Modern Homemaker Episode 16–17 Update on Friday 15th December 2017


EPISODE        16      –      17

Sona sees her Daadi’s vision saying that husband takes advatange of their wives when they fall for them a little, and tells her to be smart. Sona pulls out her hands from Kanhaiya’s hands, he wakes up and comes to Sona saying that he was only thinking of her. Sona asks if he is fine. Kanhaiya puts his hands on Sona’s shoulder while Sona tries to change the topic saying gas.. gas.. gas.. enquire what happened to the gas and Kanhaiya says the gas became test nest for him. Seeing his wife worried, Kanhaiya says he went to look for the gas and he told the man lovely to send the gas. He adds that he is going to give her a surprise and keeps something in Sona’s hands and Sona says instead of getting the gas, he brought this? And that in his language, this is called surprise? Kanhaiya starts singing song and comes closer to Sona, Sona smiles while Kanhaiya tries to be romantic but Sona looks at him and remains silent. Kanhaiya asks what surprise his mummy is going to give them? Since Sona announces to the Chaturvedis about a surprise Sunaina Devi has planned for them. Everyone are prepared in the living hall and the Chaturvedis however, express their appreciation to Sunaina Devi for giving them a surprise and thanks her together. Sunaina Devi on the other hand, gets confused on learning the thanksgiving gesture by her family as she stays unaware of any surprise. They say because she is going to bring them out. Suhnaina tells them today is nothing special or Holi, and asks what is this celebration for and where will they be going? Chacha/ Dever says they are prepared to go anywhere she bring them and in all these years, this is the first time she is going to surprise the whole family. Sunaina asks what is great in this that she is going to give the surprise but she herself don’t know what is the surprise. Sona, who continues trying to bring the family together says that is what she wanted to ask too and asks if she is going to give them surprise? Kanhaiya asks his mummy to tells them faster what the surprise is as all of them are waiting for it. Everyone is excited saying their mummy looks happy and asks what is the surprise? Sunaina asks what is wrong with all of them? Sona then says she ( referring to Sunaina) wanted to give everyone a treat to celebrate her entry in this family? Chacha/ Devar says that great as his sister in-law said that she is going to give everyone a treat. Darshana’s husband starts praising his mother in-law Suhnaina. Renu supports him that their Mummy is someone great. Sunaina tells Renu not to praise her too much or she would need to sleep in this hall again tonight. Sona again asks Sunaina Devi to at least tell them now what the surprise is. Kanhaiya supports his wife asking his mummy to tells them fast. Suhnaina’s eldest son remind their Mummy that she herself said she is going to give them a surprise and asks her to please tell them what is it. To maintain her reputation Sunaina Devi, decides to takes the family out for a dinner and then inform them to let’s them go outside for dinner and hearing this, everyone is happy. Sunaina says once she is committed to something, she herself would not listen to what she said. She looks at Neelam and compliment Neelam that she looks too excited and forgot to tie her hair. She then order her to tie it now. Neelam complies to her mother in-law and ties her hair. Sunaina then asks where are the rest? Dimple and Julie? And says Julie must surely be on the phone. Julie is then shown talking on the phone, she checks her phone where all the guys top up her phone and she also snaps her picture and MMS to the guys. Dimple asks if she want her to tell their father? Suhnaina calls everyone to come faster and they leave. All of them return after their dinner Sunaina asks where her brother in-law is in which Renu replied that he must be with the rest buying some sweets. Sunaina’s eldest son praises her for treating them that they had fun. Renu and Bindiya says that they never expected that their mummy would be so kind. Sunaina tells them not to over praise her or they won’t sleep in the house. Everyone leaves. Sunaina Devi however, learns Sona’s ploy and shed her annoyance on Sona that she joined with Chacha/ Dever and in the name of surprise, she made her paid such high bill. She tells her that she will need to pay in return in tomorrow and want to see how she will prepare everything and she will chase away her desire of wanting to be a housewife. Kanhaiya looks at Sona and suggests her to lets go and tells his mother Sunaina that they are going to sleep. Suhnaina calls her son and asks where is he going? She tells him come to her room, as she have something important to discuss with him.

