Love Happens Episode 106–108 Update on Monday 18th December 2017


EPISODE        106       –      108

Aanya meets Raghu and tells her that she has decided to gift something to Daadi. Daadi is surprised when Aanya wishes her a happy Diwali and gives her the gift. Aanya tells Daadi that she herself has made a garland of flowers and pebbles for her. Janki urges Daadi to forget everything and accept the gift. Daadi reluctantly accepts and wears the garland. But before she can compliment Aanya for the gift, an itching sensation erupts. She starts scolding Aanya when she notices that the flowers used in the garland are wild flowers which cause itching. Aanya again curses herself; however Janki boosts her morale and appreciates her efforts. Further, Janki tells Aanya that she is planning to meet her parents to fix her marriage with Raghu. On the other hand, Daadi runs into GD and enters into a verbal duel. But GD convinces Daadi that even she is against Aanya and Raghu’s alliance. She also asks Daadi to join hands with her to stop Aanya from marrying Raghu.

Kishan gets shocked when Aanya informs him that Janki will be coming to talk to him regarding her marriage with Raghu. However, Debbie convinces him that Aanya loves Raghu and they should get married. On the other hand, Daadi gets furious when Janki informs her about her decision to meets Aanya’s parents and fix Raghu and Aanya’s alliance. Raghu and Janki get pleasantly surprised when Daadi expresses her desire to accompany them to meet Aanya’s parents. Meanwhile, GD and Kishan hatch a plan to make Daadi reject the proposal. Finally, Janki, Raghu and Daadi arrive at the mansion and Debbie welcomes them warmly. GD then asks Aanya and Raghu to go out, while the elders talk about their alliance. GD then tells Daadi that Aanya is very stubborn girl. Kishan tells Daadi that he had fixed Aanya’s alliance earlier also, but she had backed off from her marriage at the last moment and run away from the ceremony. Daadi is shocked to hear this. GD further adds that whenever Aanya gets fed up, she runs away. An infuriated Daadi tells Janki that she cannot marry Raghu to a girl who is famous for running away from her own wedding.

Debbie loses her cool with GD and Kishan, and convinces Daadi that Aanya really loves Raghu. Janki also supports Debbie. But GD leaves no stone unturned to present a bad picture of Aanya. Aanya and Raghu, who are overhearing this conversation on the sly, too get irked. The conversation between GD and Daadi soon turns into a heated argument and Daadi announces that she is not interested in Raghu and Aanya’s alliance at all. Aanya gets frustrated and confronts her father and GD. She tells Daadi that she was arrogant and stubborn, but is completely changed now. Raghu also makes it clear that if he is not allowed to marry Aanya, then he will not marry anyone else. Debbie calms them and tells Janki that she has no objection with this alliance. Later, Daadi meets GD and tells her that she has not still given up and will go to any length to stop Raghu from marrying Aanya. On the other hand, Rahul arrives in the village.

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