My Sweet Curse Episode 39 Update on Thursday 21st December 2017


Rodrigo gives Aurora a lovely bracelet as a gift for taking her first communion and she looks really happy.
Macrina gives Xochitl a new powder to put on the cake, and asks her to make sure that she tells Elsa that Aurora helped her to bake it.
Monica tries to push Aurora cunningly to tell her about her relationship with Rodrigo but she always looks smart and ignores her and this makes Monica hates Aurora more each day, especially ever since she saw her kissing Rodrigo.
Camilo tells Ines and Boni about Rafael getting almost all the town’s single ladies to sign up for the desserts contest in exchange for a kiss, and he promises that he will go out on a date with the winner; this excites Boni, who asks for Epifania’s help, but she refuses to help her because she also entered the contest to win so to get Jeronimo back.
Rafael calls Aurora to inform her about the sacrifice he made to convince the ladies in town to join the competition and Aurora thanked him very much but he asks her to go on a date with him as a favour in return for what he did and Aurora says that won’t be possible so they should meet at the fair and Rafael agrees.
Monica sends an e-mail to all the fair’s expositors but she changes the organization of the round tables, in order to make Aurora look bad because they will certainly complain to cause chaos at the fair.
The fair is now open and the visitors give Aurora a nice welcome.
Elsa tells Rodrigo that Aurora’s efforts exceeded her expectations, and that she never imagined so many people would attend the fair, some of them from far way.
Rodrigo asks Elsa if she now has changed her mind about a possible relationship between him and Aurora, and she replies that no, because she still thinks they could never be happy together because they come from very different backgrounds.
Rafael is having a nice chat with Aurora when Rodrigo arrives to warns Rafael to stay away from Aurora, but he says he wants to get to know her better because she’s a different type of woman.
Elsa tells Monica that she has noticed the way she has changed for the better since she arrived in the hacienda, and that she’s learning to love her (Monica).
Camilo wants to play a prank on Maximina and Altagracia, and he tells them that the contest’s judge is in the dressing room, so they should go talk to him to convince him that no matter what he should make them win.
Macrina hands to Xochitl a bag and tells her to put the contents in it into the cake she and Aurora baked and she goes to accomplish what she’s been commanded.

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