The Color of Passion Episode 35 Update on Wednesday 13th December 2017


This Episode:

After Marcelo pushes her off of his lips, Daniela wants to know who Lucia is.

Lucia introduces herself and says it’s obvious who Daniela is. She stomps off. Marcelo tells Daniela when he returns, they will have a serious talk.

Lucia is hailing a cab, but Marcelo stops her and tries to explain the situation, and that he is surprised to see Daniela there. Lucia tells him that she thought there were no other ladies, but apparently there is one as his ex-girlfriend was in his apartment taking a shower. Marcelo promises that Dani means nothing to him and the only one for him is Lucia. Lucia zings the ultimate insult at Marcelo by telling him that he’s worse than Rod! (My husband, who has quite the crush on Lucia but doesn’t really understand Spanish, asked me at this point why she is always upset with this guy, lol.)

 Back in the apartment, Dani is reporting on the encounter via telephone (to Momster?), but is interrupted by Marcelo. He angrily demands to know how she got in, and how she missed the fact that he broke up with her. She thought a la Ross and Rachel that they were on a break. He points out that he tried to contact her but she didn’t return his calls. She replies that she just wanted to give him time, but now she can tell that he just wanted to dump her for someone else. He tries to deny it, but she replies that she can tell he’s into Lucia and didn’t have the guts to tell her. Marcelo tries to soothe her, but let’s face it, she’s dumped and she knows it. She goes to pack and rejects his help.

 Amador has been home for awhile without telling Brigida, who’s emerged from her bedroom and found him. He didn’t want to hear her claims that he’s cheating on her. Brigida promptly begins claiming it again and demanding to know who his lover is. He denies it and takes out a pink jewelry box. Amador tells Brigida he has a gift for her, to show his love. Brigida resists at first, but then Amador tells her he’s been so worried about the factory because Alonso is in the hospital (which of course, no one had told Brigida). He leaves the room, and Brigida sneaks a peek at the gift (a nice watch).

At a disco blasting ersatz Party Rock Anthem, Rod is slumped alone on a bench. Ligia is there and looking smoking hot, as she struts up to Rod and asks why he is alone. Rod invites her to sit with him. Oooh.

Lucia returns to Casa Trini/Naz and she’s clearly upset, telling them that all men are the same and Marcelo is Rod 2.0. Mags tries to calm her down, but Lucia is fired up. She was all ready to trust Marcelo but turns out he has another lady and it seems serious since she was in his apartment.

Marcelo calls the Momster since he knows she is the reason why we have irrelevant Dani back in the show. Rafi is scared to go give her the phone, but he insists. He tells Momster that he knows now why she suddenly went back to Mexico City, and Momster replies as only she can, “Oh you didn’t like your surprise?” No, he did not, and he does not like Momster messing in his private life, telling her, “I’m your son, not your puppet!”

Lucia continues her venting to Magdalena, who points out that Marcelo wouldn’t have brought Lucia to the apartment if he knew his ex-girlfriend was there in his shower. She points out that Lucia should at least hear Marcelo out. Lucia actually does have a point that when a relationship starts badly, it ends badly, and she doesn’t want this drama in her life. (If she were my real daughter, I’d agree. But we’ve got a telenovela romance to get on with here, Lucia!) Mags sticks up for Marcelo, saying he seems honest, and Lucia wants to know why the whole world defends him. She personally is done! She’s fine with Magdalena talking to Marcelo about it if he asks though.

Rod has escorted Ligia home from the disco. She invites him in and clearly lets him know she’s alone and interested. Rod declines, saying it’s late. Ligia notes that his dad will scold him. Rod is uncomfortable discussing Amador with Ligia. She tells him if he needs a friend, he knows where she is.

Nora wakes up in the hospital and wonders if Alonso knows she is there. Rebeca tells her that he doesn’t. Nora takes that to mean he doesn’t care, but Rebeca just says that it was the prudent thing to not tell him due to his condition. Nora notes he is making her marry Rod and Rebeca doesn’t care. Rebeca tells her that she is with Nora and Nora reiterates that she does not want to marry Rod or have his child and Rebeca must help her. She then threatens to kill herself for real next time if Rebeca doesn’t help. Marcelo has come over to see Lucia, but Naz intercepts him, saying that Lucia doesn’t want to see him or hear his explanations. He advises Marcelo to not bother Lucia until he’s cleaned up his private life.

