Amaya Episode 103 Update on Friday 15th December 2017


After Cesar introduces Amaya as his wife, Amaya feels the coldness and surprise she is treated with by the Montesinos family. On his part, Max feels profoundly hurt by her betrayal and decides to go spend some time in El-Paraiso.
Constanza sees an opportunity in this to get closer to Max and also a chance which could reach her wish to become his wife, based on the baby she is expecting.
Cesar tells Valeria about their marriage and the latter gets so surprise and now believes her mum is very wicked than she ever thought and she tells her dad Horacio about it and he also goes shocked and mad. Same vein, Eloisa asks Lucrecia if she had any idea about this marriage of theirs and she says no but Eloisa doubts her. All this happens during Nescafe’s anniversary celebration.
Nana Yaw gives the boys the clue about where the Montesinos Safe box is and they decide to carry on with their robbery.
Sonia calls Heriberto to inform him that Mariana is indeed the one locked up there and he appreciates her effort and so he tells Hector and the rest about it and they are yet to come out with a plan to get her out from the place.
Constanza goes to speak with Max to asks him to get Amaya out of his mind and hate her all as he can because she betrayed the love he had for her. Max tells her to leave him because he wants to be alone and that he is leaving to stay in El-Paraiso but Constanza asks him to think about her and the baby because they have nothing to do with what just happened and Max asks her to put herself in his shoes because he isn’t in his right mind to talk on that but if she ever needs anything he will be there to assist. Jorge then decides to go with him there to support him through the hard times.
Lucrecia confronts Amaya to know why she has to marry Cesar because she really did surprise them and she says it was out of love
Ulises kisses Mariana by force and she bites him and wipes her lips which makes Ulises furious.
In the meantime, Yaayaa assures her aunt that she is going on a trip with Ivan to look for Mariana and she assures her that she believes the trip will help them both and also that she wants to meet Mariana to know the kind of Lady who has stolen Ivan’s heart.
Mauro confronts Cesar for marrying Amaya and seriously he looked very angry but Cesar says he did it out of love and since Amaya also proved her love for him, he has to marry her without having to force her at all.
Father Hipolito is taken to Ulises ranch by Hector to demand to see Mariana and take her with him, but Ulises threatens her to shoot her father if she doesn’t say that she is there on her on will. Mariana then states that if Cipriano didn’t mind what happened to her due to his dealings, she wouldn’t either mind what happened to her father. So the question remains in the air.

Max confronts Amaya and tells her he doesn’t want to see her ever again for the rest of his whole life.

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