Love Happens Episode 100–102 Update on Thursday 14th December 2017


EPISODE   100   –    102

A furious Daadi returns home and tells Janki that she will never let a shameless girl like Aanya be her daughter-in-law. Aanya and Raghu’s romantic date finally comes to an end with a shock when Bhola informs them that Daadi was here and did not seem to be happy after seeing them together. Raghu rushes home, only to find his Daadi in a hot temper. However, he manages to convince his Daadi and also makes it clear that he will marry only Aanya. Daadi asks Raghu how he can marry a girl who does not know their cultural and traditional values. However, Aanya tells Daadi that she will learn everything. Later, Raghu gets worried when Aanya assures his Daadi that she will observe the ‘karva chauth’, a fast observed by women for their husbands’ long life.

Janki tells Aanya that she can eat before sunrise as the fast is observed from sunrise to sunset. In order to curb feeling hungry, Aanya eats a wholesome meal in the night and decides to have an equally wholesome meal in the morning before sunrise. However, she fails to get up early in the morning and observes the fast without eating anything. GD and Kishan decide to break Aanya’s fast so that she will not marry Raghu. But Debbie helps Aanya and foils GD and Kishan’s attempts. Later, Debbie suggests to Aanya to stay away from foodstuffs so that she doesn’t get tempted. But wherever Aanya goes, she finds someone or the other eating. Finally she decides to stay in Raghu’s cowshed, as it is the safest place to stay away from food. However, she collides into Raghu when he enters with a basket full of corn cobs. At this juncture, Daadi arrives there and finds corns in Aanya’s hands. She starts scolding her and accuses her of eating on the sly. Aanya claims to be innocent, but Daadi does not trust her. This leads to a heated argument and an angry Daadi tries to beat Aanya with her walking stick. However, she gets shocked when Aanya holds her stick.

Janki intervenes and tells Daadi that she should not blame anyone without reason. Bhola then explains the whole incident and tells his Daadi that Aanya was just holding the corn cobs when she saw her. Aanya feels relieved, while Daadi is not happy. Meanwhile, Isha feels jealous when she realises that Aanya has become the talk of the town by keeping the fast. In order to gain some popularity, she pretends to be fasting. Bhola gets impressed when he comes to know and starts praising her. But soon realises the truth when he sees Isha eating a chocolate on the sly. On the other hand, Daadi tries her best to make Aanya break her fast. She also offers her a platter of delicious food and asks her to eat. However, Aanya remains firm on her decision and refuses to eat, much to Daadi’s chagrin. Later, Janki gets shocked when Aanya suddenly faints. Daadi urges Raghu to convince Aanya to break her fast, but Aanya remains unmoved. Finally, Aanya manages to keep her fast throughout the stipulated time and everyone except Daadi is very happy.


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