Drunken Rod has returned home, and Amador can smell the perfume of Ligia all over him. Amador asks him if he is repeating his mistake with Nora again. Rod is um, hey dad, you’re the one with a lover! Amador asks him if his mom told him that, which she did. But Rod notes that he’s learning from Amador and turning out more like him every day. Amador tells him to go sleep off his drunkeness.

Rebeca and Nora have returned home from the hospital. Tere informs them that a visitor has come looking for Lucia, but she told her that Lucia’s dad was in the hospital.

The visitor is Daniela, and she is waiting for Lucia’s mother. Rebeca asks Tere to get Nora cleaned up and something to eat, while she sees Daniela. Daniela introduces herself to Rebeca as Marcelo’s wife — well, er, they have one signed paper and a long relationship — well, in any case, no one in your family will take Marcelo from me! Rebeca tells her to calm down,  and that Rebeca and Alonso didn’t tell Lucia to interfere in Dani’s relationship, as our family doesn’t interfere in marriages. Rebeca clearly sees a good scheming opportunity in her crooked mirror though, and arranges to meet Daniela later for lunch to discuss things further.

Marcelo is back in the morning for another attempt to fix things with Lucia. Magdalena greets him and lets him know Lucia has headed to the hospital to visit Alonso, who is being moved out of intensive care. She invites him to come to the hospital with her so they can discuss what’s going on.

Rebeca is feeding Nora spoonfuls of food, while filling in Nora on Marcelo’s girlfriend Daniela. They see it as more reason not to trust Marcelo and are Team Dani. (Well, really, they are Team Rebeca and Nora but Dani seems like she might be helpful to the cause, I guess.) Nora then turns serious and reminds Rebeca that she meant what she said last night (about killing herself). Rebeca doesn’t pick up on the seriousness and tells her that she should stop thinking about it and that they’ll find another way. Nora says that time to do this is over when Alonso leaves the hospital. Rebeca tells her not to be pessimistic. Ugh.

Trini is not happy that Naz wouldn’t let Marcelo in last night and lets him know. He counters that it’s up to Lucia. Naz isn’t sure what to think of Marcelo, and Trini points out that everyone needs to let him explain. Trini tells Naz to take Marcelo out for a beer and let him vent.

Marcelo is doing just that, to Mags. He tells Mags that he thought Dani and he were finished. But they’d been together 15 years. (WOW) it’s not like they were 15 years old; they had life experiences and other romances. (Thank you Vivi for clarifying this statement!) He thought Lucia would understand this, but obviously not. Magdalena wonders if he is past Daniela; Marcelo says yes, he was clear with her and she has returned to Mexico City. He feels guilty a smidge, as she was an important part of his life, but he never fell in love with her. He loves Lucia. He didn’t plan to be in love when he came to Puebla, but he is. He looks completely adorable as he talks about Lucia.

Mags advises Marcelo to tell all this to Lucia but to time it right (now is not the time). She tells him she believes him and he is grateful for her trust. Rod is sleeping while listening to electronic music more awful than he is. Brigida does me a favor and turns it off.

But then Brigida turns on her nagging, telling him to get up because there are wedding things to do and many things he needs to discuss them with Nora. For example, she’s measuring the curtains for their bedroom (assuming they live there). Rod was assuming the wedding was canceled, but Brigida says that they will need to save appearances since Nora will be showing soon. Also, Amador left some papers for Rod to review. So get up, ya lazy bum!

Lucia is there as they move Alonso into his new room. He looks better, but needs assistance getting into bed. After the doctors leave, he asks her why she looks so sad. She tries to fool him, saying that she slept poorly. He asks why Nora hasn’t visited him, and she fools him by saying she has been in the hospital the whole time (kind of true) but only one person could visit at a time in intensive care. Lucia tells him she’s happy he’s better. He’s happy he’s better too, but he needs to speak with Naz, and asks Lucia to tell Naz to come visit him.

