Timeless Love Episode 119 Update on Thursday 12th April 2018


Fina goes berserk remembering her phone con with Gonzo.
She tells herself that her plans have to continue. Berta can’t hate her.
Nata is telling Augie off on the phone.. good for u Nata!
Fina arrives at hosp, finds Gon/Gina/Jero/Nata sleeping, mumbles I hate all 4 of you!
Berta kicks out Fina from her hosp room.
Augie alone with his ruined wine containers swears payback from Areli.

Augie strangles Areli when she tells him she was the one that ruined his wine/grapes., When lazaro comes to her rescue Augie takes his exit… She wants Lazaro to stay with her. She tells him it was her that ruined Augie’s grape reserve. Lazaro is impactado.

Gina/Jero talking at hospital… Gina asks Jero if the fact that Nata’s mother was the one that murdered Rafa would be an impediment for him to get back with Nata. He confesses that he can’t deny that the fact that Nata is the daughter of a murderer concerns him. Nata hears this and thinks that always something comes up that separates them… Nata leaves before she can hear Jero tell Gina that despite that, he loves her and, like Matt said, it’s a flame that not even the big blue sea can put out..

At Connie’s, doctor and Hono are in awe of how fast Connie is recuperating. Smiles all around.

At the prison nut house, in doctor’s office, Blanca is teasing him with ‘what I will let you do to me’ (MAJOR BARF!!) Blanca calls Hono again using the phone in the doctor’s office… Hono gets real mad at her. When he hangs up he calls Matt to tell police Manriquez and find out where that phone is.

At Ensenada church Carlos and Mati are waiting for the ‘prenup classes’ from padre Severino but he is a no show… they decide to go look for him.
Padre Severino just got what Marina is guessing is the flu, he will have to stay in bed for a few days.

Areli/Laz and Mati/Carlos are talking to Areli, she asks Carlos if he thinks its ok for her to stay at La Bonita for a while until she leaves town. Carlos sure Jero won’t mind.… They meet up with Padre Seve out in town… he tells they he is sick and will have to postpone his activities (including their wedding). Mati begins to think it is her curse again that is spreading to others.

Augie is having another hissy fit by his ruined grape tanks… yells at Ezeq to leave. He takes it on the poor barrels with a sledgehammer…

Adri/Matt at office. Adri tells Matt she made her decision. Matt guesses wrong and says she is there to tell him she chose Chema. Nope, she chose him but she wants to speak to Chema and tell him personally before she and Matt go public as a couple again. Matt asks her not to play with him, then he says you might want to wait but I don’t … he kisses her and they agree that they will keep their ‘recon’ a secret until she talks to Chema.

Nata prays at chapel… its not easy to feel you are the daughter of a murderer. My mom hurt so many folks… She is nuts/sick. What if I carry the ‘genes’ of ‘crime’? and pass them to my children? (OH PLEEEEEZZZEEE!! SPARE MEEEE!!)
Gonzo visits Berta at her hosp room.. they get mellow (I wonder if these two ever went to a father daughter night at her school…). She is scared, thanks God she has him for a dad. She regrets all the harm she had done. HE is glad she is ok, life gives you 2nd chances … and 3rd… and 4th… and… Berta says she will make good use of this one. She will change.. honest… HE says I hope so.

Nata still at chapel, tells God U know I love Jero more today than ever.. (remembers first stumble at airport, then first kiss outside la mentirosa) For better or worse, it was a great love story. Too bad all the troubles did not let us be happy together.

