Amaya Episode 105

Constanza complains to her father for leading a double life and tells him she doesn’t want to see him ever again and she takes the opportunity to beg Max to allow her to live with him because she never wants to be with a deceptive father and she explains to him that she has nobody else in the world but him and the baby she is expecting and so he shouldn’t leave them. Max then tells her that no matter what he will be by her side but Amaya breaking up with him does not change a single thing between Constanza because he doesn’t want to use the circumstance to get back with her but Constanza still ins’t that that they try being together even if they starts with being friends for the sake of the baby.
Eloisa expresses her hatred for Amaya for hurting Max to that maximum effect because he loved her with all of his heart but only for her to marry Cesar and so she shouldn’t expect any love from the family again. Amaya then looks very sad and she tells Carolina that she never imagined losing the love of all these people for the sake of this revenge because it hurts her very much.
Genoveva arrives at the airport to bring Nana Yaw a ticket and the cash he asked for so he can escape and she asks him why he took the line of stealing and he confronts her that his mother was happy to be Manuel’s mistress and that they never gave him the luxurious life he had a right to and also to register him under his name and so he hates Manuel very much and for his mum, he is really ashamed of her. Genoveva then assures him that later she will join him but he tells her he never wants her closer to his side but all he wants is lots of money which is her responsibility to do so and take care of him. Just when he tried checking in to escape, the police arrest him and Genoveva for being his accomplice.
Cesar now can’t stand the fact that he has to sleep in a different room because he is afraid his family might know the truth that Amaya never married him for love and also everyone will also not understand why a couple will decide to sleep separately in different rooms so he tells Amaya that no matter what he has to sleep in the same room with her and Amaya reminds him of the deal they made when they got married and that is no sex or kissing until she gets over Max. Amaya then suggests to him that he tries and get a sofa-bed or an extra bed in the room, but Cesar refuses.
Ivan and Yaayaa arrive in El-Paraiso and Hector briefs him on how Mariana even said she is there at the ranch on her own wish but that Ivan disbelieves and wants to go there to rescue her as soon as possible.
Ulises tells Mariana that she can walk through the ranch for fresh air but if she tries to escape, it could cause the death of her father.
Lucrecia insists to Mauro that all these problems confronting their family is because of Amaya because she only married Cesar to get power, money and the prestige of the Montesinos name but Mauro disbelieves and says Amaya will not need money for anything since she even has more than expected after they paid her with the debt they owned her mum for 30yrs.
Constanza is discharged and Max takes her to their house and at the dinning, he tells the whole family that he is going to let Constanza live in their house but not in separate rooms but right in his bedroom since she is the mother of his expected child and everyone go shocked especially Cesar and Amaya look so hurt.
Mauro offers to buy a house as a wedding present for Cesar and his wife, but Cesar states that she prefers to live with the family.
Lawyer Saldivar gets Genoveva out of jail on bail but not Nana Yaw because the authorities think that his crime is a bit delicate because, due to the kind of weapons used for the robbery which are only meant for the use of the army.
Ivan decided to rescue Mariana without telling his family because he knows they will stop him and Yaayaa tries to stop him from taking that stupid risk but he tells her that even if she does or does not approve, he is still going and so she should do well to only inform his father if he fails to return.
Mariana collapses and Ulises has to call his doctor in to take care of her and thinking it’s due to pregnancy that could cause this collapse, the doctor informs Ulises that Mariana is not pregnant, since she told him that she is a virgin and Ulises remarks that it is interesting to know.
Amaya confronts Max that if he thinks he only brought Constanza to stay in their house and specifically in his room to hurt her, she is not moved by it at all because she doesn’t love him again and so whatever goes on with her and Constanza don’t tickle her at all. Max also tells her if that is so, then she should also know that he also stopped caring for her the day she also got married to his brother Cesar because that day, he also saw how he fooled all his family to be a good woman when actually she is not because marrying Cesar brought out her real character.
Ivan boards on the coffee truck to Ulises ranch without his father and the workers notice.
Jorge finally proposes to Juliana and he kisses her and Juliana looks very surprise.

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