Wednesday Update on My Lost Home on Zeeworld


Jeet raises his hand to slap Cherry but then Cherry holds his had and shows him the court orders she has, in the order it says that Cherry will live in the Khurana house and if they throw her out then they will be violating the law and that mean jail. She then says stuff to Durga telling her they better watch it or they all will be in jail as fast as she snaps. The Khurana’s are helpless after Cherry presents a court order to them, forcing them to accept her back into the house.
At Sareen’s residence, while Mahi is laying on the bed thinking, Shabd has his face turned the other way and he turns around to see Mahi wide awake. Shabd ask why isn’t she sleepy, she nods her head, then he asks if she is still angry in which she says no. She gets up and goes to the window. Shabd says she doesn’t understand Angad and Kamya are good couple. On the other hand, both Kamya and Angad are coming out of the car and they are fighting as usual. Shabd then point out to Mahi to see that they are so happy together and they are also made for each other and walks back to the bed and tells Mahi that he hope she understand. While Shabd is saying this to convince Mahi about his friend, Angad is blowing kisses to Mahi and she is getting freaked out and then he leaves. Shabd comes to Mahi and says they are a perfect couple.
Back at Khurana’s residence, Soni comes into her room thinking about what Cherry had just said about her. Then Mr. Khurana and Durga come to her room, Durga tells a scared Soni that as long as she is with her Cherry will not be able to harm her at all and then Durga and Soni hug each other. All this time Soni is crying, Mr.Khurana tells her to stop and not to worry. Durga asks how will she not be worry as Cherry will try to harm her and her unborn child. Mr Khurana gets really angry and is about to go and throw Cherry out of the house but Soni quickly gets up and stop him, saying they already have enough trouble and they don’t want anymore. While Parmeet is sleeping, Jyoti just came out of the shower. She sees Parmeet sleeping and thinks it’s a good opportunity to look in his phone. Just when she goes to get it, he turns around then she goes again and he turns again and then the third time she gets it and gets up and looks through the phone and finds nothing because he had already deleted the number and the picture. On the other hand, Cherry is already in Jeet’s room on his bed doing her nails. Few moments later, Jeet comes in and Cherry purposely try to provoke him saying she miss her house so much but she missed him alot too. An upset Jeet go close to her and she is smiling at him thinking her prank work on him but he gets his pillow and says she can’t stop deceiving other but at least to stop deceiving herself and leaves. A flabbergasted Cherry says one day he will come in this room for her.
Mahi is sittig on a buildings roof thinking about what Angad is doing and Shabd comes there and they spend some time together on the roof. Its a storm and Soni is trying to close her window but she can’t, Jeet comes there and helps her out and later she thinks about Veer and looks at his picture. Jeet goes outside following someone but Cherry ends up hitting him on the head and he passes out when he tries to reveal the Parmeets mask and it turns out that Cherry and Permeet are partners in crime and that it’s Parmeet that poisons the witness in jail and exchanges the tapes. It’s also reveal that Parmeet and Cherry were having an affair before they came to india but didn’t know there spouses were siblings and they talk about how they got away with all this. After Parmeet is shown to be the person that helps Cherry out. Then Parmeet talks about them being together whereas Cherry is hesitant and tell him Jyoti is suspecting him and it was she ( Cherry ) who deleted everything from his phone then Parmeet questions her whether she cares about Jeet now and she blows it off. Later Jyoti comes out looking for Parmeet as he was not in his room and Cherry and Parmeet are trying to hide Jeet. They both hear Jyoti and drag unconscious Jeet aside. Cherry tells Parmeet to go and that she will handle Jeet. Parmeet goes inside while Cherry is looking at Jeet and how he got hurt and that he’s bleeding and she looks like she felt bad for hitting him.
Durga, Mr. Khurana and Cherry are bringing Jeet inside the house and gently lay him on the sofa. They clean the blood off his body and are worried about how he got hurt. Soni also walks in and sees Jeet’s condition, she is shocked and worried but the family tells her to go and relax assuring her Jeet will be fine. Mr. Khurna asks Cherry what Jeet was doing at this hour outside. Cheery says she doesn’t know. Jyoti says she should know why she was there? Cherry says she was just walking. She tells Jyoti that she is lucky that her brother was saved by her. Jyoti asks if she was just walking? She tells Cherry that she don’t believe that. Parmeet cuts in to save Cherry and says well they should not be arguing right now but taking care of Jeet. He says he will calls the doctor but Jyoti says she has already done it. She puts her husband on the spot and question Parmeet where he was that when all of this happened he wasn’t in his room either and that she looked for him everywhere. Parmeet asks if she check the studyroom.? He lie that he was there doing some work and that he told her about it as well. The door bell rings and Parmeet goes to open it. The next morning Durga and her husband walk out the room and see Soni in the corner. Soni asks about Jeet and Durga says he is okay. Soni looks into Jeet’s room and goes in hesitantly. She watches him and put a blanket on him and walks out. Cherry watches this and is not happy.
