Timeless Love Episode 35 Update on Thursday 14th December 2017


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Gina and Anti-hero exchange ‘going to the chapel of love… NOT!… getting married’ news.
Tony is a good man, he loves me and i should not wait, you told me to give myself another chance…

Jero: Marriage allows you to get to know your mate much better..

Honorio leaves Adri’s house… she thanks him and gives him a very tight touching hug after he tells her she can stay with her mom until Aggie is gone… Adri is very moved, and very sad. Honorio assures her she is not alone and never will be.

Anti-hero remembers telling Nata he loves her, she loves him back, then he remembers Fina telling him her bakers dozen lies about Nata using his brother Rafa. He is really uneasy anxious… Stands up to leave.

At hacienda, Alfonsina with another farm worker lady… the woman is asking Alfonsina for advise on how to catch men… Alvaro is watching Alfonsina so when the other lady leaves he approaches her… she is sad that he and Kari won’t come live at the hacienda. Alvaro is honest and tells her he was not so fond of the hacienda but what is in it… you Alfonsina. He gives her a kiss… YUCK!!!!… we go to Augie and his girlfriend in his wine cellar (barrels and barrels… he is bragging… that is his world.. she asks him if he would leave that world for her.. he says not for you or for anyone…

she sees the drawing of Nata, she asks who she is… he lies and tells her it is her… he remembers when he first saw Nata at the Monterrubio offices, then he kisses her (DOUBLE dose of YUCK!!!)… Alfonsina shies herself away from Alvaro… he stays there in awe…

padre tells Karina he is surprised Jero did not sell La bonita to Augie… Kari says Alvaro is getting drunk again since he can’t move in La Bonita. Kari insists to the priest her husband is an alcoholic. padre keeps denying and excusing Alvaro. Kari says dont know if can continue livign with him. Padre says it is her duty, she swore to in front of God. But he promises he will talk to Alvaro.

Nata arrives at Aggie’s. Matias opens for her, she tells him the good news of her new job at teh other company. He says at MR we miss you very much. He says goodbye, she tells him she loves him (te quiero).. he says me too… i still love you.

Out goes Matias and out of room comes Adri… she is totally devastated… her mom’s end is coming soon…

Fina is meeting with the sell-out guy from te company… he tells her Gonzalo stopped the process of the divorce until her diagnosis is revealed. The guy shows genuinely concerned about her health, she lies and tells him she thinks it is serious. They hold hands (TRIPLE YUCK!!!)

Augie and his girlfriend are riding horses… then end up at the ‘lovers hearts tree’… she notices the hearts… he is looking away.

Adri tells Nata she is very thankful for her aunt and uncle and for Matias. She is suffering watching her mom go out slowly. Nata gets a message from Anti-hero saying he needs to see her urgently at her uncle’s house. Nata is reluctant to jump out because he has been avoiding her. Adri pushes her to go, she still has to wait for the doctor. They will be alright.

Honorio and Gonzalo are talking about Fina’s doctor… Honorio does not trust him, Gonzalo says the doctor agreed to call him before telling Fina the diagnosis. Gonzo tells Honorio for now he won’t do anything but then will go after his divorce and after that he will go again for Gina.

At the tree, Girlfriend shows Rafa and Roberta’s heart to Augie, his brain gears seem to get going at max speed…

Nata meets up with Anti-hero… he tells her he just took the most important decision of his life… he wants them to get married… This totally freezes her. She is surprised, they have been dating for a very short time… Anti-hero asks is that important to you? … Nata is still in disbelief.. do you really want us to get married? are you ready to love and respect me for the rest of your life?…

Augie tells his girlfriend the story of Rafa… he was teh one that got these vineyards going. He was good with business but an idiot in love… he was a coward and that is why he killed himself.. unbelievable he would take his life for a woman.

Girlfriend tells him you don’t know how that feels… hopefully someday you will feel the same way so you won’t judge Rafa so harshly. HE smiles and puts on his sunglasses smiling, she walks away in a huff.

Back to lovebirds… SHe wants to know what they will live on ($$ wise)… he asks her if that is important to her. whether he does or doesnt have money? She say nope, but he knows more about her than she about him. He asks what she wants to know about him.

R: What you can see you dont need to analyze… I know you are gorgeous, that you have good feelings, that you had a brother, that you are a working man, businessman who has assetts in many places worldwide…

AH: (cuts her off) Who USED to have many businesses in many places worldwide… (pulls the letter he asked his assistant put together).. I just received this letter from my rep in Spain… in that letter they tell me that I am broke. (whose nose is growing now?) (hands letter to her)
R: Jeronimo… I am so sorry.

