Timeless Love Update on Wednesday 11th April 2018

Okay so I think we are in for some crazy shows from here on out. So lets get to the action!!
Jero and
Renata are in the hospital waiting room, Jero reveals that Fina may also be the one who attacked Coni. Renata can’t believe it, that her mom could hurt so many people. She finally accepts that her mom is murder. She breaks down on Jero which is very sweet. He holds her why she sobs and tells her that he loves her and tries to make her feel better.
Gonzo tells Regina that Roberta had a heart problem.
Renata recounts her last conversation and her concerns about Rafa. She explains that after the phone call he never met her at the restaurant. Matias walks up behind them and stops to watch this tender moment. Jero is upset that he believed Fina and all the lies she told him, he is blaming himself for everything, Nata takes is face in her hands and tells him that it’s not his fault then she hugs him.
Honi is on the phone Adri, comes in with coffee, he tells her that Roberta should be okay. Roberta’s cell phone rings and Adri answers it and tells Fina she is in the hospital with a heart problem. Fina hangs up. Adri thinks it might be her but can’t be sure.
Matias is talking to Jero and Nata he tells them that Fina has caused many problems and that Fina is the reason that they had the problems they had, and that even though Fina lied and tried to separate them she can’t stop the love they have for each other. He then makes amends with Nata and she accepts. Then Jero puts out his hand to bury things between them and Matias grabs his and an yanks him off the couch into a big hug and they all hug. ( how long will that happiness last? a day or two tops)
Auggie is drinking and making a call and he is not happy, Adri answers Roberta’s phone and tells Auggie that she is in the hospital, he asks for Nata and she say’s she is at the hospital with Roberta, Auggie asks if Jero is with her at the hospital and Adri plays dumb and then makes and excuse to get off the phone without answering his question.
Fina is in a hotel room on the phone with the hospital that won’t give her any information over the phone, she tells her she can’t be there with her daughter and that she needs to know something. As the nurse was asking her co-worker what to do, Gonzo and Gina walk up and the nurse hands him the phone and Fina thinking it’s the Dr starts asking about her daughter, then Gonzo tells her it’s her fault her daughter is in the hospital, then he tell her that they know she is a murderer, also that he knows who she is. ( Oh snap, Fina looks truly freaked out!! hehehe love it)
Gonzo is yelling (veins popping out of his head yelling I think he is upset) He demands that she tell him where she is, then she asks about her daughter and he yells that she wants to know about her daughter, it’s not your daughter. FIna hangs up and curses Coni for talking.
Gonzo tells the recently arrived crowd, Nata, Jero and Matias that Fina just called. They all begin speculating about where she is and what to do next. Adri calls Nata and tells her that Auggie is asking about her and Jero.
Fina is in the hotel, panicking about her daughter and Gonzo. She hears a cop car outside and panics as the cop drives away she breathes a sigh of relief. She says she needs to see her daughter, then she tells herself to calm down she needs to continue with her plan!!
Adri tells Nata that Auggie is upset because he doesn’t know what is going on with her and that he thinks she is with Jero. Nata tells her that she needs to be with him right now.
Jero is talking to Gonzo and Regina they are discussing which daughter is hers they still think it is Roberta, cause of her heart problem. Jero takes an upset Gina for a walk and Matias and Gonzo discuss the differences between the two girls.
Auggie is still upset (good) that Nata is with Jero, his phone rings and it is Nata he answers and asks if she has been real busy, she says yes and then he asks if she can;t answer a cell phone. She tries to explain what is going on, but he gets really upset and yells some more. When she tells him why Jero is there that Fina killed Jero’s brother he gets even more upset that he is not with her during this time. She gets mad and tells him that this is serious and that she will talk to him later and hangs up on him ( you go girl)
Gina tells Jero that it was Fina that she gave the money too, One of the girls is her daughter. Fina took her daughter.
A disguised Fina gets into a taxi.
