Cosita Linda Episode 43–44 Update on Wednesday 11th April 2018


Marijosé and Santiago make love. Santiago is madly in love with her because he thinks she is Mariana. Tiffany and Olegario have sex in his office.

Ana does not want to be alone with Diego and asks Romi not to leave, but he does not want them to be alone. He tells her that he just can not stop thinking about her, but Ana wants to stop suffering because of him.

Prudencia asks Marijosé to keep the secret about the existence of his sister Mariana. Mrs. Santa speaks to Santiago and realizes that her son is very in love. The latter told him, however, that his girlfriend was different. Palmira is very anxious as she is about to start working next to Vicente.

Laura is upset because in addition to being late to audition, Palmira spends a long enough time preparing breakfast, especially since Vicente stayed in the kitchen to keep him company for a long time.

Ana comes home crying, Dulce gives her a hug and tries to comfort her. Diego argues with Tiffany and tells him that she could have prevented Olegario from going crazy in front of all the staff.

Meanwhile, Palmira and Vicente, very close, fall in love with each other. Pelón and Cacho ask Nico to give them a hand with a “job” without telling him more. Olegario has roses delivered to Ana and declares her love. Ana says yes because she wants to think of something else besides Diego.

Laura asks her daughter Debbie not to drink as much anymore. Lisandro asks Prudencia a second chance.

Santi thinks that it is Mariana the love of his life, who accepted his request. Viviana tries to make an alliance with Laura to control Diego. Vicente and Palmira have a kiss full of happiness but they feel guilty after. Mariana goes with Fede to the party but he does not like that kind of poor places.

Ana talks to Marijose and tells her that her brother Santi has changed a lot because of her. Dario sees Palmira next to Vicente and makes a scene of jealousy. Marijose, Fede, Santi and Mariana are all at the party. Pelon and Cacho fly to Fede all things. He wants to leave but his girlfriend refuses.

Diego asks the musicians to dedicate a song to Ana. Olegario is very jealous and tries to find out who dedicated this song to him. Palmira talks with Prudencia who is sad because of Lisandro. When Vicente comes home, Laura wants to know where he was during the four hours.

He lies that he went with Diego to buy books. Olegario helps Diego when Vivi is furious. Don Lupe wants to solve the enigma that led Ana to prison

Vicente confesses to Diego that Palmira is an incredible woman and that he adores her.

Debbie gets drunk on her birthday and Palmira takes her to her room so her parents will not find her in this state. Diego drinks to feel better. Cacho and Pelon persuade Nico to help them enter the Lujan residence. Marijose goes shopping in the neighborhood and finds himself in the middle of a shooting.

Don Lupe is there and saves her. Don Lupe and Santa think she is Mariana when it comes to her twin. Diego escorts Palmira to his house because it’s getting late. Vivi and Tiffany are waiting for sushi because they do not like the fatty foods that Consuelo does. Pelon and Cacho are recognized by Mariana there and Consuelo during the coup.