Sona sees Kanhaiaya leaving with his mother. Sunaina, who keeps posing threats and challenges takes out a walking stick from her cupoard and then places it back, she takes out some sweets and feeds lovely feed her son and asks if he is firstly her son or his wife’s husband? Kanhaiya says he is firstly her son and then only his wife’s husband. Sunaina asks if he will will listen to her first in which Kanhaiya assures her that he will listen to her first. Chacha/ Dever comes back with Dimple and Chicku where both of them thank Sona for the dinner and they go to bed. Chacha says everyone was very happy today and after so long, he felt so good seeing everyone together having fun. He felt that there could be no other family more happier than them today. Sona her Daadi always adviced her that. Chacha tells her that his sister in-law is one in thousand but she is also sturbon and if she feels that she is right, she will never change her mind. He then tells Sona that she may have win her once but she will overtake her again. Sona tells him not to worry in which Chacha replied her that he is now worried that the surprise saved them today. He then asks how is she going to cook tomorrow for many people? That too without the gas and it’s not an easy task because this could make Sunaina more angry. Sona says that she is already angry for having to spend so much for today’s bill. On the other hand, Sunaina asks her son if he saw how his wife made her spending for the bill? Meanwhile, Sona tells Chacha that she is a housewife now and she have to do all the work anyhow. Chacha tells her that the task Sunaina have given her is not easy and she don’t have much time to do that. Sona again tells him not to worry, and if she is taking up the responsibility for the family’s sake, she is sure she would be able to overcome this gas problem. Sunaina Devi later orders Kanhaiya to convince Sona, to sustain her office life. And further tells Kanhaiya that she is giving him the last chance that she don’t want to see his wife in the kitchen but to see her going to office instead and he should make sure this happens. Kanhaiya listens to her and promise his mummy that her order is the final and they both hug. Chacha appreciate Sona that she is really good and with this spirit, no one can break her down and victory is with her. He wish if everyone thinks the same like her too. Chicku is waiting for Dimple and Dimple and they asks why did he called them? Chicku tells them that Sona aunt is so good and they need to help her for daughter in-law cooking. Dimple says she want the same but there is no gas. Chicku says i have an idea and says something in Dimple’s ears and hearing this, Dimple is happy. Sona comes to her room to sleep. Kanhaiya then asks his wife to tells him that he is firstly his mummy’s son or her husband? Sona says his mummy’s son. Kanhaiya asks if he should listen to her or listen to his mummy? Sona says his mummy. Kanhaiaya then tells her to listen to him properly, and instructs his wife to go back to her job tomorrow and hearing this, Sona is shocked. Kanhaiya says this is his final decision. Chicku takes a small gas cylinder and places it in the kitchen and says now this will be a surprise to Sona aunt. Sona is wondering what happened to Kanhaiya and something needs to be done about this. Sona goes to Kanhaiya and smartly ignores Kanhaiya’s urge to rejoin her office. She tries talking nicely to him saying when a person is given the chance, they need to prove their talent. Kanhaiya tells how he shows his talent as a police officer. Sona remind him that he always support the truth and always treat things fairly, and asks why is he not giving her a chance? And asks why he don’t want to see how she perform as a housewife? Sona further cuddles him in her favour to sustain the opportunity of being a housewife to the family and promise him that she won’t break his trust and she will surely cook for everyone. She asks if he will support her and Kanhaiya is not able to speak and says he can understand her.. He is always with her. Hearing this, Sona smiles as she manages to deal with the situation.