At Sareen’s residence, Shabd is getting ready and Mahi brings his waist coat. He tries to romance with his wife but she tells him he is getting late and should go to office. Shabd says god he is so romantic and she gave him an unromantic wife. Shabd tells her that he will cancel going today as she look too cute. Mahi refuses and praise him that he is such a good husband and he took a day off for her so she will cook, she will eat and he will wash the clothes for her and he can help Gauri do some work as well. On hearing this, Shabd tells Mahi that she is right and hevshould go to work and he walks off. Mahi laughs for indirectly discharging him to go to work. Shabd says he forgot his mobile and she runs after him. Suddenly she stops as someone holds her hand, she thinks it is Shabd and smiles but it is really Angad, Mahi does not know this and he intentionally hugs her and squashes her. Mahi tells him to let go and then she turns to see Angad. She is shocked and pushes him away. Mahi is so devastated and asks what a bad thing he is doing to her. Angad says how good she call him love so low and she should answer him with love. Mahi tell him he has a last chance to stay away from her. Angad laughs telling her it will be difficult. Angad says he is only marrying Kamya to get close to her. Mahi walks off angrily. She runs down the stairs and see her husband Shabd who tells her Angad’s father is here. Shabd tells her that Angad’s father has come to talk about the engagement. She sees Angad coming down the stairs and looks scared. Everybody is happy about the engagment except Mahi and then Kamya walks down the stairs. She asks everyone why they are looking at her like that. Mohini says they are talking about her engagement and asks when did she want to do it? Kamya asks if they can we wait for a bit. Everyone looks shocked. She then says she think Angad wants to do it quickly so they will do it. Everyone started smiling. Angad says he can’t wait to be a part of this family, he then looks at Mahi and smiles at her. A scared Mahi looks away.
Everybody is talking about Jeet when he says that he knows who did it. Everybody ask him if he is okay and he says he is then Durga asks what happneed. He says he saw someone in the garden and followed that person and when he caught it, someone hit him in the back then he does not know what hapened afetr that. Jeet then says he know who it was though. He says it was a stealer and the person he caught was his companion. Mr. Khuarana says he thinks they should report the incident to the police, Cherry looks scared and shocked. Jeet refuses. Durga serves everyone and she asks Cherry if she saw who the stealer was because she was there at the time. She says she did not see the person and that she was worried about Jeet at that time. Jeet says to himself that he know it was Cherry outside and he is confident the peson was her helper, but he won’t let anyone know about it yet as he want her to think he have forgotten about it all and then she will make more mistakes and he will catch her.
Kamya’s engagement is sent for this Shukravaar, everyone is happy and emotional. Shabd’s uncle tells Kamya to show some shyness otherwise peole will think. Gauri says people will thinks she is in a hurry. Kamya agrees and tells everyone if they don’t do her wedding quickly she will run and do it herself.
Aunt Billo and Mohini assured her that they will do it quickly. Kamya stops Mahi behind the rest, she tells Mahi to choose her clothes and jewellery because she likes Mahi’s choice and then says she have never been happier in her life like this and she have been these past days. She adds that she never dreamt of having a handsome boy like Angad in her life and that Mahi have been with her in her bad times and asks if she will in her good times too. Mahi nods her head. Kamya asks for fogiveness about her rude behaviour to her and says Angad is her eveything and she can’t explain because she know Mahi will understand her as Mahi and Shabd are like that. She hugs Mahi and Mahi is upset because she does not think Angad is the right guy at all. Soni asks her mother-in-law permission to go to mandir and she agrees saying it is something that should not be asked before going and further tells her not to go alone and to wait for Jyoti to go with her. Soni says she is going to the one near by so it is okay. Durga tells her to be careful and eat before she goes but Soni refuses and says she will come back and eat. Soni leaves to go and Cherry watches her. While Jeet is openeing his car to go out, he sees Soni and offer to drop her wherever she want to go but Soni refuses saying it is just here and she will be okay.
