Amaya Episode 104 Update on Saturday 16th December 2017


Max confronts Amaya and tells her he doesn’t want to see her ever again for the rest of his whole life. He then left his suitcase to El-Paraiso. Cesar seeing that, run to Amaya to ask what the hell that idiot Max told her and Amaya in great disdain, tells Cesar that Max said nothing of importance to her.
Ulises threatens Mariana with killing Cipriano if she doesn’t do what he tells her and that is to tell Father and the rest that she is with him (Ulises) on her on will. Mariana looking so afraid for her dad, she agrees and she assures father Hipolito, Hector, and Chelo that she’s with Ulises because she wants to and not because of the so called absurd bet her dad lost but she decided to do so on her own because Ivan went away and therefore she decided to also make some changes in her life and that is to be with Ulises but Hector, Hipolito and Chelo still doubts it and thinks that Ulises might have threatened Mariana and that is why she said that.
Nana Yaw and Chino rob the Montesinos’ safe and as if that wasn’t enough, they go ahead to take their jewelries and in all Nana Yaw looked really afraid for them due to fear of being caught and unfortunately, Amaya and Constanza run into the them and they take them as hostages.
Max informs his father he’s going to “El Paraiso” because he can’t be near Amaya and needs to end up with the love he feels for her.
Max and Mauro confront Chino and Nana Yaw and Manuel arrives to reveal that Constanza and Jose are siblings just at the point when Nana Yaw was about to shoot Constanza and everyone look really speechless and to get away without being caught, Chino shoots Constanza to have everyone’s attention on her and there he and Nana Yaw decide to run off but he was caught together with another party and Nana Yaw got away with his other counterpart. Jumping over the wall, Nana Yaw bumps into his mum and he confronts her for hiding it from him that Manuel was his father and he says it was for his own good.
Mauro finds out that Nana Yaw is Manuel and Genoveva’s son. Same vein, Manuel reveals to Genoveva what Nana Yaw did and asks her to convince him to give up himself to the authorities if not things might go worse.
Constanza is taking to the hospital and the doctor informs Constanza her baby is all right and that her wound is only a graze.
Nana Yaw asks his mother for money to run away and she decides to give him the money he needs and even help him to escape. 
Cesar decides to report the thieves to the police so the law takes it cause on them and so he asks their family lawyer to do just that and he did this without consulting Mauro.
Constanza complains to her father for leading a double life and tells him she doesn’t want to see him ever again and she takes the opportunity to beg Max to allow her to live with him because she never wants to be with a deceptive father and she explains to him that she has nobody else in the world but him and the baby she is expecting and so he shouldn’t leave them. Max the goes speechless.


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