Kanhiaya says nothing and suggests to his wife to let’s them have their consummation. Sona says it’s a time for a test for her and instead of helping her, he is interested in this. Kanhiaya says he is thinking, but Sona interrupts him and says he promise he would support her. Kanhaiya says he is supporting her but he was just waiting for her to say something. Sona tells him to take some action to get the gas. Kanhiaya agrees as per her wish that he will arrange the gas. He dials a number on his phone. Kanhaiya organizes the gas cylinder on Sona’s request till next day morning and hangs up. Kanhiaya then inform his wife that it’s done and they’ve finally arranged for the gas cylinder. Sona is extremely happy. Kanhaiya places a handkerchief on Sona’s head and says they’ll pretend this is the gunghat for their intimate. Just then, Sona hears her Daadi’s voice and asks if her Daadi is truly here? Daadi says she helped her a bit and now she’ve just given up so soon and this is about husband and wife. Kanhiaya tells Sona that she is so beautiful. Sona smiles and asks him to leave her. Sona’s Daadi tells her that her husband is just not understanding and to first teach him how to stand straight then go forward with the relationship. Sona then take to her Daadi advice and tells her husband he can see how tired she is right now and further point out that he don’t care about her. Kanhiaya says he do care about her. Sona then tells him to let his Sona sleep as she have to wake up early in the morning too. Kanhiaya asks if Sona wants to sleep? She says yes. Kanhaiya again asks if she want to sleep now? Sona nods yes. He then tells her to go to sleep. Sona tells him to sleep too and wish him good night.

Chiku knocks on the door. Sona asks who is it? Chiku says he is and asks if she can come out for 2 minutes. Sona says one minute. She quickly changes and opens the door. Sona asks what happened and Chiku replied that he want warm milk. She asks if he want it right now? Chiku says yes. They both walk into the kitchen. Sona gets the electric heater out. Chiku says using the heater will take time and Sona remind him they don’t have a gas. Chiku gets the gas out.m to look at his magic. Sona where did this come from? Chiku tells her to just try it. She turns it on for a bit and then goes off. She suggests to try again and think maybe the gas is out. Chiku inform her that he brought full gas and asks how is it over. Darshana’s husband says from the corner, that it won’t work with an empty gas as his mother in-law has given him money. Until he is there no gas will work and that he will cut it off.

Sona asks where he got the gas from? Chiku says the shop next door, for rent. Sona asks why he do this without telling anyone? And where did he get money from? Chiku says his uncle Kanhaiya gave it to him during her wedding. Taking it out of commission. Sona then take him along and call Chacha ( uncle) referring to Sunaina brother in-law. Sona inform him that Chiku is doing wrong things just to get a gas. Chiku says he arranged for the gas because he want his Sona aunt to win and that too with his pocket money but they cheated him as they didn’t even fill the gas. Neelam asks Chiku if anyone tell him to do this? Chiku says whether someone tells him or not, the gas is something they need. Chacha agrees with Sona that Chiku shouldn’t have done this but his intentions was good and right. He adds that the children in their house have started to understand about emotions, they respect it and they want their daughter in-law Sona to win but some people in this house are not ready to understand this. Sona tells Cha-cha that it’s okay and when they realize they will understand. Chacha boost her spirit not to ever let herself break. He then tells Chiku to return the gas from wherever he got it from and also tells Neelam to take the kids to their rooms as it’s late. Neelam then take Chiku and Dimple along. They all head upstairs. Sona tells Chacha that when everyone in this family respects her decision, she won’t let anyone’s trust break and that she will will daughter-in-law cooking tomorrow.

The next morning Sona is mopping the floor. Suniaya tells Sona this house is not small and in 2 days her back will be hurt. It will take so much money to make it straight again and there is still time. She adds that she just have to say that she don’t want to be a housewife but Sona insist she want to be a housewife. Sunaina says everyone in this house is different and they have different tastes. There is no gas cylinder in the house and on top of that it’s daughter-in-law cooking is in the evening and she don’t have to be scared if she want, she can set everything right. Sona tells her mother in-law not to worry or be scared and to just rest. Hearing this, Sunaina Devi warns Sona to retain the family’s respect by being a good housewife, in front of the guests who would arrive the same evening. She leaves.

Dimple tells her sister, that she can now go alone to her friend’s wedding. Julie tells Dimple that she don’t want to go and she know that on that day Mr. Kapil Sharma is hosting Hero SRGMP 2012. And she will listen to Mohammad Aman, who is a youth icon of classical singing. Dimple says they’ll both watch it together on Zee TV.