Jeet says it is quite hot and it is safer to go by car. Cherry walks into her room and sees Soni getting in Jeet car and she gets angry. While Kamya and Mahi are dancing at the Sangeet function, Shabd’s uncle gets up and says to bring some faster moves. They both tell Aunt Billo to join in but she refuses saying she need her husband to sing for her. Aunt Billo later joins in, puts the music on and she tells everyone to watch her. She does some moves and everybody join in and dance. Angad hears the music and stops to see, he opens the door and sees everyone dancing especially Mahi as she was in the center, he just watches her up and down. Suddenly Angad comes behind and puts his hand on his shoulder. Shabd looks serious and asks what he was doing. He looks inside and sees the ladies dancing. Shabd blunt out that he was looking at Kamya and tells him they should leave before getting in trouble. He goes to shut the door and stares at Mahi dancing. Shabd’s uncle come behind and asks what they are doing, his uncle. then starts to watch his wife dancing and says she is so good at dancing. As everyone there starts wacthing, Aunt Billo spots the guys and starts looking at them, she goes towards the door and opens it and all three fall straight on to the floor. Everyone laughs. Aunt Billo tells her husband off and the guys say the ladies were not dancing properly. Aunt Billo says then they should have competition. Her husband says she is not on their level and they will not get anything from competing with her. Aunt Billo then tells him to atleast win and then talk.
Shabd’s uncle and aunt start the competition and start dancing. Shabd’s uncle turns his wife around so much that she ends up on the floor which means she looses and Shabd’s uncle won. Kamya is on next with Angad and Aunt Billo tells her to take revenge for making her fall down. They start dancing on other music, Kamya made Angad trip and he fell straight on to the floor. the boys are angry and the girls are happy. kamya then pushes Mahi in the centre and she refuses, they push each other for a bit then start dancing and as they were close dancing, Mohini separates them and everybody then start dancing together. Angad watches Mahi who is in middle of the circle and joins her in the circle, he purposely gets closer to her and starts dancing, he tells Mahi she is looking beutiful and Mahi feels unconfortable. He tells her to come to the roof to meet him
On the other hand, Jeet and Soni walk into the mandir together. Jeet drops her to the stairs and Soni goes up and feels like fainting. Jeet turns around and sees Soni’s state and is devastated. He quickly holds on to her before she falls, he tells her to sit and gives her some water. She feels better and tells Jeet to go but he refuses and they both go up together. They both do the pooja and walk down the stairs and when Cherry sees them together, she gets more angry and thinks of new ways to torment Soni.
Joyti goes with her father Mr. Khurana to the office but the car doesn’t start. Parmeet comes to help and pulls up his sleeves. The scratch marks on his arm is shows. Jeet comes to help them too but before Jeet can see the marks, Parmeet realizes them and quickly moves his hand away and pulls down the sleeve. Jeet gives a tool to Parmeet to help him get the car started, but he does not get it and it falls on the floor. Jeet tells his father to go in his car and he agrees. Parmeet gets a look on his face.
Angad meanwhile goes to the roof and sees someone. He goes and puts his arms around her. He says he knew she felt the connection and it turns out to be Kamya. He is shocked. She admit to him that they do have a connection and asks why he didn’t tell her he wanted to meet her and why tell Mahi to give her the message? She asks if he get shy too. Mahi watches all this from distance and Angad is thinking that Mahi won this round but he always win and not to be defeated.
At the Kurana’s residence, while Jeet is in his room looking at a file, Cherry walks in after her shower. Jeet is annoyed to see her. Cherry asks how was his day and tells him that she saw him and Soni together. She taunts him for trying ways to get closer to Soni. She adds that the interesting style in the house is that they both are seperate but outside they are together. A flabbergasted Jeet screams at her to shut up! He tells her that if she don’t the whole story then she should not talk and that the people who have dirty hearts, it becomes their eyes and they see everything dirty. As Jeet starts to walk away, Cherry stops him and says he is just angry and reminds him that she is his wife and she also have the right to know. Seeing that she is still holding his arm, Jeets tells her to let go. Cherry says okay but on one condition, and that is to stay here with her. Jeet declined and tells her that he will always say no to her and she can do watever she want but what she want to do with him will never happen! Jeet angrily leaves and Cherry says to herself that Jeet should not talk so big and it will break because what she want she have already planned that out.