Color of Passion Episode 103 Update on Thursday 12th April 2018


The flames of passion are burning high and hot, in Roman’s cabin in the woods with Lucia, and Marcelo’s apartment in D.F. with Daniela. Lucia gives it the old college try, and Marcelo closes his eyes and thinks of Puebla, but neither one of them can seal the deal. Lucia rolls over and starts crying, and even dense Roman realizes that’s NOT the response you should get while getting jiggy with your new lady on your first romantic weekend away. Marcelo jumps all the way out of the bed, almost as far as he can get from Dani’s octopus arms and guppy kisses. Both Lucia and Marcelo ask their respective jilted lovers for forgiveness, and begin a version of the “it’s not you, it’s me” speech. 

Dani names the problem, Lucia, and accuses Marcelo of still loving her. (Well, yeah, he just broke up with her a couple of days ago.) Marcelo says he thought they could begin a new relationship, but obviously that’s not the case. SLAP! (Drink!) “I don’t deserve to be treated this way!” Dani points out that she didn’t beg him to get back together (this time)– he’s the one who asked her. “Are you going to break up with me again?..You promised…It’s obvious that you can’t stand it when I kiss or touch you, much less making love…I’m tired of this!” Dani storms out, refusing Marcelo’s help. “I know the way out!”

Gloria continues to play mean girl games with Leticia, and calls to taunt her about Nora and Sergio. “I told you that Sergio hadn’t forgotten Nora.” Like a true frienemy, she then invites Leti to go out for coffee. “There’s no reason we can’t be friends.” Leti’s fuming and hangs up on the heffa. “I can’t stand her!” That makes both of us, Leti.

No one’s around to answer the doorbell, so Nora is forced to head downstairs and out to the front lawn, where an unwelcomed guest is waiting. Ricardo wears sunglasses and his slickest smile, as he admires Casa Gaxiola and its grounds. He tells Nora that he’s always liked this house. Nope, he’s not there to see Rebeca—he came to see Nora. His smile takes on a slightly menacing quality as he tells her he’s there to give her some advice. Nora doesn’t know that Ric’s there to protect his baby girl’s, Leti’s, interests, but it’s clear that’s what’s spurred this visit. He warns Nora that she’s too young to be throwing her life away (echar a perder tu vida) and following her mom’s footsteps by chasing after other women’s men. He advises her that it’s not too late to NOT turn into her mother. He points out that she’s already stolen her sister’s man, just like her mama did to her sister. Nora’s had enough, and vehemently denies that her mother would do such a thing. “She capable of that, and much more. If you’re ever interested in learning what those are, you know where to find me. Have a nice day.” Ric gives her another smarmy smile, and saunters out, while Nora runs back into the house like a scared little rabbit. Ric just chuckles, and puts his sunglasses back on.

At the fabrica, Amador is trying to get Rebeca’s support in re-hiring Vinicio. Rebeca’s tired of fighting with Lucia, and doesn’t want to get involved. She realizes that Amador is way more concerned about a lowly employee than he should be, and asks what Vini has on him. Amador doesn’t want to get into it, so he gives in. He just wants to give Vini a good severance. Rebeca refuses, pointing out that Vini hasn’t worked there long enough to deserve it.

Lucia is dressed and drying her hair. Roman sheepishly knocks on her door, and says they need to talk. Lucia begs his forgiveness again, and tells him that she’s putting in all her effort to make their new relationship work. Roman sees the writing on the wall. She shouldn’t need to make an effort—it should happen organically. He apologizes for pressuring her. “You were always honest with me…You told me that you needed time, and I pushed for something that you obviously weren’t ready for.” Lucia thanks him for being so understanding. Roman points out that it’s the only way he could react. “Because I love/care about you (querer), and when you care about someone, you respect their feelings. I can’t force you to feel what I want you to feel.” Lucia’s ready to cut the weekend short, and asks if they can go back, right now. She closes her eyes and gives Roman a kiss loaded with guilt, and it’s clear to both of them that that’s the ONLY emotion she feels when she kisses him.

Dani goes straight to Milagros’ house to whine about Marcelo leaving her high and dry. Mili thinks she should have been more understanding and less of a harpy. Dani’s not buying it. She’s pissed. She makes cryptic threats about being capable of many things, including finishing off the woman who provoked the death of Federico. Mili wants to know what’s that woman got to do with her Marcelo situation. In Dani’s warped mind, that woman is the reason Marcelo dumped her when he ran off to Puebla. Even Mili’s looking at her like, girl, that don’t make no damn sense!

Meanwhile, Rafaela goes over to Marcelo’s apartment, and is confuddled when she sees Dani’s abandoned wheelchair. Marcelo tells her about Dani storming out in a snit. Rafa shares some more of her sage advice. “When there’s love, couples fight. When there isn’t, even more so.” Marcelo says he has to give it a try. Rafa points out that he loves someone else. She loses her patience, and tells him to get some balls, end this farce, and stop with the stupidity!