Everyone is waiting at the dining table. Bindiya says her sister in-law Sona is here to break before breakfast? And if it takes this long then she’ll fall from starvation. Bindiaya’s husband says stuff along the similar lines. Sona thinks to herself that today she can’t fail in making breakfast and say thanks to her sister in-law Neelam, her work has been made easier. Everyone is getting impatient. One of the Chaturvedis wonder where the eldest Chaturvedis is. Darshana’s husband says so what if the breakfast doesn’t come. They’ll fast one day. Darshana says Chacha ( uncle ) is a fatherly figure to them and to treat him like one. Her husband says some stuff and then tells Chacha to come quickly as because of him, he have to tolerate and hear a lot. Bindiaya says Chacha will come as he doesn’t have to apply make up and she think that the breakfast’s is not ready yet. Everyone is getting impatient around the dining table. Sona is working as fast as she can and thinks to herself that it’s impossible for daughter-in-law cooking without a gas. Everyone shouts out to Sona that they are all hungry. Neelam goes to her and tells Sona not to be stubborn as there are so many difficulties in being a housewife and she won’t be able to do it. Sona says this is not her stubbornness, but it’s her wish and what she is calling difficult, she is taking it as a challenge. She further says if it’s something she can’t do, she will make it into something she can do. Neelam says yes but in a while everyone will start making a fuss about the breakfast and asks what will she do? Neelam tells Sona to listen to her and advice her to leave all of this and go to the office as she won’t be able to do it in this situation and that she will handle it on her behalf. Sona says they’re in the same situation and asks what will she do without a cylinder. Neelam tried to convince her further but Kanhiaya arrives and starts flirting with Sona. Seeing that Sona is shy, Kanhaiya says Neelam his sister in-law Neelam and he is not embarrassed to express his love in front of her and the cylinder should have arrived. He then asks what is she making for breakfast? Sona says the cylinder has not arrived yet and she thought he may have had a lot of work so he forgot. Kanhiaya says he is not someone who forgets and the cylinder guy must have forgotten because whatever he promise, he fulfill. Sona says the promise he made seems to looks like it will be broken. Kanhaiya says he didn’t break the promise and the cylinder guy did and now he will break him. He makes a call and leaves. Neelam again tells Sona there is no gas and asks how will the breakfast be made? Sona asks why is she so scared? Neelam says if she is not scared then what would she be? And if they don’t get breakfast it’ll be a disaster. Sona  then tells her to close her eyes and leads Neelam into the kitchen and shows her the food. Neelam is shocked. Everyone is shown eating and enjoying the food. Sona is happy as manages to woo her family members by preparing delicious meal at the breakfast. Sunaina’s brother in-law compliment Sona that the food is very tasty. Renu’s husband whispers to her, not to praise the food in front of his mummy or else they will have to stay up all night. He then tells his mummy that the food is okay. Renu says the grain is to god and to god she can’t say no even if she get a migraine but she have to eat this. If it came from a restaurant she could have said it’s bad, but homemade food can’t be bad. Julie says one lie a day makes her aunt’s day. Bindiya’s husband his daughter Juliee not to say such things. Sunaiya says such young giirls shouldn’t be doing or saying such things. Chacha says the way their new daughter-in-law has handled this tough situation, looks like all of this is in the right hands and asks his sister in-law what did she think? Sunaniya asks how would she feel? She’ve seen a lot of the world and the impression Sona is trying to make won’t work everyday. When the trust test comes then it’s difficult. Darshana’s husband agrees with his mother in-law that she said the right thing and that in politics the same happens. He asks why do he care? He got his breakfast and for dinner he’ll get a variety of dishes, so he is good. He announce that he is leaving for now otherwise his commission will leave. Sona then tells him to take the samosa too. He thanks her and leaves. Sunhaiya is reading a headline on the paper and sees that AllahBaad is having shortage of gas cylinders. She is happy about this and talk to herself they have to see how long she will last and have to see how she will accomplish daughter-in-law cooking. Renu tells her mother in-law that this is seriously serious.