Gonzo leaves Berta alone and she tells herself she will keep away from her mom, will even change her surname to Gamba (Roberto’s surname), will take off Fina’s surname Alvarez. ‘I hate you’

Gina/Jero talk again, she cares about both Nata and Berta. Wants them to interact as sisters and will provide them a loving environment they never had with Fina. But am afraid of how they will react to the news. (well, one will find out she is NOT the daughter of a murderer … so it might not be so bad after all LOL)

Augie calls Ezeq back and orders him to kill Areli… Eze freezes… Augie senses Ezeq is not quite willing and ready to follow orders. Ezeq hessitates but ends up saying he’ll do it. (I am pretty sure he is lying)

Gonzo comes out of Berta’s room and meets with Gina/Jero… Jero wishes Berta will get well and change for the better with the experience. Gonzo thanks Jero, Jero says only one to blame will pay soon. Gina asks them both to go with her tomorrow to get the DNA test results (Ok, they must have tickets to the Maury Povich show?? Jero, YOU ARE the father! .. oh wait… I got that wrong… Gina, YOU ARE the mother!)
Gina looks visibly nervous, tells Gonzo she wants Berta to come live with her for a while, she will be safe and calm there. They kiss, he is happily shocked… wants more LOL.

Jero calls Nata, she is leaving the hospital curb, he offers to take her to Connie’s but she wants to go alone… thank you for everything… Jero is confused at her new attitude.

At La Bonita Kari watches as Lazaro is serving Areli as if he were her watch dog. Areli tells them (with Mati and Carlos) that Lazaro had saved her before when she was about to jump into oblivion. He is her guardian angel, they say how an animal Augie is, Carlos brings up Alvaro but then freezes at half sentence. Areli tells them Augie would do anything to get what he wants. Kari tells them Augie was kissing Nata when she was drugged when she had the accident. They are all shocked. Mati is mad she never told them before. Mati goes with her hissy fit to the kitchen to tell Manuela about Areli and Lazaro. All about her curse and if she does not marry Carlos she will end up a nun. (ok tantrum cursed girl… go take a hike… maybe some exercise will get you tired of yourself)

Nata visits Adri and tells her ‘I need you my friend’… (so its Nata’s turn for the bad day)

Marina calls Jero, notices he is worried, she asks him to tell her how things are with Nata. Jero tells her he came to tell Nata about her mother being his brother’s murderer. Marina thinks this will widen the abbyss that separates Jero and Nata. Jero stays quiet so she senses something has changed. But Jero won’t tell her over phone. He wants to wait until he returns and then they will talk. Marina is already guessing what he will say…

Fina alone in her hotel room is watching TV.. watches as a news break comes up announcing she is wanted for murdering Rafa Gutierrez. And the whole MR scandal.
I have to hide. (NO KIDDIN!!)

Blanca watches same news cast ‘poor Fina MR’. But then gets a creepy smile/smirk on.

At La Bonita, Areli keeps getting lots of attention. Lazaro says he doubts Augie will dare come get her here. Carlos tells her she is brave. She says she wanted to hurt Augie where he would feel it. Carlos says yup, THAT you did alright (get his attention).

Kari is visiting Alfonsina, she is also mad (a la Mati) about Areli all around Lazaro. Alfonsina says you have to go there and show face, make yourself noticed.

Gonzo/Hono/Matt/Adri at office are celebrating how well it has gone for the company in last few days, thanks to the Jero loan. Gonzo says there is a convention coming up. He can’t get away from Gina and Hono can’t from Connie so they send Matt/Adri to go to the convention to represent the new blood of MR INC. (WOW, Matt !! Whatever you are wearing, make them your lucky tie and shirt, and eat the same breakfast, you are FINALLY getting lucky, man after so many short ends of the stick!)

Once settled at her house, Gina is caring very nicely for Berta. Berta says I never would have believed you would be this nice to me after I treated you so bad. Will u forgive me? Gina says that’s in the past. Berta says her mom never acted like this with her. She wishes she had a mom like Gina.

Nata is leaving Connie’s house, but she sits with Connie for a min. Connie notices she is sad… I love you / me too. Jero loves you, value him. Nata cries and agrees then leaves.

Marina arrives at Jero’s… he is surprised she is there. She wants the truth from him. He takes a deep breath before dropping the bomb… My heart, my body and my soul want to be with Nata
(end of ep)

Prev: It all leads to Jero/Nata reconciliation (we see Marina upset leaving, but I have a feeling she is leaving Jero’s apt…) but a pregnancy might change everything… (oh no! Could Nata be preggers but Jero will deny the paternity based on assumption that she and Augie had a powaw?)