Modern Homemaker Episode 18–20 Update on Monday 18th December 2017


EPISODE      18     –      20

As time passing by, Sona keeps looking at her phone wondering that there is no answer till now. She sits at her laptop and writes a report about black marketing gas cylinder and prints the letter and signs it. Sona then calls to Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya answers the call. Sona tells Kanhaiya needs to come back and he says since she called, 2km is very near and inform her that he is coming home now. He adds that there is 2 feet distance between them seems very far but Sona asks him to read the letter first. Kanhaiya opens and reads the letter where Sona says this letter maybe short but the importance is big and he keeps talking about other things. Sona asks him to read the letter. Kanhaiya reads the letter out to Sona. Sona however informs about the same to Kanhaiya she have information that there is some black marketing regarding gas cylinders and urges him to take a severe action about it. He says he can’t take this but he will take action. Sona begs him to complete this task first and manage to buy the gas cylinder before the dinner time. Kanhaiya says since she is wishing him in advance, he will never spare all of them. Kanhaiya is about to leave when Sona holds his hand and says style suits him best, she puts Kanhaiya’s sunglasses for him. Kanhaiya is happy and says his good time has started and leaves while Sona looks on. Sona goes back inside and walks pass Durgesh ( Sunaina’s son-in-law). Durgesh says she look so tensed thinking about the gas. Sona admit that she is tensed but she will be back to normal once they get the gas cylinder. Durgesh says he is really feeling shy that she have to be worried of this despite the fact that he is round. Sona says even she is surprised how come the gas can finish when he is around in this house. Durgesh asks if she want a gas cylinder? Sona says surely. Durgesh then says he need some commission as without it, hia brains can’t work. She is a reporter and he is sure she can understand this and Sona says yes she do, that the gas will come into this house and that too without any commission. Sona advices Durgesh to gain reward over commission for family’s betterment since he is a part of the family and he should not be thinking of any commission. Durgesh is upset hearing this and says he wasted his important time and came to help her and she is advicing him? He then give her the last chance saying she either give him commission for the gas to come into the house or no gas will arrive. Sona then tells Durgesh that she don’t wish to go through the wrong path. She will get the gas herself and he don’t have to worry about this. She further advice him that in life, he should not look for commission in everything and if he understand what she said is fine, but if he didn’t, it’s alright as time will teach everyone a lesson and it would also teach him too. She proud say that the gas will come without any commission and Durgesh thinks how is that possible. Kanhaiya tells few people that he have received complain from Sona, the housewife that he is doing black market with the gas cylinders and that he is warning him to bring out the gas cylinder within 24 hours and they both leave. Meanwhile, Sona is cutting vegetables and wonder what would happen if the gas cylinder doesn’t arrives in time. She gets disturbed imagining the consequences she has to undergo in absence of the gas cylinder and imagines all the guests in the house where one of them are saying she insulted them by calling them for dinner and starving them. Another person says they thought they could eat a lot since she is the last daughter in-law of the family but looks like there is nothing here. They are not going to step into this house again and everyone leaves. Sunaina tells Neelam, her break is over and Sona is going back to work tomorrow. Sona is back to reality but she look worried.

It is the day of the event and Sona has still not found a way to cater for the family. She start cutting vegetables in the kitchen. Bindiya and Renu oversee her doing the work. Bindiya and Renu get worried after watching Sona’s slow pace of preparing the food. Renu tells Bindiya that to cook for so many people without a gas cylinder is impossible. Sona overhears their conversation. Bindiya says if it keeps going at this speed then it will be impossible and Sona will have to take an apple in her tiff-in and start going to the office. Renu remind her that it is not good for them if Sona resume to office and suggests to pray to God that Sona wins. Bindiaya says if it weren’t for Mummy’s warning, she would have left my beauty parlor work to help her win. Renu says they can’t give any sort of help to her and Sona has to do everything alone.

Bindiya’s husband Govardhan says, he read in a comics that if a person wave a stick, all the food the person want will magically appears. Neelam’s husband Uddham says nothing came. Bindiya’s husband Govardhan says exactly. Neelam’s husband says it seems like everyone is going to be left starving. Renu’s husband Manohar says when it reserve in a car it looks like the gas in the car will last for long, but when the gas is over and the car stops the car is left where it is and the same situation applies to the kitchen.

