My Sweet Curse Episode 35 Update on Thursday 14th December 2017


Rodrigo goes to confront Severo to let him show him where he stole Carmen’s body to bury and Severo says he knows nothing about it and Rodrigo tells Severo that he could send him to jail for stealing Carmen’s body and Severo tells Rodrigo that he indeed stole Carmen’s body but that he just discovered after eighteen years that Anselmo stole it back and he doesn’t know where she was buried and stresses to him that he can even look for the body in his land, but the truth is, he will not find it there.
Aurora tells Monica that Rodrigo told her that Pilar lied when she claimed she was still Rodrigo’s girlfriend and that for sure they are never getting back together; this causes Monica to be restless because she now knows Aurora now knows the truth about Pilar and Rodrigo.
Rafael wants to go back to being the ladies’ man that he’s always has been, and now he has his sights set on Aurora.
After Rodrigo told Aurora about what Severo told him about her mum’s body, Aurora realizes that looking for her mother’s body has uncovered a very unpleasant story and that is, it’s impossible to find the site where she was buried because Aurora only remembers that Anselmo told her that her mum was resting in peace, but they still wonder if Severo has the body.
So, the two go to the police station to tell Commander Onesimo about Severo’s sayings about Carmen’s body but the commander says he still doubts Severo. On their way home, Aurora again, has a hallucination while in Rodrigo’s company but she is calm down by him.
Monica takes advantage of every chance she has to put Aurora in a bad light, and this time she goes to tell Elsa that Aurora is neglecting her work in the hacienda because she’s looking for Carmen’s body.
Monica suspects Xochitl’s kindness towards Aurora is not genuine and she remembers at the dinning about what Xochitl told her that the cursed girl would never be able to overcome Macrina’s powers. So, she goes to the kitchen and she realizes that Xochitl had Aurora’s food mixed with something
Apolonia thinks that maybe Chalo wants to become a priest that is why he wants to join the choir, not knowing that instead of going to church for the rehearsals, he’s been going to rehearse with Ines instead because he continues to fall deeper and deeper in love with Ines.
Using her magic spells, Macrina finds Carmen’s burial place and tells Severo where she is, but when he refuses to pay her, she sends an anonymous note to Father Basilio saying that Carmen is buried in Anselmo’s home.
Aurora experiences another nightmare where she asks her dad about where he buried her mum but Severo arrives and starts yelling that he is never going to tell her where he buried it and Aurora wakes up looking so frightened.

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