Timeless Love Episode 36 Update on Friday 15th December 2017


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Last night we left Matias in the garden drinkin and thinkin that Jero’s not a bad guy no matter how mad he is that Renata loves him. (Is that a topiary chicken in the background?) He can’t blame Jero for wanting the kids and family with Renata, the woman HE loves. Father and son bond over not being able to have the women they love. They both fear that Nata will be far from them forever.

Allrighty then, as we suspected from last night’s episode Roberta is all over the news that Rafa is dead. Fina tries “he probably has more than one brother!” Nope, Rob is like a deranged terrier with a dirty sock. Jero only had ONE brother, and if he left Jero the farm then it was RAFA! And now Renata’s going to life at the hacienda that Rafa bought for HER! Roberta hysterically shrieks Rafa didn’t jilt her, he died! Fina denies it, says Rafa dumped her because he found out Fina would disinherit Roberta if she married Rafa. Fina keeps harping, “Remember the letter? Remember the letter?” She is referring to the letter that she herself wrote with Rafa’s signature telling Roberta he was dumping her because he could not marry her without her family’s fortune and connections. (I wonder, did Roberta save the letter in her own mother’s handwriting allegedly written by Rafael?)

Roberta, now completely distraught, weeps that in spite of everything she loved Rafa and the times she spent with him were the happiest of her life. She’s going to the hacienda to find out what happened! Fina pushes her back on the bed, tells her to shut it and never expose her relationship with Rafa to her dad or bro. While Fina rolls her eyes she fake-comforts Roberta who is crumpled and weeping. Am I the only one who feels terribly sorry for Roberta at this moment? How different her life might have been if only mommy hadn’t killed the only person who truly loved her.

Renata calls Jero to tell him how delighted her family was at the news of their impending marriage, NOT. She gives him the 411, they think he’s a traitor but tough-o because she and he are going to live on his brother’s hacienda and be happy forever because their love is stronger than anything, right?

Gonzo wanders around his office talking to himself. He admires Renata because she puts her strong love in front of everything. The Gonzo/Regina music plays and he says not everyone has her courage, meaning himself of course. Split screen with Regina calling herself a liar for accepting Tony in spite of her true feelings. They sigh in unison, awwww.

Next morning Renata rubs heads with her favorite stallion, er correction mare, (the white one with four legs). I see she’s wearing short shorts and high heels; she must be ready for her first day at her new job. Gonzo joins her, he wants to do something for the wedding but she says not necessary, it’s going to be an intimate affair and Jero has no family. Gonzo wants a wedding befitting his princess with the most spectacular dress, etc. He tells her she’s always been the favorite darling of his heart and she slyly laughs that she knows, and he of hers.

Creepy music and Fina joins Jero at a restaurant so she can ruin his breakfast and his life. Apparently he called her. She demands what sort of game he’s playing. He says no game, it’s love. She cackles, doesn’t he mind that Renata was with his brother? He won’t let it affect his future, he loves Renata. She says he has disillusioned her, doesn’t he have any dignity? What if Renata never admits her relationship with Rafa? He answers then Fina can rest assured that the secret will remain buried along with Rafael. He’s decided to take Renata to the hacienda so they can far from everything and…everyone. She tells him she’s only concerned about her daughter blah blah go then if you must, and never return.

Back at the stables Mat and Honorio are getting ready for a ride. Honorio’s heard about Renata’s marriage plans. Gonzo says according to Mat Jero’s a good guy but something about it worries him, something he can’t put his finger on. He’s not convinced that marriage to Jero or moving to the hacienda is a good idea for Renata.

Renata tells her almost-new now-not-future boss that she can’t accept the job because she’s going to get married and move out of the city.

Jero shops for a ring, “something simple”, when a pair of earrings catch his eye. They are stylized to look like bunches of grapes, and frankly I think they are fabulous! The salesgirl said a man designed them and had them created for a special woman but he never came to pick them up. How odd. Would he like to purchase them for his special woman? Jero shakes his head and declines, saying she doesn’t deserve them. (What? Dude! $#%*!!!!)

