Kumkum and Kundali Bhagya Update: Tanu Warns Pragya on Monday 18th December 2017




The Episode starts with Tanu force feeding sweets in Pragya’s mouth. Pragya slaps her hard and tells that she has kept fast for Abhi. She tells her that she can’t come in between husband and wife and tells that she is Abhi’s love and will stay all life with her. She asks her not to ruin her life and asks her to leave. She then realizes what she said as Pragya and then talks in Munni accent and tells that until she has mangalsutra and Pragya’s face, Abhi is hers and asks her to leave. Tanu says you don’t deserve him and tells that Abhi is hers. She goes angrily. Pragya thinks what did I do. Why I couldn’t control myself, how I will protect Chutka and Chutki. Aaliya thinks if that villagers was Disha and Purab, then who told them about the papers. She thinks to search the file. Tanu comes
there and tells that she caught Munni throwing sweets from the window and she gave open challenge to her that Abhi is hers and confessed love for him. She asked me to leave.
Aaliya scolds her and says you forgot that Munni is brought by us and we can kick her out at anytime. Tanu says Munni is changed and will kick us out from us. Aaliya says she has much more important things to do and search her enemies. She asks her to get lost and don’t return to her crying. Tanu says you will cry much. Aaliya asks her to go.
Pragya asks Disha, how is she feeling about first karvachauth. Disha says good, but she is feeling thirsty and waiting for moon to appear. Pragya teases her. Disha says he will come as I told him time. Pragya asks mehendi designer to write Abhi’s name on her hand. Tanu hears her and warns her. Disha asks why she is talking to you like this. Pragya asks her not to be bothered and worries for Munni. Tanu thinks it is enough, I will not listen to Aaliya or tell her anything. She thinks she will not leave Munni, sits in car and goes. She thinks to push her from stairs and imagines pushing Pragya and making her fall down from the stairs. She imagines Abhi’s concern for Pragya as he takes her to room. She is about to hit the car and gets shocked. She thinks if she shall poison her, then thinks he will become devdas. She then thinks to prove infront of Abhi that Pragya is Munni so that he hates her.. She gets happy.
Raj and Taya ji joke about their wives’ fast. Mitali scolds Raj. Tai ji scolds Taya ji. Abhi thinks why Pragya haven’t come till now. Pragya comes…..Abhi thinks it seems angel is coming from sky whom God has made for me, with whom I can fall in love again and again. Rang De song plays….Dasi teases them. A woman tells the katha about karvachauth. Abhi looks at Pragya. Pragya also looks at him. Disha asks Pragya to romance later and do puja first. Pragya and Abhi smiles.
Kareena stops Preeta and tells her not to wander around Rishab and Karan, she won’t be accepted here. Preeta clarifies she respects Rishab. She tells Kareena she has to speak to Rishab in a day or two as she promised Rashi to convince him get married. She stops Kareena saying further, for rich people their money is respect but for poor it’s their self-respect. For her, her father’s brought up is the most important thing and no money matters in front of it.
There, Rishab was scolding a manager for not being able to arrange a hall for his conference. Preeta things about Sarla telling them about Kumkum Bhagya Wedding Hall, she tells Rishab about it and gives manager the card, forbidding to give her reference. Rishab thanks her. Preeta goes to Dadi’s room. Kareena was eyeing her curtly.
the room, Karan doesn’t wear a chain to avoid it tuck with Preeta’s stroller again. He finds her real irritating. There, Shrishthi appreciates the worker for spilling pain in the right time and place. She takes a bottle filled with oil spills it all across right beneath the stairs. She awaits Sameer, but it was Karan coming down and fell because of oil. Shrishthi comes to help him and tells him she is a crazy fan of his. Karan says she might not be the prettiest but this the tallest fan. Shrishti compliments his shots. Karan spots Preeta and tells Shrishti he loves all his fans except this girl. Shrishti recognizes her as Dee, then makes up she is a ‘Behen ji’. Karan tells Shrishti how Preeta came into her room without a permission. Shrishti gives him tips about irritating Preeta, to sing and dance around Preeta that she might hate. Karan thanks her for the tips. Shrishti introduces herself as assistant of Vandy, the wedding designer.
At home, Shrishti was excited to tell Preeta she has decided to stay happy now. She doesn’t share she got a job and keeps it a surprise. Preeta shares her day was a bit strange, she discusses about Kareena, Rashi and wonders how she fall off the bench. Shrishti qualifies Rishab had finally saved her. Preeta asks how she knows about it. Dadi comes in then to take them for food. They go outside. At the dinner table, Sarla says it’s a rule of house to have dinner with each other, she cooked for everyone. Shrishti denies eating anything cooked by Sarla. She wonders what if her hands are poisoned as much as her words are. Dadi insists on Shrishti to sit, but Shrishti apologizes and clarifies they won’t eat here from now on. She stakes Preeta inside. Sarla cries and denies eating as well.
In the room, Shrishti was hungry and asks Preeta about ordering something. They read a shop nearby, Preeta looks into her bag and says she is only left with Rs. 20. They were only able to order bread-butter. Shrishti says she isn’t hungry, drinks water and lay down to sleep.
The next morning, Rashi comes to Dadi and her husband with some photographs to select a girl. They select one photo. Kareena comes there with a photo and says she has selected a girl for Rishab. Rashi recognizes the girl as Sherlin. Rashi suggests Kareena to see the photo they selected, this girl is more innocent. Kareena asks what the profit value of this proposal is, would they be able to invest in their business? She insists Sherlin is daughter of her friend, and chairman of Rotary club. She thinks she will make this wedding possible, bringing her friend’s daughter in the house would raise her ranks and value here.


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