Sunaiya says her new daughter-in-law don’t have any other choice and it’s still not too late to start working in her office. She tells Neelam to get Sona tiff-in ready with an apple in which Sona replied that there is no need for that. She remind Neelam she have to go for Santoshi puja and that she have prepared the puja plate for her. Kanhiaya enters and takes his seat. Sunaiya thinks to herself he had promised her that today he would drop his wife to the office and decide to remind him. Suniaya tells her son Kanhiaya to come with her and that she will give him some breakfast. He walks over to her. Sunaina Devi complains Kanhaiya for his extreme support towards his wife. She tells him that Kanhaiya he is not her son but only her husband? He tried to tells mummy that she is misunderstanding him. He however, smartly tackles his mummy’s annoyance by supporting both the Sona and his mummy by expressing his concern for them that what Sona explained to him, his mom haven’t ever explained to him. He have understand that neither  he is her son first nor he is her husband first. His Chachu’s  teachings since childhood that before they are anything, they are human. And as a human to keep humanity with one another they should listen to the other and should let that human live the way that human wants. He then tells his mummy that until the daughter-in-law cooking is not over, until then he is human.

Kanhaiya goes back to the dining table and says that the food is now cold saying good bye to everyone and leaves. Sona smiles and walks to Sunaina asking her to come and eat as the food is getting cold and smiles. Sunaina stares at Sona. Bindiya is in her room looking through some of her necklace and her husband Govardhan says that he wants to say some things from his experience. Bindiya asks what is he trying to say? He says that his mummy is doing the daughter in-law cooking but she wants Sona to return back to work and there is no gas in the house. Now Sona have to make the meal for many people. Govardhan discusses his bother of paying the dinner bill for the evening feast, considering Sona’s inability to prepare the food due to the absence of the cylinder and they would need to order from hotel and something has to be done. Kanhaiya is shown in the police station and as he is about to hit a criminal, his phone rings. Avinash calls saying he is in a coffee shop that they used to hang out together asking if Kanhaiya can join him. Kanhaiya says he can’t and Avinash asks if Kanhaiya’s house now have gas in which he replied that despite being a police officer, it’s so hard to get a gas cyclinder and he is still trying and they cut the call. On the other hand, Bindiya asks her husband why is he getting worried about this when there are many other people in the house? Govardan says there is no one else here. Bindiya says he is always worried about others and not about her. Govardan says that tension has arrived between his mummy and Sona. Sona enters the kitchen, she looks at the stove and recalls Sunaina reading the newspaper saying that there is gas shortage in Ahmebad. Sona calls to a person who happen to be her informer and asks what is the latest update about the gas shortage? The guy assured Sona that he will gets all the information requested and call her back. Sona says alright and she is shown cutting the vegetables in the kitchen while the guy is going around and investigating about the gas issue and keeps updating Sona with the latest news. Sona’s informer informs her about the black marketing that has taken place at the local gas vendor’s shops. He then informs Sona that there is actually no Gas shortage as all this was indeed planned as everything was normal. Sona asks who is behind this and the guy says some big people in the city. Sona tells her informer to try to find out for her where else is reported to have the gas shortage. Sona sees Dimple coming down and calls Dimple saying she needs a help from her. Dimple asks what is it. Sona says she needs everyone’s phone number in this city and Dimple calls Julie saying that Sona aunt needs some help. Julie thinks Sona need some helping hand in the kitchen and before she could say anything,  she apologize to Sona that she don’t know how to cook. Dimple brings Julie aside saying their aunt needs the phone number of the people in the city and asks Julie to call her boyfriends for help. Chicku comes with a book saying that this is Bindiya’s book and has all the phone numbers. Sona asks if he didn’t go to school today? Chicku says he didn’t as he did not have mood due to no gas in the house and he will go tomorrow and leaves. Julie gets a call and she leaves. Sona says now the fun begins and she will send message to all the housewife’s in this colony to do something about this. Sona starts messaging to all the housewifes and patiently waits for reply but no one replies her. As time passing by, Sona keeps looking at her phone wondering that there is no answer till now. She sits at her laptop and writes a report about black marketing gas cylinder and prints the letter and signs it. Sona then calls to Kanhaiya.


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