Timeless Love Episode 37 Update on Monday 18th December 2017


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Renata practically floats on air as she walks over to the table Jero has reserved for their lunch date. She mentions having run into Regina at the bridal shop. Nata thinks she will always have doubts about Regi, not just because of the situation with Gonzo, but because Nata can’t help but feel that Regi will be in her life forever. Well whaddya know? Jero tells Nata that Regi feels the same way about her. Nata wonders what Regi meant by her comment that Jero and Nata have no secrets anymore.

Agustin demands that Dr. Nesme sell him the land he owns next to Hacienda La Bonita. Doc doesn’t want to because he promised Rafa that he would only sell the land to the owner of the hacienda. Augie says Doc has no choice; Rafa is dead and Augie will pay handsomely. Without Augie, the Doc would lose all reputation and credibility and wind up rotting in jail for causing Rafa’s death. Doc squirms but his fears are allayed by the huge check Augie hands over. The dough is all Doc’s just as long as he tells no one that Augie now owns the land.

Augie calls his Spare Girl to celebrate his strong-arming Doc. Spare Girl gives Carlos a little kiss on the cheek before meeting up his Augie. Hmm, might Matilde have some competition soon?

Dr. Cha-Ching ($) tells Fina that Gonzo bought his story hook, line, and sinker. He gives her a prescription (!!) that she can take as “medicine” for her phony tumor. I’m not sure if this means she should pick up the meds as a prop for her tomfoolery or if Doctor Dinero actually wants her to take them. At any rate, Fina delights at how Gonzo is going to suffer because of her illness.

Jero talks himself out of a jam by claiming that Regi must have been talking about the mess with Matias and Roberta. Now it makes sense to Renata and they enjoy some good quality mushy talk. Nata promises that she will love Jero and continue to surprise him for the rest of their lives. Sensing the right moment, Jero pulls the ring out of his pocket. “Acepta usted ser la Señora de Linares?” (Do you accept to be Mrs. Linares?)

Renata radiates happiness as she enthusiastically accepts. Jero kisses her hand. “From this moment on, you are property of Mr. Linares.” A pox on your head, Jero. This was almost romantic until you ruined it with that last statement. Nata doesn’t seem to mind, however, and covers Jero in kisses.

Spare Girl chews Augie out for always putting her last on his list of things to do. Augie says she is his priority at the moment and pulls her into a kiss. I can’t get over how beautiful the landscape is behind them.

Jero proposes a toast to Renata. “Let’s drink to the truth, love, and trust between us.” Renata whole-heartedly agrees while Jero silently glowers. “Tell me the truth about my brother!” He thinks with a nasty tone. During a kiss, Jero becomes overly aggressive again. Chalk this up to another red flag Nata has overlooked. Jero apologizes for getting grabby and Nata sizes him up as they toast once again. Maybe this is one red flag she actually has noticed…

Selene runs into Regina and Doña Cata on the sidewalk and gushes about what an opportunity it is to work at the centro. Regi is pleased as ever to meet her. Roberta stalks over and launches into an attack. “You are the woman who ruined my parents’ marriage! You have no idea how much I hate you!” Rob slaps Regi so hard it nearly knocks Regi off her feet.

Matias and Gonzo discuss the sticky situation of Fina’s illness. Gonzo hopes Fina can be treated and, in time, he will continue with the divorce proceedings. Antonio shows up at the same restaurant and introduces the fellas to his pretty companion Nora Collado. Regi was supposed to join them for lunch but had to give a radio interview about the centro. Tony takes obvious pleasure in dropping an anvil on Gonzo: “I heard Renata was getting married. What a coincidence! Regina and I are getting married soon too. Nora is our wedding planner.” Gonzo stares impassively at Tony.

Scandalized, Doña Cata snaps into action. “Get outta here, tart! Regi has no interest in Gonzo. Regi & Tony 4evar, so get lost.” Cata says (in not so many words). Roberta doesn’t care; her parents are still splitting up and it’s all Regi’s fault. “I warn you, if you come near my padre again I will make your life and life for your family impossible!” Selene tries to apologize for what an ogre Robi is and Cata tells Regi she better forget about Gonzo for good.

Constanza finishes teaching a class as Chema drops a bunch of bags on the counter. They banter as usual and suddenly Honorio walks in behind them. Seems like reality followed him in because the atmosphere is the room is decidedly less carefree than before. Coni introduces Hon to Chema and Honorio asks to have an important talk with her. (!!!)

Selene gives Roberta an ear-full for stirring up such trouble with her soon-to-be-boss. Rob cackles; it was worth if for a little fun. Selene is not amused and takes off in her car without letting Rob in. Ha! Have fun walking home in those heels, Robi.

Gonzo and Matias are still at lunch. It seems like these people spend 80% of their day in restaurants. Gonzo moans to Matias about how hopeless everything is now that Regi is headed down the isle with Tony. Matias, instead of telling Gonzo to follow his example and mope like a dope for days, tells Gonzo to go for what he wants. Regi clearly has feelings for him; Gonzo still has the opportunity to do something about it.

Honorio and Constanza have relocated to a café to talk. Honorio has something very difficult to tell Coni and he is worried how she is going to take it. “I have a daughter, Constanza.” The anvil comes down hard on Coni.

And because I like Hon and Con (and you guys) so much, here’s their entire conversation.

C: A daughter? How? When?! What are you talking about?
H: It was before I met you. I only just found out and it unsettled me just as much as it does you.
C: Do you know who she is? Do you already meet her?
H: Yes. It’s Adriana.
C: Adriana?! I knew there was something strange about Agatha. It wasn’t normal to have such a relationship with an old boyfriend. She always knew where you were and how close you were to her daughter. Your daughter.

