My Sweet Curse Episode 102 Update on Wednesday 11th April 2017


Rodrigo and Aurora go to her parents’ grave where he asks for their blessing to marry her and Aurora thanks him for choosing her as his future wife.
Monica becomes really furious when Rodrigo tells her that he got back together with Aurora and that they’re planning on getting married by the end of the month.
Monica tries to get Aurora to doubt Rodrigo, but when she sees that she’s getting nowhere, she confesses that she’s always been in love with Rodrigo and that he even kissed her when they went to the San Miguel fair. Again, she also tells him that she and Rodrigo are not really cousins. Aurora then feels terrible when Monica says that she wants her illness to kill her before she sees her married to Rodrigo because she also does love him very much.
Apolonia asks Aurora not to tell Rafael that she got back together with Rodrigo until he’s released from jail.
Onesimo tells Rafael that the second graphology study rules in favor of Rafael, and also the bank’s cashiers give a description of the person who cashed the checks and it doesn’t match Rafael at all, so the judge orders his release whiles the investigation is ongoing.
Elsa tells Epifania that Jeronimo is not a passing diversion for her and that she will defend their love, but she also assures her that Jeronimo won’t neglect his obligations with her and their child but Epifania threatens that she won’t let Jeronimo see his son if they don’t break up.
On Monica’s orders, Felipe tells Rodrigo that she has only two or three months to live and this makes Rodrigo go depressed and he goes to tell Aurora about it and she also becomes very depressed.
Epifania prefers to carry out her threat and so she decides to park and leave so Jeronimo never sees her and his son again.
After Rodrigo told Luis about Monica’s situation, he looks dejected when he hears that Monica is going to die soon, and through their conversation, Monica gets to know that Aurora was told by Rodrigo and she becomes very happy.
Aurora doesn’t want Monica to suffer, and Father Basilio tells her that she doesn’t have to sacrifice her relationship with Rodrigo just because she feels she is been selfish, but she’s resolved to making Rodrigo get together with Monica by doing everything to push Rodrigo away from her side.