My Lost Home Episode 30–32 Update on Thursday 21st December 2017


EPISODE        30     –     32

Thus, they happily celebrate Mahi’s birthday together. The family and their guests enjoy themselves at the celebration. Everyone is delighted due to a singing performance by Jeet. Raji is delighted when Veer sends a gift to Mahi on the occasion of her birthday, while Mahi remains lost in Jeet’s thoughts. Soni teases Mahi regarding Jeet. Later, the family bids goodbye to Raji as she leaves for her home. On reaching home, she faces an arrogant Durga since she arrives very late. Durga makes Raji stay at the doorstep for the entire night since she came home late. Thus, Jeet comes to her rescue but his attempts goes in vain.

Jeet enquires Durga about the reason for leaving home so late at night, while Raji’s family gets stunned on her arrival late at night. Raji recalls the times spent with her husband. Later, the family is surprised at Durga Khurana’s arrival. Durga takes Veena to a hospital where Brij had taken ‘Naani Massi’. Raji gets shocked on finding Durga and Veena there.

Raji notices Veena and Durga at the hospital. Thus, she prevents her parents from seeing them, while Soni and Mahi meet Jeet who invites them for his show. The family gets delighted when Raji and Veer arrive at their house. The situation becomes intense for Raji but she manages to handle it. Brij gets upset when Mangat arrives at the house asking for money. He gets stunned after noticing Mangat’s arrogant behaviour while Veer and Raji leave for their house.

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