Veera Episode 778–779 Update on Tuesday 19th December 2017


The Episode starts with Veera telling Geet that she trusts her. She asks her to have a life partner in life, its good thing to have someone, we want you to start a new life. Geet cries and gets stunned. Balwant says she can be happy again in her life. Veera says she will not pressurize her, and asks her what does she think about this. Bansuri asks Geet to marry, its for her good, does she want to be a widow always, or did she decide to be after Ranvi always. Balwant stops her and asks Geet to decide. Bansuri says if Geet married somewhere, Gunjan will be at peace and if Gunjan wants her to marry someone, then she has to marry. Geet gets stunned and leaves.
Veera says she will talk to Geet and goes to her. Geet says she died for a while when her husband died, what if she marries someone and he is not good for Deepu, she can’t forget her husband, she is happy with her daughter, she don’t want to start a new life, and cries. She talks to Lord and asks her not to test her more. Veera comes and Geet hugs her. Veera says don’t cry, and explains her to marry. She asks her to bring a change in her life, its imp to bear this pain for change, but they will not force her if she is not ready. Baldev comes and hears them. Veera says Geet can take time, and she will support her. Baldev asks what is she saying, why is she making Geet refuse. He says we decided this for her good, Gunjan is being selfish, but Geet’s life will also get better after her marriage.
Veera says if I die, then will you marry anyone easily. Baldev says Geet’s husband died 3 years before, does Deepu not need a father. She asks him to think about Geet, we need to talk to Gunjan. Baldev says Geet’s marriage is not her loss, she can start a new life. They start arguing. Veera says we can’t make anyone marry forcibly. Geet recalls Bansuri’s words and thinks she is responsible for all this, Ranvi did a lot for me and Deepu, I should not create more troubles for him. She stops them and says she has decided, she is ready to do this marriage. Baldev gets happy and says she is ready, Veera just needs reason to fight with me. He asks Geet to give some sense to Veera before she goes.
Geet says she trusts Balwant’s decision, but she wants to talk to Ranvi once. Veera says fine, I will ask him to talk to you. Baldev meets Dilawar and asks him to find a suitable guy for Geet. Dilawar acts sweet to him, and thinks something. He smiles and says he is glad that Baldev gave him such a big responsibility, he will not make him regret. Baldev says we expected this from you and leaves. Veera calls Ranvi and talks to her about Geet. She says she has agreed to marriage. Bansuri informs the same to Gunjan. Ranvi asks did she agree by wish, if they force her, it will be injustice. Gunjan asks Bansuri to find anyone and get Geet married. Bansuri says Dilawar has sent someone tomorrow. Ranvi says so soon? Veera says we will see everything and asks him to come home, Geet wants to talk. Gunjan says I will come. Ranvi says fine, I will come, don’t know what will she say.
Baldev does arrangements as guests are coming to see Geet. Bansuri is glad that Geet will go off. Manjeet looks on. Bansuri asks is she not happy, Geet’s singing will also end. Manjeet says we both know what happened between Ranvi and Geet, how can she happy for Geet, I would have not seen Geet’s face being in your place, you are great. Ranvi and Gunjan come there. Veera asks Ranvi to come. Ranvi greets Bansuri. Bansuri tells Gunjan that Ranvi and Veera have given courage to Geet. Gunjan says once Geet marries, she will not meet Ranvi. Bansuri says its Ranvi’s mistake too, and Veera did mistake to make Geet sing with Ranvi. She has taken Ranvi to wipe Geet’s tears. Gunjan says no, she will not do this. Bansuri says its not too late, think well. Gunjan thinks she will make Geet’s departure memorable.
The Episode starts with Veera bringing Ranvi to Geet’s room. She says her jewelry set has come, she will keep it and goes. Ranvi asks her is she marrying by her wish. Gunjan looks for him. Ranvi apologizes to Geet and says I don’t know why is this happening. She says don’t say this, I respect you, I regard you as Guru, if Lord wants to help anyone, he comes as human, you are that human for me. She says she can bear anything, but not bear if anyone points on her Lord, no one understands that I preach you, I did not have any other feelings, still they all are blaming me, I have to marry again to end this. Gunjan thinks is she doing this right, Bansuri can be wrong, she should not doubt on Ranvi, he will not be with Geet.
Ranvi asks Geet not to bear anything, her second marriage can get wrong too, he can’t let her ruin her life. Balwant asks Gunjan to pack shagun gifts and sends her. Geet says no, I have to do this, I know this will affect Deepu, she is doing this for Deepu. Gunjan packs the gifts and gives Balwant. Geet folds hands and requests him to choose the guy for him. She says she trusts him a lot and cries.
Gunjan sees Ranvi talking to Veera. Ranvi says we don’t have anything like that, even then Gunjan is misunderstanding. She says Gunjan is not believing me, Biji would have helped me now. Geet asked me to choose a guy for her. Gunjan looks on and cries. Veera tells Ranvi that she is with him. Gunjan makes Geet ready and taunts her as she is widow. She calls Ranvi and asks him to see Geet, and how is she looking. She says she has hatred in her eyes and Ranvi will be seeing her with something else in his eyes, she knows Geet values his opinion. Ranvi asks what is she saying. Gunjan says don’t waste time, tell me. Ranvi says she is looking good. Gunjan says Ranvi passed you, now whoever comes will also pass you. Ranvi gets angry and leaves.
Geet thinks how much more pain she has to bear to prove her innocence, how long will Ranvi get punished. Ranvi comes out and gets angry. Ranvi and Gunjan have an argument and she says she knows Get has asked him to choose the guy for her, so that you find someone simple and you guys can keep your affair. He says Gunjan.. She says talk in low tone, tell me why she wants you to choose the guy, won’t my parents find the right guy. She asks whats their relation.
Ranvi says you can’t understand, you have dirt in your mind. She says you have dirty mind, you are acting infront of Veera to, I feel even Veera is involved in all this, I m just saying my marriage, you are wrong if you feel I will see you in Geet’s arms silently, you proved me mad and doubtful and family thought me wrong, but not now, I can’t lose you. He has cheated her and she will not forgive Geet so easily. She leaves. He gets raged and holds his anger. Ranvi recalls Gunjan’s words and says sorry Gunjan, but I have to do help Geet.
Balwant says guests are coming soon. Bansuri arranges few things. Gunjan asks her about Ranvi and Bansuri says she has not seen him. Gunjan rushes. Ranvi comes home and cries talking to Ratan’s pic. He says why is she doing this, does she not see how much she is hurting me, I need you, why did you leave me and go.
Gunjan argues with Veera for supporting Ranvi. She says Ranvi should come here, else my doubt will get firm, and he should be ready to bear the consequences.


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