Magdalena goes to see Sara in her office and tells her how the police caught, released (soltar), and won’t tell them the address of the ex-maid (she doesn’t speak of Clara by name). They’ll have to keep trying to find her via the internet. Sara leaves to go consult with a specialist about Benito’s case, while Magda stays in her office to google Clara Rosales, unsuccessfully. When Sara returns, Magda laments the fact that she’s probably passed the woman on the streets and didn’t recognize her. After Magda leaves, Sara takes out the phone number for Clara Rosales and calls.

Lalo and Normita snack, and chat at the front desk of the fabrica about Sara helping Benito. They comment on what an awesome person Sara is. Rebeca overhears this, and is all kinds of salty hearing them sing Sara’s praises. “That woman isn’t what you think! I don’t want to hear her name ever again! You hear me?!”

Vinicio pounces on Amador as soon as he exits the fabrica. Amador tells Vini he can’t bring him back.  “I’d look for another job if I were you.” He offers Vini a recommendation letter and severance. Vini’s not having it, and things get physical as the two threaten and counter threaten. “If you don’t want me to turn into a bigger problem, you’d better help me out!” “Don’t threaten me! If I fall, you fall first.”  Amador offers to pay Vini’s “severance” from his own pocket (bolsa).

Night has fallen, and apparently Lucia and Roman drove all the way back to Puebla in silence. Lucia nervously apologizes again as they exit his car in front of her house. Roman insists that he’s going to stop pressuring her. When she’s ready, she knows where to find him. Lucia tries to let him down gently. “Even though you don’t believe me, I had a good time with you.” He graciously accepts this, and her chaste farewell kiss on the cheek, while fighting back tears. “And even though you also don’t believe me, I did too.” Roman gets in his car and drives off, as Lucia takes her suitcase up the front stairs and takes out her keys. Just then, Marcelo pulls up, dashes out of his car and to the gate, and calls out. “Lucia!”

Lucia turns and runs down the steps, as Marcelo enters the gate. They stop to look deep into each other’s eyes, then start grinning like the lovesick idiots they are, before falling into each other’s arms. “I couldn’t keep acting a fool. I can’t live without you.” “Nor can I.” Between tears and passionate kisses on the walkway, at the gate, and against the car, she asks him to take her away. She wants to go see the ocean, with him! They giggle, stumble into the car, and drive off.

Meanwhile, inside Casa Gaxiola, Nora rocks back and forth in the fetal position in her bedroom, her hair loose and disheveled. She goes over Ric’s words about her mother in her mind. Later, when Rebeca finds her like this, she panics and begs Nora to tell her what’s wrong. Nora starts babbling about not wanting HIM to come back. Rebeca asks, who? She’s alarmed when Nora says it was Ricardo Marquez, and demands to know what he said. “Things about you, and that it’s not too late for me to NOT become like you…That you did horrible things. But he didn’t tell me what.” Rebeca calls Ric a liar, as she tries to calm Nora who’s shakily weeping in her lap.

In a bar in town, Ric drinks with Amador and coolly offers to speak to Brigida to extract Amador from the hot water he gleefully dropped him in. Amador has had enough of Ric, and says he wants to put an end (poner un hasta aquí) to their collaboration. Ric’s fine with that, but he wants to be paid off first, for his lousy lawyer work and for the investment he brought to Amador’s shady side business. Amador has the check all ready, and pulls it out of his pocket. He’d also like Ric to get out of town, and advises him to get a J-O-B. The bank of Amador is closed! Good luck!

Back in his home, Roman sadly strokes pictures of his dead wife and son. He then grabs his phone, and contemplates calling Lucia…Who isn’t even giving him a second thought, because she and Marcelo are on the road headed to the seaside. They joke about what her sister and aunt will think when they find her abandoned suitcase. She doesn’t think they’ll care that she’s disappeared. Mili calls Marcelo, demanding to see him right now. She’s coming over! He tersely says he’s not in his apartment, he’s busy, and he can’t talk now. Click! He then shuts off his phone. A few more smooches, and Lucia and Marcelo get back on the road. Mili immediately calls Daniela, to give her the bad news.

Rod visits home and begs Brigida to tell him what really upset her so much. Amador arrives and hovers. Brigida chooses her words carefully, knowing that Amador is listening. “It’s something very painful…but perhaps you have a right to know…” Amador rushes in, interrupts the conversation, and sits at Brigida’s side. He lovingly takes her hand, while telling Rod that the issue is something just between him and Brigida. Brigida knows this new affectionate attitude means Amador is ready to cave to her demands. She gives him a meaningful look, and calls him a good husband as they exchange a forced kiss. Rod knows this is total b.s. and eyes his parents suspiciously.

Rebeca goes over to Ric’s place to cuss him out for approaching and talking smack about her to her daughter. What does he want?! Ric threatens to tell Nora that Rebeca likely killed her daddy, and cockily tells Rebeca that he wants her to accompany him to hell—they might make a good pair. “Want to give it a try?”  Rebeca doesn’t appreciate his sense of humor, and points out that what was between them was simply desire—certainly not love on either of their parts. He teases that it’s not too late for them to give it a try, and attempts to caress her cheek. She curses him for coming back to Puebla. How much does he want to leave forever? “Seems that everyone wants me gone or dead.” Rebeca tells him to name his price.

