Modern Homemaker Episode 26–27 Update on Thursday 21st December 2017


EPISODE         26       –       27

The next day morning, Maa Thakur of Breaking Free, Kutumb of Hitler Sister, Savita Tai of Sacred Ties and Gayatri of Married Again arrive at Sunaina’s house as they are invited by their friend Sunaina Devi, to the Chaturvedi residence and starts walking in while Sunaina welcomes each of them by hugging them and the whole family watches them. Savita Tai tells Sunaina that her face is still looking the same after all these years. Sunaina Devi, who invites them with a motive to help her to influence Sona’s decision of being a housewife to the family says how can they all come to Allaabad and not come to her house? Sunaina calls Sona to bring the aarti tray and introduces Sona as her daughter-in-law. Sona thinks to herself that they are mother’s friends. Sunaina also thinks to herself that now Sona game will end. Savita Tai looks at Sona and asks if she is the reporter daughter in-law she mentioned about? Sunaina nods her head but Sona correct her that she is a housewife and smiles. Sona takes the aartia and takes blessings from all of them. Sunaina calls them in and introduces her friends to all her family members. Maa Thakur, Savita Tai, Gayatri and Kutumb are having meeting in Sunaina’s room where everyone says that Sona is not respecting her mother in-law and Savita says that a mother-in-law is a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law should remain a daughter-in-law. Maa Thakur says Sona should not break the tradition in her family and she should go back to work. Kutumb agree that she should go back to work and Gayatri says they all had promised each other that when anyone of them have problems, the rest have to help in. Savita Tai declare that the decision is now made and asks how many times she have controlled her daughter-in-law, Archana. Everyone put their hands together for their mission. Meanwhile, Sona is busy cutting vegetables in the kitchen where Savita comes to the kitchen and asks what Sona is doing with all this cooking? She tells her to leave all this and go back to work. Sona explain her that all this is her housework, and she have to do it. Savita asks why is she arguing? And when she say it, she have to listen. She tells her how she controlled Archana and that’s she listens to what she say. She again tells her to go to work and respect what her mother-in-law Sunaina says. She then asks Sona what she want and if she want to sit at home against Sunaina?. She further tells her to maintain her standard. Sona asks how will one’s standard drop? Savita Tai then says its looks like Kanhaiya had not told her ( Sona ) about her and that if it was Manav at Kanhaiya’s place, he would have sent Archana to work by now. Sona ignore her and asks what she want to eat. Savita Tai understand that she ignoring her and tells her not to try to change the topic and she just have to listen when she speak. On the other hand, Maa Thakur comes to Chacha saying how come he is not worried about his sister-in-law Sunaina and reading books here? Chacha asks if she want to ask him anything? Maa Thakur asks why should Sona be a housewife? And tells him to make her understand what Sunaina wants. Meanwhile, Kutumb asks Sunaina not to worry as Maa Thakur and Savita Tai would make Sona and Chacha understand. Gayatri says it’s taking so long now. Savita Tai insist Sona to go back to work and while Sona tries to talk, Savita asks her not to speak. Sona tried to explain her that this house needs her in which Savita asks if she is going back to work or not. Sona again asks her to eat first and they will speak later. Maa Thakur tried to convince Chacha to make Sona understand. Just then, Sona comes there and gives medicines to Chacha and he praises Sona saying she know everything. Sona gives Maa Thakur her ring that she dropped and Chacha asks if she see her and this is what she call housewife. Sona too explain that after a person’s wedding, the in-laws is her identity and asks what is wrong in becoming a housewife for them? Maa Thakur remains silent. Savita Tai and Maa Thakur comes back to the room and Sunaina asks if they speak to Sona? Savita Tai clearly tells her that her daughter-in-law Sona is worse than her Archana. Sunaina asks what happened and Maa Thakur too adds that she would not listen to them. Gayatri then asks if a mother-in-law fail, would the daughter-in-law lead the family? Savita says their game should not fail. All of them are discussing on what to do next and shake hands. On the other hand, Kanhaiya asks a priest to predict what will happen to see if what he predicts happens and the priests says that there are chances for Kanhaiya to be promoted.

