Love Happens Episode 115–117 Update on Thursday 21st December 2017


EPISODE       115      –    117

Aanya and Raghu are surprised when Kangana brings lunch for Raghu in the fields. Aanya gets irked and walks away when Raghu praises Kangana for making such delicious food. While going back home, Kangana runs into Aanya and both enter into a tiff. Aanya, who is feeling jealous of Kangana, warns her to keep away from Raghu. However, Aanya is shocked when Kangana, who really believes that Aanya is a witch possessing with evil powers, tells her that she will soon break her evil spell and make Raghu forget her. Later, Kangana gets frustrated when she notices Bhima subtly following her. She meets Bhima and asks him to go back to their village immediately, but Bhima insists on meeting Kangana’s future husband. Kangana tells him that once she gets rid of Aanya, she will introduce him to Raghu. Meanwhile, Raghu meets Aanya and tries to pacify her. Aanya tells Raghu about her spat with Kangana and tells him she doubts that Kangana intends to marry him. Raghu assures Aanya that nothing of that sort can happen. However, he is taken aback when Kangana washes his feet when he returns home from the fields.

Rahul meets Aanya and assures her that Raghu will always love her and she should stop worrying about Kangana. Rahul later confides to Aanya that he likes Gehna. The next day, Aanya gets up early and decides to go to Raghu’s place and prepare breakfast for him. On the other hand, Raghu feels awkward when Kangana interrupts him while bathing and tells him to use the hair potion which she has prepared for him. Raghu tries to take the potion from behind the door of bathroom, but loses his balance and tumbles out. Though he is wearing his ‘dhoti’, a robe tied around the waist, he feels embarrassed. Aanya also arrives at this juncture and is shocked. She chides Kangana and warns her to stay away from Raghu. Daadi then instigates Aanya saying that Kangana has all the qualities which an ideal wife should have. Aanya gets frustrated and tells Daadi to stop comparing her with Kangana. Daadi then challenges Aanya to compete with Kangana. In order to prove her mettle, Aanya accepts the challenge. Daadi tells Aanya that everyday she will give a task to both of them, and she herself will judge them.

Raghu tries his best to make Aanya realise that it is almost impossible for her win the challenge as Kangana has been doing the household chores from her childhood. However, Aanya is adamant and tells Raghu that she will do her best to outsmart Kangana. Debbie gets frustrated when Kishan and Isha mock Aanya. She boosts Aanya’s morale and assures her that she will help her win the challenge. Meanwhile, Janki and Raghu try to convince Daadi to drop her idea of testing Aanya, but she remains firm on her decision. Raghu makes it clear that he will marry only Aanya, irrespective of the outcome of the test. In order to emotionally blackmail Raghu, Kangana pretends to leave. Daadi urges Raghu to call Kangana back, and he obliges. Later, Daadi gets elated when Kangana assures her that she will outsmart Aanya and win Raghu’s heart.

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