Sunaina is watching Sona work in the kitchen and says time is running out. And the time for daughter-in-law cooking will also arrive fast and leave. Sunaina talks to herself that she is explaining to her since she is her family and just like in one hand 2 weapons can’t be held, in the same way she will not let 2 housewives stay in this house. Sona just smiles.

Dimple is chatting online with the guy (Kanhiaya’s friend) who is part of the Miss. Allahbaad pageant. She’s talking just about that when she hears a knock on the door. She quickly types that she’ll chat him later and shuts her laptop.

Sunaina Devi walks into the kitchen and also takes the advantage of the situation, by warning Sona to rejoin her workplace and it will take forever if she will cook the food in this small heater. She adds that there is still time for the last chance to accept defeat and if agree then she can call the restaurant and order the food. But Sona replied her that she won’t have to do that and everything will be okay. Just then, Sona’s phone rings and asks her informer if he find the number? Sunaina thinks to herself that Sona is so happy and wonders what she is planning to do.

At the police station, Kanhiaya asks his fellow inspectors about what the latest news is. One of them says the news of the day is that a man part of the gas shortage has been caught under the guidance of him and someone name saalae. Kanhaiya asks who is it that is using abusing language in his place? Kanhiaya turns around to see Durgesh in jail. Kanhaiya is shocked to learns about Durgesh as the prime culprit behind the black-marketing of the gas cylinder. The other inspectors walk away while Kanhiaya goes to him saying this is the limit and why is he part of this? Durgesh says for commission his people hit me so hard. Kanhiaya remind him that it’s their job and if he wanted commission he could have taken nursing commission. Durgesh informs Kanhaiya about the storage venue of all the gas cylinder and that’s what he told his mother in-law Sunaina but she gave him money to not allow to bring the cylinder home.

Bindiya asks her husband if he see anything in which he says no. She says she see something and says Sona’s loss. He asks whether it’s gold or silver and how does that matter to him? She says she is not talking about that necklace but she is talking about Sona not being able to cook for daughter-in-law test. He reminds her that she once told him that Sona will pass in the housewife test and asks what happened now? She says she could have won but she needs a gas for that and asks how will she make the food without a gas? He says she was sounding so confident that she’ll be able to get the gas. Bindiya says there is no gas anywhere and she suggests him to let’s them get out of here. He asks if she is crazy and where will they go in this cold? She suggests they have to arrange for food from a hotel since she’ll not be able to cook and that’s why she is saying they should just leave for the Mela. And by the time they return, all the money and stuff will be settled. He then asks if she consider him a weak hearted person? He is not going anywhere as he is not weak and no matter what happens he is not moving from here and they will see whatever happens.

Kanhaiya tells his brother in-law despite knowing the situations in their house, he still did this and adds that what happened to him is right. He asks how much did they hit him? Durgesh says it’s hurting so much and he is making fun of him in which Kanhiaya replied that he is hurt and it’s because of people like him, Allahbaad place has become so dark and he have never seen it this bad in his lifetime. Durgesh tried to convince Kanhiaya that he wasn’t like this before. Kanhiaya says their is only one innocent person in this city and his name is Kanhaiya. He then asks his brother in-law if he will understand if he hits him with his stick a little.

While Sona is cooking, her phone rings and Sona’s source also informs her about the same gas storage venue he found out that in a house of a local gas agency guy, there is illegal go downs in the house where a lot of gas cylinders are hidden and he will just message her the address of that place. Sona tells him to send it quickly. He sends the address. Sona then decide to message everyone. All the housewives receive the message. Sona then decide to message Kanhiaya too and does that as well.

Sona calls Kanhiaya and remind him that the time is going by and to deal with the culprits later but right now he should do what he can to get her a gas cylinder and to go to the address she sent him and tell them to at least send 1 cylinder home. Kanhiaya tells her not to worry that he will bring the cylinder and sing Ishq Wala love to her. He tried to remind her about their nigh but Sona hangs up on him before he could complete his sentence. Kanhiaya dials a number and says he need a cylinder at this address and that he know what he is doing. And warn him that if they dont’ get it then he will make him into a gas and stuff him in a cylinder. The guy says it is very difficult to get a gas cylinder right now. Hearing this, Kanhiaya then tells him to go and ask his neighbor for some fire. And if his wife gets mad and does something then all his fingers will be burning. The guy then tells him to send one of his guys while arrange something.