All the mother-in-laws walks out from the room and Savita says that they had come here for prayers but after seeing what their friend Sunaina is going through because of Sona, they have decided to fast and they would not be eating anything till Sona goes back to work and hearing this, everyone is shocked. Savita and Kutumb asks Sona to go back to work if she doesn’t wants to get the blame of keeping the guests hungry. Since Sunaina Devi and her friends decide to fast until Sona agrees to rejoin her office, Bindiya’s husband tries talking to his mother Sunaina and thinks that something has to be done. Bindiya says only Sona can do anything about this and Renu says this is called emotional blackmail and that mummy is purposely doing this so that Sona listens to her. Neelam asks Sona what would they do now? Everyone says that Sona now have to make decision and they decided to call Kanhaiya. Bindiya’s husband calls Kanhaiya and informs him of what happenend saying it’s because of his wife, Sona. Meanwhile, Chacha tells Sona this means one thing and that Sunaina is making use of the situation. Sona also says she don’t even know what to do and she don’t want them to fast because of her where Chicku listens to their conversation. All the mother-in-laws are asking Neelam if she was the one managing the house before this and Neelam nods. Kutumb says she was the first housewife and Savita Tai says she will be the only housewife. Chicku brings a juice to his grandma Sunaina saying that something is missing in the juice and asks Sunaina to drink and taste it while Sona is watching him from far wondering what Chiku is up to. Sunaina sensed something is wrong and holds Chicku’s ears telling him to go and tell his aunt that this would not work with her. She then tells him to take his juice and ask his aunt to drink. All the mother-in-laws are looking sad seeing that Sona is yet to change her decision of joining the office.  A moment later, Kanhaiya comes into the room and Sunaina introduces her youngest son Kanhaiyya to her friends and everyone blesses him. Kanhaiya assured them that he have decided that Sona is going back to work and all of them will end their fast. Upon hearing this,they are extremely happy as they further gain Kanhaiya’s support by placing a condition to Kanhaiya to convince Sona to rejoin her office in order to prevent his relationship with her. Sunaina then asks Kanhaiya not to get confused again like the last time. Kanhaiya goes to the kitchen and speaks seriously to Sona that everyone are angry in the family and tells her to try to understand that he will not listen to her now. When Sona tries to hold Kanhaiya’s hands, he takes out his hand away saying she will listen to him now. Kanhaiya then orders Sona to go back to work and declare that he will not come back home till she listen to his words. Sona realize that he is taking the issue too far and she also tells him not talk to her like that. A determined Kanhaiya says he also mean what he said and Sona is shocked seeing a different Kanhaiya while the mother-in-laws are happy seeing this. Kanhaiyya then informs his family members that he have decided that Sona will return back to work and leaves. Neelam thinks that she have not seen Kanhaiya this angry before while Sona is sad in the kitchen and confused. Neelam asks what happened between her and Kanhaiya in which Sona replied that she don’t even know. Neelam tells her that everyone always listen to mummy in the house and Kanhaiya is changed today as its looks like someone poisoned his mind. Sona assured her that she will try to talk to him again. Sunaina asks Sona to only cook if she decide to listen to her. Seeing the situation in the house, Neelam is crying asking what kind of test is Sona facing now? She want to ask something today on Sona behalf while Savita Tai watches her. Savita Tai comes to Neelam and says nothing will happen by crying to god and that if she want want to cry then to Gyo in front of Sona and cry and save her family.

Neelam says she don’t want Kanhaiya and Sona to have problems. Savita says only Kanhaiya can save Sona but for that, Sona has to listen to him as he is her husband. Savita Tai further tell her to go and tell Sona to give importance to her relatinship more than being a housewife. Meanwhile, Sona tries calls Kanhaiya many times while Kanhaiya doesn’t picks up the call. Sona gets restless and keeps calling Kanhaiya when Kanhaiya answers telling her to only speak unless she have changed her mind. Sona thinks of all their Sonaiyya ( good) moments together and gets sad. Sona wonders what to do now as she did not expect problem to come in between them. She wonders if she should listen to her mind or her heart? Sona thinks of her Daadi and goes to meet her Daadi. Daadi advice Sona to do what she feels is right. Savita Tai tells Sunaina that she is sure Sona will listen to them and Gayatri too says Sona will surely go back to work as she has no choice. While they are discussing this, Sona comes in and everyone asks Sona what she have decided? Sona apologize to them if she had hurt them and claims that all of them are like her mother-in-laws and that she have decided to listen to all of them. She agree and will return back to work tomorrow. She then plead with them to eat and she will do what they all like and hearing this, all the mother-in-laws are happy. While Neelam is helping Sona with the food, Neelam remind Sona to call Kanhaiya now. Kanhaiyya answers the call and Sona thank god that he answered. Kanhaiya, who is in no mood for her sweet talk asks if she have decided and Sona says yes she have. Kanhaiya mood instantly change and tells her he is returning back home. Sona serves everyone their food and when Kanhaiyya comes home, he sees everyone eating and is happy. All the mother-in-laws eats the food and comment that it taste good. Neelam comes to Chacha saying if he speaks to Sunaina, everything will be fine as she can’t see Sona giving up like this. Chacha says Sona is trying to do her best for the family but god knows what is best. Savita Tai tells Sunaina they have come to her house and made her happy. Kutumb and Thakur Maa says Sona had made them happy and they need to make her happy in return. Gayatri then tells Sona to ask what she want and they will gladly do it for her. Sona smiles hearing and Chacha too encourage Sona to ask what she want since they are all like her mother. Sona, who smartly agrees at first says she won’t ask anything from them and just want to say something. She asks if trying to keep the tradition wrong and when a girl leaves her parents home and tries making her in-laws a beautiful place wrong? Everyone says no. Later, Sona manages to convince Sunaina Devi’s friends of letting her perform her duties of being a housewife to the family and that she want all of them to know that the decision of her to be a housewife wrong? She then asks if she should be a working wife or be a housewife and all start thinking. Just then, all the mother-in-laws says housewife and Sunaina is shocked seeing her friends favoring her daughter-in-law, Sona. Savita says it’s happy ending now and suggests them to lets them go and watch English Vinglish on Zee TV. Sunaina says she have lost this challenge, and agrees to watch English Vinglish. Suhnaina thinks to herself that she will not give up so easily as Sona proves that she can overcome any obstacle thrown her way and decide to takes a drastic step to prove her point to Sona.