Jero is telling Gina she thinks it’s Renata. Gina tells him they are going to do DNA to remove any doubts, Jero really thinks its Nata because she is so different and is nothing like her mother. She agrees that Nata is honest, and sweet, but if Roberta is her daughter she does not know what she will do, since she does not understand her.
Nata thanks Gonzo for everything he is doing. She says she does not know who she is. He tells her that she is Renata Monterubbio always and forever. They hug as Gina and Jero look on and smile,
Nata, Jero, Gina, And Gonzo are all asleep in the waiting room as FIna walks by and says she hates them all. Nata wakes and thinks that she is happy to be close to Jero.
Fina is asking the nurse to let her see her daughter and she tells her she is not going to lose her job for her. Fina begs and puts on the crocodile tears. Then she brings out the cash a lot of cash.
Suddenly everyone is awake and talking to the Dr who tells them that she is fine and can go home soon. They are happy that everyone is going to be okay. Jero wants to take Nata home and then Nata thanks Gina and tells her that she is thankful for all that she has done. Gina is happy that they have made up and that she needs to be patient to find out who her daughter is. Inez and Isidrio come in and ask everyone is doing blah blah blah!!
Fina finally gets into see Berta and Berta calls her a killer and tells her to get out, Fina tries to talk to her, but she yells to get out of her life and stay away from her. Fina looks completely shocked. Berta continues to yell at her to get out, Fina tries to talk to her, then a nurse comes in and calls for help as Berta yells at Fina to stay out of her life forever. Fina runs out of the room.
Carlos and Matis are kissing and she asks about his family and he says they still are not on board, she thanks him for choosing her over her family. They are kissing as Kari walks by and daydreams about her and Laza.
Laza is walking and spare girls shows up and surprises him. They catch up go for a walk together.
The same nurse that let Fina in comes to tell them that someone got into his daughters room. Gonzo runs to check it out the Dr. is checking her out and Gonzo tries to calm her down. She tells him that is was her mom. Berta is really upset as Gonzo goes to call the police, Gina looks like she wants to comfort her, but doesn’t.
Nata and Jero are leaving the hospital they are talking about something ( I missed it) but Jero sees Fina walking Nata chases after her and Fina looks back as the cab races off.
Padre is relaxing as Ms. Dr, comes in and tells her Uncle that Jero is on the capital with Nata and her family, she looks like she knows better, but is still in denial. She goes to kiss him and notices something not right so she asks him if he is feeling well. She asks him to let her check him out her agrees.
Nata runs into the hospital to tell Gonzo she saw FIna, Gonzo tells her that she was in Berta’s room, Jero asks if they called the cops. They all agree that she needs to be in jail, except Nata who can’t hate her mom yet (just wait you will)
Auggie answers his phone it’s spare girl. She says she needs to talk to him, he reminds her of they crap she pulled when he was in prison and she tells him that she needs to talk to him in person and he wants to know why, she says it was about Jero.
The cops are taking Berta’s statement. She tells them that Fina said nothing. The detective tells them that Fina is smart and they need to be patient. Gonzo tells her that they will bring her home soon, she begs them not to take her back to that house and they agree she will stay somewhere else.
Fina is distraught about how Berta found out that she killed Rafa. She can’t believe that she lost her daughter she swears she will never lose her daughter. ( she is cracking)
Gina and Jero are talking about what a creep Fina is an that he swears Nata is her daughter. She says that she feels it’s Berta. Jero tells her he knows its Nata cause of the the way the girls were raised, Fina was cruel to Nata and spoiled Roberta.
Spare girl meets with Auggie and she flashes back to spoiling his wine. Auggie grabs her and starts to choke her when Laza sees him and yells at him then he runs off. She tells Laza that he was the one trying to ruin La Bonita.
Gina and Jero are talking about Renata and Gina asks him if he thinks they will get back together she says she is the daughter of Rafa murderer, Nata overhears that and thinks he won’t love her again.