Sunaina Devi asks her daughter in-law if she have decided and going to the office. Sona says she is going, but not to the office and to get the cylinder as cylinders are being given to everyone in the neighborhood and she is leaving to get hers. She leaves. Suniaya says she’s making food on a heater and left to give others in the neighborhood a cylinder? Bindiaya says she think Sona knows the philosophy of makeup. She’s found out that when waking up in the morning the first thing a woman thinks about is makeup and only makeup. That’s why she went out all dressed up and it’s good if she uses all the products. Bindiya’s husband says the post office has no expiration date. Even if it’s late, a letter will eventually reach it’s destination. Darshana ( Sunaina Devi’s daughter ) says she must have gone out to get some food. Bindiya says she don’t think so and that too in such short time. And if she goes out then the face foundation will be ruined. She went somewhere. Sunaina says when she returns they will find out where she actually went.

Sona arrives at the address and sees a guy secretly pulling in another guy with a cylinder. Sona thinks to herself that she messaged all the housewives in the area and wonders why has anyone come yet? One of them arrives. Slowly many more arrive. One lady says she got a message saying that gas cylinders are being sold and wonders where is it being sold? Sona says she got the message too and that she saw a police guy go in too. The police inspector is being shown thrown out of the house with a cylinder. The guy tells the police office to leave quickly and if anyone asks then he should tell them that it’s empty. Two housewives go up to the inspector and talk to him. The inspector says it’s empty. One of the housewives asks what is his back hurt carrying an empty cylinder? Everyone laughs.

One of the housewives says this is filled. She carries it and notices it. All of the housewives run towards the cylinder. The guy from the house comes out and asks what is going on? The inspector says this gas cylinder guy has hidden all the gasses. Everyone is fighting to get a gas cylinder.

At home a lot of the guests have already arrived. Sunaina Devi on the other hand, enchants the glory of winning over Sona, by considering Sona’s failure of reaching on time and say to herself that Sona’s trust in herself will shatter and break like ice today. In her loss is her win and asks how can such money leave her safe and go? Renu asks her mother in-law what she will do? Did Sona disappear to her paternal house? Sunnaina goes to her Devar and asks what did he think? Saying in his part he will miss getting a housewife, but in her share Sona’s job will come in jiffy and tells him to just wait for the result to come out.

Sona awaits for Kanhaiya and upon seeing Kanhaiya arriving, Sona hides. Kanhaiya and his police team walk towards the house keeping the gas and seeing Kanhaiya, one of the guy says everything will be sorted out and begs him to save them and all the housewifes starts making noise. Kanhaiya asks everyone to be silent. The guy asks Kanhaiya to shoot in the air to clear the crowd and Kanhaiya takes out his gun, shoot in the air and then points the gun to the guy and thrashes the person responsible for the blackmarketing of the gas cylinder and hits him with the gun. Sona seems impressed and Kanhaiya asks his police team to arrest all of them and take them away. Kanhaiya also signals one of the guy to open the gate and as they open the gate, all the gas cylinder they have hide is seen and Sona smiles as she know along-with the females of her residential area will manages to acquire the gas cylinder. Back at home, while everyone is waiting and the guests at the Chaturvedi residence get annoyed on after waiting long for the feast. One of the guests says this is not a daughter in-law test and they have been waiting for so long and no one is saying anything or doing anything. Another guy suggests they should leave from here. Sunaina Devi gets charmed by considering her victory over Sona. She asks Gyaneshwar ( Cha-cha/ Dever ) if he remember the resgination letter Sona gave? She suggests Gyaneshwar to make her tear her resignation letter after losing and to now ask her to take back the resignation letter and keep it safely. Kanhaiya goes and looks at the gas cylinder and says all this gas cylinder belongs to the public and order to start distributing to them and the guys starts giving all the housewife’s the gas cylinder while Sona smiles watching him as all the females of her residential area manages to acquire the gas cylinder. One of the constable asks Kanhaiya if he can also take one cylinder for his wife? Hearing this, Kanhaiya says he remember once he mentioned about his wife and that his housewife, Sona is also waiting for a cylinder. He will need to show her his heroness and he calls to Sona. Sona then brings the ringing phone and stands in front of him. She congratulates her husband addressing him as Inspector Kanhaiya in which he say to her too. Sona compliment him that he have ended the misery the public have been facing saying it by rhyming. Kanhaiya then says she have been learning a lot from him and proudly say they both make a good team? A police inspector and a reporter. He tells her to leave all the housework and start back her work and when they both go together in Ahmebad, everyone will look at them. Kanhaiya then says he is here as a housewife and he also want a gas cylinder, he whistles and the constable places one cylinder in Kanhaiya’s jeep. Both Sona and Kanhaiya come back in Kanhaiya’s jeep. He asks his wife if she saw how he hit all of them and adds that the heroine is also here now. It was like a movie and now a song is balance and both of them leave the place as all the housewife waves at them and all the housewifes send a thankful message to Sona. Sona and Kanhaiya walk in with a constable carrying the gas cylinder and Sunaina is shocked to see this while everyone else is happy to see this. Sona tells Kanhaiya all this is thanks to you as she however manages to get the cylinder from the blackmarketier’s store. Kanhaiya also thanks for sending him the address of the blackmarketier’s store and both smile. In the TV, the news shows how Inspector Kanhaiya ended this blackmarketier’s store and how he found out the about the hidden gas. Everyone claps their hands except of Sunaina while Sona goes into the kitchen and starts cooking as more guests keeps coming. Neelam comes into the kitchen and is impressed to see Sona cooking and also wants to help Sona but Sona stop her that she can handle everything by herself. Neelam leaves wishing her all the best. Sona starts serving everyone the food as she delights the guests at the Chaturvedi residence by preparing beautiful delicacies.