In the night, Sona is about to go up to her room, while Kanhaiya stands at the stairs. Sona looks at him. Kanhaiyya speaks from his heart where he tells Sona that what he said today was just said and that he didn’t really mean it. Sona thinks to herself that he scolded her and left without thinking how she would be feeling and to look at him now, smilling and Kanhaiyya smiles. Sona comes up and Kanhaiya gives his hand for Sona to hold but Sona pushes his hands and says he must be happy today? Kanhaiya says he is always happy. Sona remind him that he said he would not come back and he left her. Kanhaiya says he didn’t mean what he said as he really missed her a lot. Sona then says he listen to others and scold her like this? Kanhaiya sweetly convinces Sona for being rude to her and apologize that she had to wait for him today. Sona says this sounds good that he scold in the morning and apologize in the evening. Kanhaiya holds Sona and lovely look at her. The next morning, Neelam is shown praying thanking God for listening to her prayers and also prays to God to support Sona in all her deeds as Sona always thinks good for everyone. Neelam says she also remember Chacha saying the ones who thinks good for everyone is equal to god’s child. On the other hand, Bindiya is applying make up on her face and her husband says she is getting older and tells her to stop using the make up. He also says she know what happened in the night? Bindiya gets excited and her husband blunt out that she looked scary and he had to sing Hanuman Chalisa. Kanhaiya comes to Neelam that he knows she was not happy on how he behaved with Sona yesterday. Neelam says he scolded her and just left like that. A sorry Kanhaiya says what he said was only to bring a change in the house and if she ( Neelam ) is still not happy with the way he behaved, she can pull his ears. Neelam says it’s alright and that what happened was for good. She always pray to God for his Jodi with Sona to be like Krishna and Radha. Kanhaiya also says he pray to get a sister-in-law like her in his every birth. Neelam says alright, and she leaves. Bindiya’s husband tells Kanhaiya that he look happy today and asks if Sona have listened to what he said? Kanhaiyya asks why don’t him also try setting his life with his wife Bindiya? Kanhaiya says every fight will bring one closer and Bindiya’s husband goes to his room and locks the room door. He starts singing a romantic song and goes to Bindiya where Bindiya asks what happened as he looks very romantic today and he says there was a pretty girl who joined his office today and hearing this, Bindiya gets slightly jealous. He also says that the girl is keeping his photo in her phone and Bindiya sleeps on his shoulder and he thinks to himself that Kanhaiya was right. Kanhaiya gets a phone call and is about to leave where Neelam asks him to have a coffee in which Kanhaiya says he is going to give Sona a surprise and leaves.