Naz and Marcelo are meeting up for their beer (well it’s too early for that, so they go with shrimp soup). Naz apologizes for being short with Marcelo. Marcelo understands that Naz wouldn’t appreciate Lucia being sad because of Marcelo. Naz asks what Marcelo is hiding. (Foreshadowing alert!) Marcelo says that he didn’t hide Daniela. Naz tells him he doesn’t mean Daniela, but he can tell just from age and experience in life that Marcelo is hiding something. While it’s obvious Marcelo isn’t going to tell him, he counsels that Marcelo needs to deal with whatever is weighing him down. Marcelo thanks him for the advice and says his father would have said the same thing.

Nora is meeting with Rod in her living room and it is the definition of awkward. She asks why he’s there and he says that with their parents arranging everything, maybe they should say something. The only thing Nora has to say is no way is she marrying you, Rod! Even if you were the last man on Earth! Rod wishes he could avoid it and run too. He thinks the way to go is to keep up a facade for a bit, and then divorce. Nora tells him that even if they got divorced, Lucia would never want him. Rod says he knows, as he got to see Lucia make it clear that she is in love with Marcelo. Nora says that won’t work out. Rod asks if she’s going to bed with Marcelo too, and Nora says, no, someone else is doing that job. (LOL!) Rod says if Marcelo loves your sister, he is stupid to let her go, any man would want Lucia. Too bad I can’t say the same about you! (OUCH) Nora says that Lucia is not a goddess and one day everyone will see that. Now scram! Rod leaves, snarking, “Nice marriage awaiting us!” After he leaves, Nora gets a bad cramp. Uh oh.

Rebeca and Daniela have met for coffee. Daniela still isn’t sure what Rebeca’s angle is. Rebeca lets her know that Daniela will have her full support to get Marcelo back. Why,? asks Daniela. Rebeca tells her she isn’t doing it for her, she’s doing it for Lucia. Lucia had a recent heartbreak, and Marcelo is not the right person for her. We have to get him away from her. Dani asks how this will happen. She doesn’t have a plan and she’s returning to Mexico City. Rebeca tells her she must stay if she wants Marcelo back. (Thanks a bunch there Rebeca).

Naz has arrived to visit with Alonso, so Lucia takes her leave. The nurse tells her there’s a call for the Gaxiola family, so Lucia goes to take it. Alonso then asks Naz to take over for him at the office. Naz points out there’s an officer already to do that, but Alonso insists. Naz says he wants Marcelo’s help. Alonso balks as Marcelo is young and inexperienced, but Naz points out he’s better at the administrative matters and has good character. Alonso says fine, but Naz, you are the final-decision maker.

On the phone, Nora begs Lucia to come to the house.

Nora is doubled-over on the Staircase of Doom and is clearly upset and in pain. She tells her she can’t find Rebeca and she needs Lucia’s help now. Lucia is on the way.

Vinicio? Benicio? The guy from the bar who can link Amador to Ricardo? Is visiting Amador trying to get work again. Amador balks but (we’ll go with Benicio) reminds him that they both have a lot to lose. Amador doesn’t trust Benicio, but Benicio is clearly going to talk if he doesn’t get the job. He reminds Amador that Amador could use an ally at the factory.

Lucia finds Nora crumpled on the Staircase of Doom. She gathers her up, and they stumble down those steps and then the outdoor ones to the car, where Lucia barely can get Nora in.  Going around to her side, Lucia drops to the ground (I wasn’t sure why), and Nora takes a moment to put her plotting face on (see the top screencap for that). Lucia gets in the car and Nora says that Lucia hates her. Lucia denies it and Nora then begs forgiveness for all the wrong she has done to Lucia. Lucia tells her that she’ll always be her sister and Nora says she cannot anymore. Lucia starts driving, badly and frantically, to the hospital. Lucia almost gets in an accident with a driver backing out. After she frantically gets him out of the way, she speeds up in her rush to get to the hospital. Nora suddenly opens the car door and tumbles out on to the road!!!

A horrified Lucia stops the car and can’t believe what just happened…

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