Love Happens Episode 103–105 Update on Friday 15th December 2015


Episode        103     –    105

Daadi, who is in search of an opportunity to gain a moral victory over Aanya, gets elated when Aanya volunteers to do all the preparations for Diwali, an auspicious festival. Daadi deliberately provokes Aanya and tells her that that she can never accomplish this task. Aanya tells Daadi that she can do anything for Raghu. Raghu gets worried when he comes to know of this. Aanya too gets worried when Gehna tells her that she will have to clean and decorate the entire house and prepare various types of dishes. However, Aanya does not give up and gets started. Daadi keeps a strict eye on Aanya in order to confirm that no one helps her. Though Raghu, Bhola and everyone try their best to help Aanya, she fails miserably. Daadi does not like the way she has decorated the house. Later, Aanya bursts into tears when Janki tells her that the sweet she has made is horrible. However, Janki pacifies Aanya by appreciating her efforts. Aanya heaves a sigh of relief, but soon gets tensed when Daadi asks her if she is done with her work.

Daadi makes it clear that if Aanya fails to make the sweets for the offerings, she will not allow her to marry Raghu. She also forbids Janki and Raghu to help Aanya and takes them to the temple. Daadi orders Aanya to bring the sweets to the temple before sunset. Aanya curses herself as she does not know how to make sweets. Raghu very cleverly sends Chhotu to help Aanya. Chhotu and Bhola then assist Aanya. Meanwhile, Kishan curses his fate as he had never dreamt in his life of celebrating Diwali in the village. However, GD assures him that soon she will convince Aanya to marry Rahul and they will get their lost glory back. On the other hand, Raghu gets nervous when Daadi tells him that he will have to forget marrying Aanya as she has not yet brought the sweets. However, Aanya arrives just before sunset and hands over the plate full of sweets to Daadi. Daadi gets irked and starts thinking of another plan to get rid of Aanya.

Aanya persuades her family also to participate in the religious ceremony at the temple along with other villagers. Though Kishan does not like the idea of going to the temple, Debbie convinces him. Daadi finds the sweets prepared by Aanya very delicious, but does not admit it. Later, everyone celebrates Diwali by illuminating the village and bursting crackers. Kishan feels bad when Isha does not like the dress he has bought for her. However, Aanya loves her dress. Debbie is overwhelmed with joy when Kishan gifts her a saree. Later, everyone in the Shroff family wish each other a happy Diwali.


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