Kanhaiya comes back home with a lady where he tells the lady that this is his house and the lady will need to take care of this house. The lady gets a phone call where her name is Laxmi. Kanhaiya suggests her to lets them go inside and his mummy will explain about the work and the lady walks in with Kanhaiya while Sona is doing some work. Sona asks who she is and Kanhaiya says she is the maid. Sona asks what is the need for a maid since she is doing the work? Kanhaiya tells her to let her do the work and Laxmi says she don’t like this that there is another person doing the housework and threaten to leave. Kanhaiya asks her to wait and says that Sona is the head of his department, his wife. Laxmi apologize and compliments them that they both are good looking couple. Kanhaiya gets shy and Laxmi says she also need to take a photo of them. Kanhaiya accept and brings Sona aside saying that Laxmi can now do all the work and they can go for honeymoon. Sona is about to say something when Kanhaiya calls out to his mummy saying he have brought a maid. Kanhaiya introduces Lakshmi their new housemaid to the family. Sunaina looks at Laxmi saying she need a servant for the whole day and Laxmi says she can do all the work in only two hours. Sunaina says that there is so many work in the house and she don’t want that after she leave, some people in the house use that as an excuse to be a housewife. Laxmi says that in this case, she will work for 3 hours and she will come three times a day. Sunaina asks how much is her pay? Laxmi asks how many people are there in this house and both Bindiya and Renu says something and Suhnaina asks her to keep quiet and leave. Laxmi asks who will do the timetable for her and Sona asks if she is sure she want to keep a servant? Sunaina says yes she have to since she want to be a housewife. Laxmi asks if is there a computer and a printer in this house? Sona says yes and Laxmi takes out a pendrive saying that she needs to print the working agreement and everyone is shocked. The Chaturvedi daughter-in-laws get worried of Lakshmi’s arrival to the family. Neelam tells Bindiya and Renu why mummy is bringing this servant in which Bindiya tells her not to worry, and they will not let the servant stay here. Neelam warns her not to try to do anything else or she will get punished. Lakshmi keeps her conditions for Sunaina Devi and brings the agreement asking Sunaina to sign the agreement where her salary is 5000 Rupees on which Sunaina Devi agrees to all the conditions and tells her to just do as what she says in the house. Laxmi asks her not to raise her voice to her. Sona asks Sunaina to sit and read the agreement properly before signing it and Sunaina just takes the agreement and signs it before reading it. Sunaina Devi announces Lakshmi as their housemaid and that she will do all the housework and smiles to Sona.

The Chaturvedi’s new housemaid informs Sunaina Devi to start her duties from the next day and not from today as today she have to get all the payments from the previous house and then bid farewell to them. She then tells Sunaina not to worry as Laxmi will now be here. Tomorrow all the work in this house will be done on time and them that she is leaving with a Namaste greeting. Suniaya says okay and tells Sona that from tomorrow she won’t have any excuse of having to clean the house. She leaves. Slowly everyone leaves except Sona and Kanhiaya. Kanhiaya tells his wife if she see that there’s a reason they always say that their mummy is always right and what she said is absolutely right. Sona disagrees with him and make him understand that his mummy has made the responsibilities of a housewife even more now.

Darshana’s husband Durgesh tells Darshana, that the maid whom Kanhiaya brought was so full of life and fun and that she was also saying she wouldn’t come to work today, but would come the next day. Darshana asks so what? She reminds  him that even him had brought home a maid but he spoiled everything. Sona comes with tea and biscuits. Kanhaiya goes over to Darshana’s husband and lifts his lefts up. He tries to find out what happened? Sona asks what is he looking for? Kanhiaya says it fell, it fell. Sona says she just swept the floor and asks him to tell her what he is looking for. Kanhiaya says exactly as he don’t know where it fell and maybe it went with all the trash that was swept away. Sona again asks him to tell her what fell down as she will also look for it. Kanhiaya tells Darshana that she is messing with a police officer and that her nose is right here. He pulls on her nose. Darshana then tell him that she won’t spare him since he find time right now to joke around with her. They all are having a mini pillow fight. Darshana hits Kanhaiya that she won’t spare him. Kanhiaya asks if she is not embarrassed raising her hands on a police officer in uniform? Darshana reminds him that he is only a police officer at the police station and not here. Kanhiaya jokly threaten her not to mess so much with a police officer. He adds that the day a maid comes into this house, everyone’s tension will be gone and no one’s nose will be cut either.

Upstairs, Neelam’s husband insults Neelam in front of the Chaturvedis for her small mistake and says it won’t make a difference to her whether his nose is cut or something else and asks if he should wear this and go? Seeing that she is silent, an upset Uddham asks if she is out of her mind? Neelam says she didn’t know he is going to wear an uniform and go and it was dirty so she put it in the water to wash. He says one day she should put his reputation in the wash too and whether he get a court martial in the military or not he don’t know, but in this house he certainly will. He asks if she have fun in bothering him? Neelam asks why is he speaking like that. She tries to explain to him that she always but interrupts her that she always come in the way and before doing anything he have to move her out of the way.

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