The Impostor Episode 77 Update on Friday 15th December 2017

Cristobel meets up with Mariana and stop them from taking Sophia along with them.

The officer at the check point to check the car trunk of Raphael got tired of their troubles and asked them to leave so he can do his job after seeing the confusion they have caused and asked them to go resolve their issues.

Edwardo goes to visit Semona and Hugo to inform they can always go and visit Blanca but Semona turn down the offer and said they are not interested in visiting her because to them Blanca does not exist and that as it stands she ceases to be their sister.

Ivan warns Raquel of Cristobel’s involvements in others issues and goes over to engage Raphael as to how they could complete their mission without Cristobel suspecting a foul play.

Edwardo in a conversation with Raquel questioned her if she has ever been in love and felt love before in her life. She laughed and yes.

Cristobel prepares to leave the hotel with Sophia and on packing their thing into the car chance on the arms that they were transporting.

Blanca blames Leticia for the death of Sokoro and calls her a snitch. Would Blanca find a new ally in Leticia?

Would Cristobel call the police on Mariana and Raphael after seeing the guns?

Would Katelina forgive her father and Raquel? Would Blanca find a way out of jail?  Tune in @8pm.

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