AH: Nata, I love you and you are very important to me. But I don’t know if you no longer will want to marry me now that you know my real financial situation. (thought bubbles: Renata, please, tell me the truth. If you do, there is a chance for our love. Dont lie to me anymore. I can forgive everything but deception. Tell me now, my love. please!)

R: (stands up to embrace him with her arms around him) The money is not an obstacle for me, Jero, as long as you are a working and responsible man I dont mind starting from scratch by your side.

AH: If we had to live in the north of the country, in some vineyards in an hacienda, would you go with me? (she stares at him as if wondering if he even doubts it..

Back at the charity center, Ms. stalker is after Chema… he keeps insisting that he never thought she would be interested in giving her time to a place like this. She say well, why not… he says Gina will decide which area Sele could help with… Sele answers for him saying in whatever area you are… that is where I would be comfortable… (she has her hands all over him… this is sick to watch… then Connie walks by them with not many friends stare…, Sele notices)… Sele notes to Chema that Connie seems to be jealous of them being together, She even downtalks Connie as an old hag(ruca)… Bad move. This statement makes Chema realize maybe Connie is attracted to him…

Carlos is working at the hacienda laptop… Mati brings him a drink… She asks why did he tell her not to mention la bonita to the ‘hermoso’. Carlos tells her in no uncertain terms that if she wants the world peace to last, she better not even mention la bonita…

Nata tells Anti-hero that she would not mind going to live anywhere with him, even to grow coffee in Chiapas… He is in disbelief that she would go anywhere with him…. Nata then guesses that the one that is afraid to get married is him… she charges over him… she tells him that she is decided to go with him wherever and to get married whenever he wants to…

Nata gets on phone to summon her family (really, she still loves them as such?) to be home tonight, she has to tell them something… Fina is reviewing pictures of Nata when she was a girl (when the braid cut incident) and tells the picture that it is time to continue driving her mom crazy.. (I bet another xmas in july package is coming to Gina’s door soon…) I need her away from you… and above all, away from MY husband…

Said prank victim arrives home after she and Tony had gone to hospital to be with Adriancito on his first chemo therapy.

Cata has been making him the cookies… Gina and Tony praise the example that the Ines/Isidro/Adrian family are giving.. Tony can’t wait to tell Cata the news of their impending marriage.

Roberta charges into Fina’s room to tell her The embezzle Diego is blackmailing her with a taped conversation of their planning. Fina callas her idiot for allowing that to happen… Roberta keeps doing what she does best, whinning… and Fina’s brain gears are working again… now the best strategy is to plant Roberta in the company so she will be close to Gonzo and Matias all day long. Roberta says you crazy?? I have never worked and I DONT WANT to work!! Fina says this is best moment to recover the love from them that Nata had stolen… and what better way than spending all day with them at the office.

Nata arrives at Adri’s, she feels bad that she is happy when Adri is so sad, Adri says at least that will take my head off my sadness… So Nata gives her the good news of her marriage and their plans to move to the vineyards. Adri is surprised they are not going to spain or staying in MC but she is really happy for Nata.

Alfonsina seems to be under the weather, did she do the deed with Alvaro? (MAJOR YUCK!!!) Mati leaves the kitchen, Alfonsina remembers the kiss with Alvaro… Mati asks if she could be sick… Alfonsina says either sick or crazy… Lazaro offers to take her to town, he needs to buy some things… In comes a very ecstatic Carlos… with the news that Jero is not selling the hacienda but instead he is moving here … and is bringing a wife… He is getting married and is coming to live here with her to begin a new life… Alfonsina has been listening to this and has a questioning stare… Mati is visibly jealous of the ‘wife’ news. Carlos and Lazaro could not be happier but freeze at the stares of the two women.

Daniel comes to visit Adri… he came to give her some company for a while and brought roses and dinner. (the sandwiches she loves…) She will only accept if he stays for dinner… He reluctantly accepts. She asks him if he is done hoping for something between them. ‘did you stop hallucinating with my thousand romances?’

Cata and Ines are talking.. Ines is happy with how Andres handled his first chemo treatment. Cata asks Ines for a favor. She says Gina wants to postpone her wedding until after Andresito’s treatments. SO Cata wants Ines to try to convince her to not wait and get married right away… Ines agrees that Gina getting married will be uplifting for them all (and both do they need that… but they also could use some therapy… first of all Cata to stop meddling in her daughter’s business).

