, i was afraid to tell you thats why i did court marriage, he wants to have proper marriage with me with blessing of my family, his family lives in Amritsar too, Rt gets angry, Leela says we should think about her daughter’s happiness now, Mahi asks RT to understand her, Usha asks Mahi if that guy tried to take advantage of her and she had to marry him because of that helplessness? Mahi gets silent and looks on tensed.

Scene 1
Mahi asks RT to forgive her, she cries and runs from there, Twinkle goes behind her, Leela asks RT to stop her.
Mahi starts running in middle of road, Twinkle runs behind her and saves her before car can hit her, Twinkle asks Mahi if she is fine? she hugs her and says you are mad, what if anything had happened to you? we have got you after so much difficulty, i dont want to lose you again, Mahi says i am sorry di, i have hurt papa alot, i have not seen him so much angry, i know its my fault but it all happened so fast that i couldnt get time to tell anyone, i was just looking for my marriage, i didnt think how people will be affected by it, how papa will react, i just know that i love that guy and wants to be with him. Kunj comes there and ask them if they are fine? Leela comes there and hugs Mahi, she asks Mahi where did she go? Twinkle says what you were doing now, it would have hurt us more, you are special for us and i am sure for your husband too so dont do this again, we are not against your love, we want to see you happy and papa is angry you hided such big news from me, lets go home, we will ask you about your husband, Mahi hugs Twinkle, RT is calmed too.
All come home, Leela asks Mahi to calm down, Twinkle makes her drink water and says dont worry and tell us everything now, Mahi says i met him in psychiatrist clinic, i used to go there for counseling of my low self esteem, he used to come there too, when i saw him for first time, i thought he is different and special, the way he talked to me, the way he gave me attention, nobody gave me that other than papa, he is very nice and well behaved and decent.
The guy arrives at airport, his face is not shown. Mahi tells everyone that he is very polite and doesnt have attitude, he cares about everyone, anyone can love him. The guys throws luggage of people at airport, he sits in car and drives fast. Mahi says he takes care of me alot, he doesnt get angry, he is very down to earth and behaves well. The guy is driving recklessly and hitting people around. Otherside Mahi says i never thought a guy like him will come in my life, he treats me like princess, you all will like him, RT says i dont think that guy is so good, he must have married you for money, he must want our property. The guy arrives at house, heart shaped chain falls from his pocket, it has Mahi’s picture, he crushes chain under his feet. Mahi says to Rt that no you are thinking wrong, he doesnt want anything, he jsut loves me.
The guy(Yuvraj Luthra) comes in hall and looks at Kunj and Twinkle’s wedding photo, he throws wine at it and sets photo on fire, Yuvi says see Twinkle Yuvi is back, i have comeback once again for you Twinkle, he leaves from there.
Mahi says to family that i have told you all about him and when you will meet him then you all will realize how good he is. Babee says this means Guy’s family doesnt know about your wedding with him? Mahi gets tensed, Kunj says we should trust Mahi, we should wait till that guy arrives. Mahi says i know you all are feeling weird, she says i will call him, she asks RT to talk to him on phone, she calls him but his phone is switched off, Twinkle asks Mahi what happened? Mahi says his phone is switched off, Twinkle says we only want your happiness and as Kunj said, we trust you that guy is good but we have to meet him once, Mahi nods, Babee asks everyone to come to her house, we all will eat food there.
Family comes out of Leela’s house and is stunned to see Sarna house all decorated with lights, Kunj asks who did it? Cherry says i dont know, Surjeet and Manohar are not at house too, Kunj says lets go in and see. Family comes in Sarna house, its all dark there, Yuvi is sitting in dark, Cherry asks who is sitting there? Yuvi switches lights, he comes infront of them, all are shocked, Twinkle says Yuvi you? Mahi runs and hugs Yuvi, all are stunned, Mahi says to Yuvi that i missed you, Twinkle asks Mahi how you know Yuvi? Mahi says he is the one i was talking about, he is my husband, all cant believe it, Mahi asks Yuvi how he is here? Yuvi says this is my house, Kunj is relative of my mother, what are you doing here jaan? Mahi says this is my family, she says Leela is my mother, Yuvi acts surprised, Mahi says because of some issues, i was away from my sister Twinkle and my mother, Yuvi hugs her and says what a coincidence, Rt comes there too, Twinkle asks Yuvi to be away from Mahi, she says to Mahi that you dont know his reality,
Twinkle says to Mahi that you dont know Yuvi, he faked love with me to take revenge of his mother, he tried to break my marriage with Kunj, he even tried to kill Kunj, he can do anything and can stoop so low to get what he wants, be away from him, Mahi says i know everything, she says Yuvi told me everything about his past but he has changed now, he is not same now, Yuvi says Mahi you are Twinkle’s sister? i cant believe it, my past is coming inbetween my future, Kunj says dont act, we all know you cant change, he is about to hit Yuvi but Mahi stops him, Leela says Yuvi you cant change, first you tried to hurt Twinkle when you couldnt then you are trying to hurt Mahi, Yuvi says i didnt know Mahi is your daughter, Twinkle says you would found out that she is my sister and now you want to use her to make my life hell again, Mahi says enough di, he is my husband, you cant insult him like this, even you didnt know that i am your sister then how would he know, Twinkle says you dont know him, Mahi says i know him better than anyone,
Twinkle grabs Yuvi from collar and says you cant destroy my sister’s life, this is all your plan, you have brainwashed my sister, Mahi pushes Twinkle away and says stop it, Kunj holds Twinkle before she could fall, Mahi says i am telling you all that Yuvraj has changed, whatever happened in past has ended and now only i am in his life and we both want to start a new life, she holds Yuvi’s hand, she says i cant live without him, all are tensed.
PRECAP- Yuvi says to Anita that i missed you so much, he is about to hug her but she slaps him and says you married without telling me and that too with Twinkle’s sister? i dont accept this marriage, you have to break it rightnow, Yuvi gets tensed.
Update credit to Atiba