Lucia and Marcelo drive all the way up to the shoreline of an empty beach. Lucia runs out of the car to inhale and embrace the ocean air. Marcelo comments that had he known she loved the ocean so much, he would have brought her before. “It doesn’t matter what happened before or what we said before. The only thing that’s important is this moment with you.” More passionate smooches and then Marcelo asks what Lucia wants to do now. “I want to be with you, and watch the dawn/sunrise (el amanecer) together.” They sit on the sand and prepare to do just that, as they cuddle and watch the waves roll in.

Tere and Lalo stroll through the park and chat about Sara’s good deed and Rebeca’s nasty reaction. Tere spills that it’s because Rebeca is jealous, since Alonso was going to dump her for Sara. Al and Rebeca were even sleeping in separate bedrooms! Even gossipy Lalo thinks this is TMI. Instead, he wants to celebrate that Vini got the boot from Lucia. Unbeknownst to them, Vini is stalking and spying on them from across the park.

Rebeca tries again to pull Nora out of her downward spiral. She even offers to call Roman to come speak to her. Nora informs Rebeca that Roman went out of town with Lucia. Rebeca asks the obvious, and asks if Nora is in this state because of what Ric said about her. “I love you with all my heart. I don’t like for people to speak badly of me to you.” Nora bluntly tells her mother that EVERYBODY and their mama speaks badly of her. “No one likes/cares for you…Even my father didn’t love you.” That one stung, but Rebeca tries to convince Nora, and herself, that Nora’s love is all she needs. “If you love me, that’s more than enough for me (me basta y me sobra)…Rest, my love.”

As Rebeca leaves Nora’s room, she gets a booty call from Alfredo. He’s coming back from business in Monterrey and decided to stop in his apartment in Puebla, instead of going straight back to D.F. Can Rebeca come out and play? For once, Rebeca chooses to put her daughter first. But she agrees to go see him tomorrow…

The rising sun casts a warm orange glow over the ocean and the sand, as Lucia and Marcelo embrace and kiss on the hood of his car. Reality starts to seep in and they speak of the lovers they jilted the evening before. Marcelo knows he has to go back to D.F. to speak to Dani, to tell her that he loves Lucia and can’t live without her. “And what are you going to tell your doctor?” Lucia confidently says that Roman knows perfectly well how much she loves Marcelo. Well, Marcelo knows that screechy Dani won’t be so understanding. Lucia wants them to delay telling everyone for just a bit, and enjoy some alone time, before Nora starts harping on her, and Dani starts screeching at him. “And what do you want to do to start the day?” Lucia gives Marcelo a mischievous smile and says she’s going swimming. She hops off the car, and the camera discreetly pulls away as she begins to shed her clothing. She looks back at Marcelo, who decides to join her for this early morning skinny dip in the ocean. They run into the ocean, hand-in-hand, and begin to kiss and frolic in the waves as the sun rises high above the beach.

Nora wakes to hear screeching and screaming coming from the foyer. She goes downstairs to find Daniel getting physical with poor Tere, who’s trying to keep the harpy out. Dani turns her ire on Nora, demanding to see Lucia. “I came to see your sister, but the coward is hiding from me!” Nora denies Lucia is there. Dani tells Nora that Lucia is going to have to KILL her, before she lets her steal Marcelo from her again! Then she starts to curse out all the Gaxiola women for being hos. “In this family, all the women are the same! Starting with your mama, who even while married was involved with…” Dani stops just short of spilling the Federico dirt on Rebeca, but the insinuation is enough to send Nora into a tizzy. Dani instead says she’s sure Nora’s mama was whoring around with a LOT of men while she was married. Nobody talks about Nora’s mama that way! She tries to rip the hair out of Dani’s head, as Tere tries desperately to separate the two harpies. Dani leaves one last parting threat for Lucia and rides back out on her broom. Tere does NOT get paid enough for this sh*t! 

Nora questions Tere if Lucia truly did come back. Tere confirms that she must have, since she found her suitcase on the porch and brought it inside last night, but she doesn’t think she slept here. It’s Tere’s day off (and she really needs it), so she leaves Nora alone. Nora goes straight to Lucia’s room, and sees the un-slept-in bed. She calls Lucia’s cell and gets the out of service area message. She flies into an uncontrollable rage and begins to rip Lucia’s room apart, cursing her sister as she does. “Maldita! I hate you!”

Dani’s next stop is her Puebla apartment. She starts to call Marcelo, and stops cold when she sees two wine glasses– one with a red lipstick mark. She marches into the master bedroom, and stands in front of the bed, where Alfredo and Rebeca are right in the middle of passionate and enthusiastic love-making. Caras impactadas all around!

-End of episode.