The Impostor Episode 75 Update on Wednesday 13th December 2017

Raphael tells the truth of his real identity to Edwardo on the blind side of Raquel just to get Eduardo’s attention only to tell him he was paid by Adriano to lie to the Altamira family so he can have his way with them he also lied about Blanca’s true feelings for him .

Adriano in an attempt to break jail got shot by the police an in a critical condition. Salvador demands Blanca be given medical attention or he will make a case against his superior in the human right court for abusing the inmates.

Blanca given a male doctor by the wicked paid warden in charge of making her life miserable in jail on for the Doctor to attempts otherwise.

Raquel places a call to her men to take care of Ramon since he has information which will expose them.

Ivan in attempt to transport gun to his clients decides to involve Sophia to have his way with Mariana.

Would there help for Blanca in jail? Would Salvador find a way out to help Adriano?

Could Salvador be in love with Blanca? Would Mariana allow Ivan to have his way her daughter?

Would Ramon escape the wrath Raquel? Tune in @8pm.

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