Honorio grips Coni’s hand and does his best to calm her.

H: I know what this means for you. But you had to know.
C: I wanted so much to have a child with you and I couldn’t do it. It was an old girlfriend who made you a father.
H: Don’t feel bad about that! We didn’t need to have children to have a marriage as marvelous as we have had.
C: A woman always dreams of motherhood. You know how much I longed to have a child with you. Does Adriana know?
H: No. Agatha does not want Adriana to know until after she dies.
C: What do you want? Do you want her to know you are her father?
H: No, what I want is for this to not effect our relationship. I don’t know how I’m going to tell Adriana but that will resolve itself later. What I care about most right now is you, Constanza.
C: I can’t believe it! I can’t believe you have a daughter! And that it’s Adriana!

Cut to a much more cheery montage of Renata and Jero roaming around town making wedding plans together. The talk to a priest in a gorgeous church, visit a registry, and peruse a jewelry store all the while teasing and flirting with each other.

Back to matters at hand, Honorio walks Coni back to the centro. Coni doesn’t have much to say; she needs time to process the news. Right now she’s too disturbed and frustrated to know how she feels about it. Just give her some time alone. Chema watches this conversation from afar.

Regina gives a radio interview to Maxine Woodside about the annual gala dinner held at the centro. They’re selling tickets to the public, which help raise money for her charity. Gonzo hears Regi on the radio while the car.

Fina is proud of Mini-Me for walloping Regina in public. Robi did it in Fina’s honor. She tells Mami that Regi is getting married. Fina could care less; the only thing that would make her happy is if Regi were crazy or dead.

Regina comes out of the radio station to find Gonzo waiting by her car. He heard she was getting married. “Don’t do it, Regina. Don’t get married.” Gonzo pleads. Their song plays as Gonzo pours his heart out. “Please put the wedding off. Wait until I can settle things with Fina. I want to be a free man for you. I know I have nothing to offer you now but please postpone the wedding.” Despite how much she might want to, Regi can’t do it. “Your family considers me the other woman. It would only give them more motive to attack me.” She tells Gonzo about Robi accosting her earlier that day, which gravely upsets Gonzo.

Coni tears the kitchen apart looking for her keys. Chema slips in behind her and picks them up off the counter. Chema gives her a hug while she cries on his shoulder.

Gonzo apologizes to Regi for Roberta’s behavior. Regi asks Gonzo to leave her alone, since his family will always hate her. Gonzo refuses to do so; he is too in love with her. (Aww.) Regi starts to cry as Gonzo professes his love to her.

“I love you. That is my only truth. Please wait and give me opportunity to earn your love.” Regi says they have to separate to avoid hurting others. She drives away while Gonzo looks longingly after her.

Renata and Jero get home and Nata asks if Jero has thought about who will be his witnesses for the wedding. He wants Carlos and Regina. Nata is worried that if Regina comes to the wedding, it would cause a scene. Jero swears that he would never invite Regi if he thought she was capable of breaking up a marriage. “Are you even sure your mother is going to be at the wedding?” Jero asks.

Back at the office, Honorio debriefs Matias on how the Great Anvil Drop went. Mat tells Hon to give Coni time; it’s going to be tough for her to accept the news since she could never have children herself. Honorio is afraid something might have broken between them as a couple. Blanca eavesdrops on all of this with keen interest.

Coni mellows out in bed and gets a text from Chema. He wanted to see how she was and offer his shoulder to cry on anytime she needs him.

Renata visits with Fina. She shows her the ring. Fina laughs at how small it is. “You should always want more, not less!” Fina says. Nata doesn’t care about money or fine things. She loves Jero and that is the most important thing. Nata asks Fina to come to her wedding. Fina cackles. “Attending your wedding is supporting your foolishness and shamelessness. If you want to waste your life, do it but count me out.” Nata gently asks Fina to reconsider. She made sure that Regi wouldn’t be invited so that it would make Fina more comfortable. “I’m sorry, Renata. But I can’t do it. I want the best for you but I will not go to your wedding.”

Jero hears from Almudena that he is one of the richest men in Spain. Great! He’s still going to pretend to be broke. Blech.

Oh, yuck. Alfonsina slinks in to see Dr. Nesme. He locks the door behind her and they make out. I try hard not to lose my dinner.

Matilde has locked herself in the kitchen and won’t come out. Lazaro tries to talk sense into her. Jero would never fall for her because they are from different worlds. Mati cries she could offer him lots of things. Mati swears to make life impossible for Jero’s new wife. Lazaro warns Mati to respect their future Patrona or else she will have to look for a new job. Mati isn’t put off from her mission to make life hell for Jero’s girl.

Regina recounts her day to Ines. Regi is going to get Gonzo out of her heart; she chose Tony and she has to marry him.

Gonzo pounches on Roberta the minute she walks through the door. “Why did you attack Regina?” Roberta goes on about Regi ruining the family….ya basta, ya basta. Gonzo’s tired of hearing it too. “There was never anything between us. She is an impeccable woman and I will not let you harm her again.” Fina interrupts and gets Roberta to say that Regi provoked her to attack. Gonzo doesn’t believe a word of it; Regi would never bait anyone for a fight. When it becomes apparent Fina won’t win the fight, she faints.

Matilde and Carlos eat cake and discuss how things are going to change once the Patrona moves in.

Gonzo apologizes for causing Fina to have an attack. Fina “lets slip” that she has a tumor; the doctor told her earlier in the day. She doesn’t want to tell her daughters yet. Gonzo is horrified and does not want to keep such a serious secret. Fina pressures him into keeping it confidential.

Avances: Renata and Jeronimo get married! Or do they?!?! *dun, dun, dun*

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