Sunaiina Devi gets stunned by watching Sona achieving her challenge and she is also unhapppy as she sees Sona and Kanhaiya feeding each other and all the guests starts leaving. Gyaneshwar then tells his sister in-law that now there is no need to anything with the resignation letter as Sona have made her proud. Sunaina says Sona have not made her proud and she is very upset and announce that she is leaving to go and rest. Darshana brings some food inside her room and shouts when she sees someone hiding under the blanket. Durgesh tells him not to shout as he is her husband. Darshana sees Durgesh’s face and asks what happened to him? Durgesh says this was due to the blackmarketier’s store. Darshana asks why didn’t him say this? She proudly says her brother is a police inspector and suggest him to lets them go and tell this to mummy. Darshana brings Durgesh down with his face covered and Sunaina asks who this is? Darshana reply that he is her son in-law and even she is not able to recognize him. Sunaina asks what happened to him. Durgesh tells her that her son, Kanhaiya’s police did this to him. Kanhaiya asks what can he do as he was involved in the blackmarketing of the gas cylinder and he was caught in the act. Darshana remind him that he is his brother in-law. Kanhaiya says he didn’t know he was involved. An upset Darshana tells him that she will not spare him and chases her brother around. Kanhaiya then sits next to his mother, Sunaina. Sunaina asks Kanhaiya to be carefull next time as his mom is always right and she is sure there is a reason behind this. Darshana brings Durgesh and leaves. Kanhaiya later enters his room, he sees Sona humming a song and locks the room door. Sona looks at Kanhaiya and asks what the problem is addressing him as inspector that he seem to be thinking so much. Kanhaiaya says everything that is happening in this house is just like a movie and just like how they got the gas cylinder. He holds Sona’s hands. Sona says they both are made for each other. He then brings Sona closer to him and seeing his affectionate side, Sona then make him feel that his mom is at the door and Kanhaiya gets scared and moves back. Sona asks if he think that after this, his mummy will still be convincing her after this? He tells his wife that she  don’t know about his mummy as she doesn’t gives up so easily. She can do anything. Sona starts looking worried hearing this and says she have already proved that she can be a housewife. He tells her that he know mummy very well and she will surely do anything and further tells his wife that anything she ( Sona ) do, is to start her job as well. Sona says it’s not a big thing for her to start back her job but this house needs her and she need to do many things for this house which she can’t do outside. Kanhaiya insist that his mummy will surely do something in return and Sona again says she have proved herself in this challenge and she have trust that she will win in all the tests. She asks her husband to promise her that he will always be with her like this and holds Kanhaiya’s hands. Kanhaiya on the other hand, who adorns his support for his wife promise that he will always be with her like this and that her hands is in his.

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