My Sweet Curse Episode 38 Update on Wednesday 21st December 2017


Rodrigo and Aurora continue to enjoy their great moment and they look very happy.
Xochitl states that Elsa has even been bewitched by Aurora because she now wants to take part in the competition and Monica says she won’t allow Aurora to have a place in her auntie’s heart. Xochitl then consoles herself that Aurora hasn’t conquered Rodrigo’s heart till now but Monica tells Xochitl that then she will disappoint her to tell her that Aurora and Rodrigo are now together because she saw them kissing so, she asks her to convince her mum Macrina to do something more drastic against Aurora or else she’s going to end up earning Elsa’s admiration.
Rodrigo is worried because Aurora has another hallucination about Severo, so he tells her that as soon as the event is over, he’s going to take her to get a full medical check-up unknowingly to him that Aurora actually saw Severo.
Aurora proposes to Monica and Luis to be her First Communion godparents and they accept.
Prompted by Monica, she convinces Xochitl to bring up a plan which can cause Elsa’s cake not turn out the way she would have loved it and they can blame it on Aurora and so Xochitl proposes to Aurora to help her do the cake and she accepts to do so but the plans is just to make Aurora look bad before Elsa by asking her to help her bake the cake with which Elsa is going to use to compete in the desserts contest.
Dionisio forces Tobias to ask Rodrigo to be his First Communion godfather and Rodrigo accepts.
Macrina’s lie is at risk of being exposed if Aurora takes her first communion, so she asks for Severo’s help to show people that Aurora is indeed cursed.
Rodrigo calls Rafael to convince Rafael to try and convince all the girls in town to partake in the contest because Rodrigo thinks that Rafael can promote the desserts contests because all the girls in town like him. This actually intrigued Rafael and he does the work perfectly well to convince all the women to partake in the competition.
On the day of Aurora’s first communion, Monica fakes a stomach illness to get out of being Aurora’s godmother after her mum told her to not do it.
Just as Aurora is taking communion, Severo sets off a small explosion which brings down the effigy of the Virgin of Solitude; Xochitl takes advantage of the situation and tells everyone that the effigy came down because the demon inside Aurora was enraged when she took communion but Father Basilio tells the parishioners not to start spreading absurd rumors about Aurora because she has shown to be a good young woman and not cursed as they thought.
Rodrigo gives Aurora a lovely bracelet as a gift for taking her first communion and she looks really happy.

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