Roberta arrives home to tell Gonzo she wants to work at the MR office. Gonzo is very taken aback since she never showed interest in the business… She has changed her mind and now wants him to be proud of her. HE says before she works in a given area, he will send her for some training. She agrees…

Anti-hero and Gina are talking… Did the supposed relationship of you and Gonzo have anything to do with your accelerating the wedding? … no, Tony and I just decided to do it now…. Anti-hero shares with her the news that he will also get married to Nata… She says and I thought my plans were fast… but yours are on the concorde… Did you talk to Renata about your real reason for approaching her at first? Did you man up and tell her that it was stronger the love than the hatred you felt for her?

Gonzo arrives home… Fina and Roberta seem to be annoyed that Nata summoned them… Nata drops the bomb of Jero’s proposal. Gonzo leans back frozen, Fina and Rob jump off the sofa.. how can that guy propose to you??… Nata tells tehm she agreed to marry Anti-hero at the end of this month… Matias arrives to the living room in time to hear this last line.

Tony is on phone with investigator trying to accelerate the investigation on the location of Gina’s daughter, he wants to give Gina that for their wedding present..

Back to MR hell-mansion… Matias in disbelief, the barely know each other… Nata insists they want to get married… Gonzo asks why Jero is not here to ask for himself… Nata says he wanted to but she wanted to be the one to give them the news. Fina says it not only surprises us, but noone here likes Jero, he is a traitor just like you… Gonzo is agreeing with Matias, there is no reason to rush into it…. Rob says must be because she already rolled around with Jero and has to get married fast… Fina asks Nata if she is pregg… Matias repeats the question… (does he feel like he needs to repeat or translate the question?? go to teh corner, mr pathetic) Nata says no i am not pregg… I am getting married because I love Jero very much… we decided to get married and we are going to live in Baja… at some vineyards that belonged to his brother.

Augie is mad about the news that Alfonsina brought him… When are they going to come? as soon as they get married. According to Carlos it will be before the harvest(vendimia)… Augie is afraid that if Jero comes to live here with his wife, it will lower the chances of me getting to buy the hacienda. Augie asks Alfonsina to spy more and tell him all the details… Ezequiel threatens Alfonsina not to betray Augie, or she will have to deal with him… (Boy Ezeq and Alvaro are SOME lottery prize husbands, aren’t they?? )

Gonzo is questioning Nata and the plans to move to a vineyard hacienda… Isn’t he a very wealthy man who can take her anywhere in the world? … Matias confirms that Jero is a sucessful businessman. Fina says that is a lie!! she say Jero told Rob he had some financial troubles. Matias says that is impossible!! Roberta and Fina whine some more about Jero… Nata says nothing is impossible when you are in love… we decided to start over together and we will go to this hacienda that his brother left him.

Fina stands up and says once again you are going against our wishes… Fina’s nose grows again, saying Nata’s fling for Jero will not last longer than her fling for Matias… you are leaving everything for that man. be careful, if you are wrong, you will lose more than you think. Fina finishes with the ironic statement ‘hope you will be very happy in your marriage’.

Gonzo asks Nata to understand that they are all very concerned about her… He guesses she is using Jero and the rush marriage as an excuse to put distance from them because she feels rejected by the family… she assures him that is not her motive… he hopes so.. he doesnt want her to go too far away from them… is she sure? THen she will always have his love and support… They have a hug and she thanks him.

Gina insists with Anti-hero wanting to know what Nata said… did she confess about Rafa?.. Jero says they just want to start from scratch… Gina insists that easier said than done… if they are not totally honest with each other, eventually that will hurt their relationship… Jero insists not to worry, he asks her not to feel bad about his issue with Renata… Renata was happy to go live with him at the hacienda… Gina asks again if he is sure there is nothing to clear up… Jero says Nata did not agree to marry Rafa because he was not financially stable… but when he proposed, she agreed to marry him with no guarantees so that is what is important to him… Gina finally conceeds that love is what is important…

Mr Pathetic is pouting with Gonzo… did future Mrs Linares leave? yup… are you alright? … no, i wish i could say i dont love nata anymore or that Jero is a jerk who does not deserve her… but that is not true… he is a good man even with all that happened… Gonzo thanks Matias for telling him that Jero is worthy of Nata and that he (Matt) is not being blinded by deception… Matt says you know? Jero always dreamed of marrying and having a family… and look who he will be marrying… Renata… the woman I love… Gonzo tries to console him ‘i am with you in your pain’… (did someone die? come on, you both are grown men moping for a woman you love marrying another one… cut your losses and move on!! pleeezzz!!)

Previews: Nata confronts Fina and Anti-hero confronts Matias… also Fina tells Rob ‘dont worry, we haven’t seen who will have the last laugh … yet’…

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