It looks like Renata’s “new boss” is one of Augustin’s associates. He tells Augie that he hired her not as a favor to Augie but because she would be a great asset to their company, but bad news, she declined the job because she’s going to get married. No puede ser! Augie wants to know with whom. New Boss doesn’t know but she’s very much in love and moving to the country. Augie snarls.

Fina returns home where Rob waits to hear the news of Rafa. Fina lies to her daughter, she met with Jero, confirmed Rafa died but she doesn’t know the details, it was some sort of accident. (Mentiras!!) Roberta can’t understand how Jero could be in Mexico all this time and not reveal anything about losing his brother. Fina says he’s one of those guys who hides his feelings. (Oh Fina, if you only knew.) Rob wants to tell him right now what a lout his brother was and she’s expecting his child. Fina nixes this idea and continues to lie to Rob to fill her head full of poison and doubts.

Regina and Coni are stuffing envelopes and Regina is bummed that Renata plans to leave. She likes young folk around and hopes Selene will be a good replacement. Coni comments if she’s anything like Roberta she’s just sniffing around to be close to Chema. Regina thinks that’s cool if it ends up helping the center, could help Sele too.

Oh ick, back to Momma Mean and Mini-Mean. Mom tells her that Jero thinks Renata is La Bonita and she (mom) wants it that way. Mini can’t understand why, if Jero thinks that, he would marry Renata. Fina surmises it’s because at heart Jero is just as bad as Rafa.

Renata visits a bedridden Aggie to cheer Ag and Adri up with her engagement news. Once again Aggie begs Renata to never abandon Adri. They shriek and twitter gleefully over the wedding plans.

Jero runs into Matias. Matias says they need to talk about Renata. Gasp! Cara impacatada de Matias, then Jero, then Matias, then both of them on split screen.

Gah! Enough already with these two. Fina goes on to say that Jero wants to marry Renata for her money just like Rafa only Jero is more patient. He’s waiting for the perfect opportunity to show his claws. Roberta hopes they suffer just like Rafa and she. Fina assures Rob she’ll eventually win. If Renata marries Jero then Roberta can take the place of the favored daughter in the family and when that happens she’ll reign triumphant. She who laughs last laughs best.

Matias tells Jero if he doesn’t make Renata happy Jero will answer to him. Jero asks Mat does he think he’s marrying Renata in order to be unhappy? Mat points out that what starts badly can end badly. He also points he’s never known Jero to make such an important decision so quickly. Matias wants to make sure Renata gets everything she deserves. “Oh don’t worry,” threatens Jero, “She’ll get exactly what she deserves.” (Eeps!) Mat finally asks Jero just how much he loves Renata. Jero answers, “Much more than I wanted to.”

Regina and Coni are about to do something when Cata butts in to tell Regina she’s going to take her wedding dress shopping instead. Tony is paying and it’s a surprise. Surely Coni will take care of the Centro while Regina and mom go shopping, right Con? It’s not up for discussion, off they go!

Gonzo meets with Matias to tell him he understands Matias is anxious to move out but he (Gonzo) doesn’t want to leave until Fina gets her results back. I guess they were going to move out together. He suggests Matias get the apartment and Gonzo will join him later. Do it Matias!!! Run like a bunny!!

Lorea from Spain calls Jero. He sees her call but lets it go to voice mail. She sexily tells him she wants to talk see him right away. She heard he was coming back to Spain. Call her, she’ll be waiting. “Te amo.” Jero listens to the message and scowls. Or maybe it’s a smile. I can’t tell with him anymore.

Hooray, we’re in Ensenada. Oh yuck, it’s Dr. Dud and he’s chasing Alfonsina. She tells him to beat it, she’s got to get back to work, but he wants to talk about what happened between them. He wants to talk about The Kiss. He’ll wait for her in his office at 8:00 tonight so they can discuss it calmly. Uh, why can’t you talk about it now Mr. Slimeball?

