The Impostor Episode 76 Update on Thursday 14th December 2017

Katelina goes to sound a warning to Raquel to stay off Ramon and not harm him.

Blanca tells Edwardo of Raquel’s involvement in her keeping her identity away from him but Edwardo will not listen to her because he hates Blanca with passion and won’t ever forgive for he has lost love for her.

Sokoro and her friends plan to have Oriana caught so she can be sacked for abusing the in mates in her care.

Raquel on hearing Adriano has been hospitalized goes to visit him whiles he is in coma and tormented him. 

After the plan of Blanca to Oriana they were over taken by Raquel who organized some inmates to harm Sokoro who later was found dead with a polythen bag over her head in the rest room.

Would Ivan beat immigration and have a successful arm transport?

Would Ramon back down after the attempt on his life? Tune in @8pm .


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