Also in Ensenada, Lazaro sees Kari and runs the other way. She chases him and their song plays. (It’s Juan Luis Guerra’s Mi Bendición, “When you talk to me I hear a chorus of love for two.” I think we get the picture.) She’s excited for him because he’s going back to school and she’s proud of what a great brother he is to Matilde. She tells him she’s glad they’ll stay at the ranch and she’ll be remaining in town. He doesn’t get it, didn’t she want to live like a queen at La Bonita? She tells him that sort of thing doesn’t make her happy. Ah no? he says, then why did she marry the doctor? He remembers when she couldn’t stop blabbing about how important the doc was for their town so why doesn’t she just stop telling him stories. She cries that she made the wrong choice and her life has become hell.

Spare Girl, looking amazing in her bikini, and Augustin, overdressed, are hanging out on the beach. He rudely tells her she can stay or she can go, it doesn’t matter to him.

Carlos and the staff are cleaning up for Jero and Renata’s arrival. Matilde hates the name Renata. The other maid says Matilde is just jealous which prompts Mati to leave in a huff. Other maid explains to Carlos that when Mati first saw Jero’s picture she fancied herself to one day be the lady of the house. She might not like the new boss-lady but she’ll learn to respect her.

Renata tries on wedding dresses at what will likely be the only Bridal Store in the DF. Well lookee here, it’s Regina and Cata also shopping for una vestida de novia. Regina thinks Renata looks looooovely.

Honorio introduces Blaaaanca Ocaaaaampo around. She meets Matias and he fills her in on the staff and why Adri is out. She’s charmed by the way they treat their employees.

Chema and Coni are together at the Centro. Chema is on the phone trying to get Selene NOT to come over the centro. He says Regina’s not there right now. She hears Coni in the background, calls her a “ruca” (old hag) again and suggests they hook up later. Chema look Coni in the eyes and says Sele might like him but he doesn’t like her.

Meanwhile Sele plots with Roberta to get closer to Chema who always seems to be with Coni. Rob reassures her that Coni’s and old bag who is happily married and wouldn’t look at another guy, much less a kid like Chema. Sele wants Rob to go to the Centro with her and Rob is aghast. No way will she go where the woman who is stealing her dad works.

Adri explains to Regina and Cata that her mom is on the way out. Regina is typically sympathetic. When Renata joins them she finds out that Regina is there to get her own wedding dress. Cata blabs that she hopes this will erase any suspicions that Renata might have about Gonzo and Regina. Regina tells Renata she’s very glad that there are no secrets between Renata and Jero and that they’ve managed to open their hearts to love and forgiveness. Renata, slightly confused, nods politely.

Lazaro and Matilde visit the church where they are surprised by their Madrina! I’m sure the actress is somebody famous but I don’t know who she is and I refuse to check Wikipedia. Anyone know off hand? She says she’s returning to town, hoorays all around!

Gonzo visits Doc Paidinfull who tells Gonzo that Fina’s tumor is inoperable and likely malignant. There is a treatment that might dissolve it but it has side effects. Treatment options must be decided by Fina.

Regina looks fantastic in her wedding dress.

Carlos rides around the vineyards and runs into Spare Girl, now in a sexy off-the-shoulder peasant look.She asks if it’s OK to enjoy the property, she doesn’t want to get involved in the fight between Augi and Jero. Carlos says it’s no problem for him but it might be for Jero. Alfonsina lurks and listens.

Oh creep me out! Dr. Dud sits in his chair grinning like an idiot and recalling his kiss with Alfonsina. Naturally he grabs his flask, guzzles and pants some more. He drools that Alfonsina has awoken all his passions. Gag! Ha! Buzz kill, it’s Augustin to pay a surprise visit. He tells Dr. Dud that he’d better sell Augustin his property abutting La Bonita or he’ll tell Jeronima that doc operated on Rafa with a drunk hand. OK I’m confused, since when did the doc have land next to La Bonita?

Jero meets Renata for lunch. She’s deliriously happy from trying on wedding dresses and her thoughts of their future. Renata mentions she ran into Regina who said something weird about them not having secrets and that they are able to finally open their hearts to love. What was up with that?

Mañana – Truth! Lies! Judgment!

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