Tashan Episode 228–231 Update


Yuvi says my votes goes to Leela Taneja, all are stunned, all clap for Leela, Anits is angry, Twinkle thinks why did he vote for my mom? if he is trying to act like good then he wont let his mom lose, Kunj thinks that Yuvi is acting fake more than i thought, he can play any game but i wont let him hurt my Twinkle. Leela says to Anita that our duty is not only raise child but to teach them whats good and whats not only then they keep family together in future but you will not understand all this. Leela gets award, Leela says women can do anything, she can reach heights with her family together with her, i am happy that my family is with me, i have arranged party today for this win, you all are invited.
Anita says to Yuvi that what is wrong with you? you made me lose, why you did it? this ward was so important for me, i work so hard to get position in this industry so that we have name and position in industry. Yuvi says you sent Cherry to destroy Leela’s data in laptop, i told you to play fair but why did you cheat? thats why i voted for Leela and made her win, Anita says from when you have started playing fair? i am not able to recognize you, planning, plotting is part of your nature, how can you change so much? you are my Yuvi, where is my Yuvi who used to do anything for me, i want my Yuvi back, Yuvi leaves from there, Twinkle have listened everything. Yuvi starts to leave but finds Twinkle standing there, Twinkle says actually i.. he says dont be formal, Twinkle says this award was important for your mom then why did you vote for my mom?> Yuvi says your mom deserve this award, i have realized whats right and whats wrong, its never too late right? Twinkle smiles and shake hands with Yuvi, she thanks Yuvi, Kunj comes there and sees them shaking hands, he gets angry.
Jamai Raja part:
Roshni is in office, it is attacked by goons. Sid is outside office, he tried to open door of office but its locked. Roshni calls for help, one goon says catch this girl. A goon is about to hit Roshni with wooden stick but Sid comes there and holds stick, he beats goon, he covers Roshni behind him and fight with goons, Roshni looks on tensed, police comes there so goons run from there, sid comes to Roshni, one goon attacks Sid on head and runs from there, Sid falls unconscious, Roshni gets tensed and says Sid please look at me, i wont be able to live if anything happens to you, i love you Sid, Sid opens his eyes and looks at Roshni, she gets conscious of what she said, Sid says you can hide it from your tongue but you cant hide it in your heart, he gets up, Roshni tries to leave but Sid holds her hand and says you said it finally, truth is that you love me, you cant live with me, truth is that you killed Roshini but you couldnt kill love for Sid, you love me right? Roshni says yes i love you but we cant live together and thats bigger truth, she leaves from there, Yeh jo yaadain plays, sid says she still loves me and thats enough for me, now i can climb volcano for her.
Tashan-e-Ishq part:
Twinkle says to Kunj that i thanked Yuvi for voting for Leela thats why i was talking to him. Leela says leave all this, think about party tonight, if you both remain angry like this what will happen to my party? Kunj says i am not angry, i cant accept fact that Yuvi voted for you, he is faking his goodness, he did this earlier too but Twinkle is not understanding this. Yuvi comes there and says i just wanted to congratulate Leela and say sorry about my mom’s deed, he congratulates Leela and says sorry. Kunj says what else are you planning? what will you plan for party? you like to do stunts, we will leave from here then you will talk to yourself saying that just see what i will do tonight, Yuvi says i should leave now, he leaves. Leela says i think we should cancel party, you both need to talk. Twinkle says no you dont need to cancel party, this party is for your win, right Kunj? Kunj says yes Maa dont cancel your party but i wont be able to come, he leaves. Twinkle says it will be boring without Kunj, Leela says you should call his friend Sid, he will make Kunj understand.
Anita sees Leela on Tv, she gets angry. Yuvi comes there and says why so mean? why you much anger? till when you will keep torturing them? this much negativity will affect you too, it will damage relations, come with me and say sorry to Leela for all that you have done, promise me that you will not do anything like this from now on, Anita says shut up, i am done with your lecture, you never listen to me, you think that i will say sorry to them? i can never bow to Leela, i hate them more as they have snatched my son from me, you are not with me right? its not a problem, i dont need anyone, just see how i destroy her party, i will destroy her.
Jamai Raja part:
Sid comes home, he looks at Roshni’s things, he says i have kept your memories with me, our story started this card and i will take our story forward. Roshni on otherside says that i will end this story, our story has ended and it will never start again. Sid says that our story is like film and i will take our story forward, you will be with me, he looks at her scarf. Roshini says we will never be together, we were never meant to be, our story is over. Neil comes there and says i got to know about what happened in office, i have tighten security, Roshni says thanks for coming, i liked that you came here. Neil gifts her scarf, she says why this? Neil says you are CEO and you should look good in party, she sees invitation of Leela Taneja’s success party, Neil says i wont be able to come, you go there, its professional commitment, Roshni says i will go there wearing this scarf.
Twinkle calls Sid and invites him for Leela’s party, he asys i already got invite, you know Roshini is alive, Twinkle says your love is true, i just want you both to be together, Sid says when i blessing of sister like you then i will be with Roshni, Twinkle asks him to come to party, she says i wanted to talk about Kunj, she tells everything to Sid.
Leela welcome guests in party. Twinkle comes in party and says where are you Kunj? why you are miffed with me? she comes to Leela, Leela says you are looking pretty, no evil eye should fall on you, Twinkle says Kunj hasnt come till now, dont know if he will come or not, dont know till when he will remain miffed, Leela says dont worry, everything will be fine. Ahil and Sanam comes there and dances on peppy song, all clap for them.
Kunj comes in party, he looks around and thinks to call Twinkle, he says but she is not understanding me, Sid comes there and says talk to me later but call Twinkle first, one man said to me that we should keep moments together, its like diamond and we should protect them, why are you torturing Twinkle and Leela? you love is weak that it will be destroyed by some cheap man? Kunj says you know Yuvi have always tried to separate us, this ia all hapening because of him today too, Sid says your anger is one side but think about Leela, she is like your mother, this is not solution to leave her, ask me whan you lose your mother in law, ask me what pain you go through, keep her happy.
Scene 1
Anita says that vote made leela win. You will all think why my son did that? My son is so generous. He thought that he should donate them some happiness. So he made them win and leela’s life full of stress. Actually her daughters are going through hard times. Her younger one is in London seeking a psychiatrist. Kunj has a disease. He was once so sick that doctors said sorry. My son saved his life by giving blood. If my son didn’t help him he would have died. Leela slaps her and says I never invited you. Why you came here? You can’t insult my son in law here among my guests. Who are you to say all this? Tell the media what you and your son has done to my family. I will tell them. They will flash your face on TV. Go from here before i kick you out. ANita says enough. i will answer this slap. She leaves.
Leela cuts the cake. Twinkle says in heart I know kunj is upset because of me. I have to talk to him.
Kunj says to sid where there is love, there are issues. when there are troubles you don’t leave hands you hold them. Only roshni can bring light in your life. Sid says if you are that wise then why are you hurting twinkle? Why are you punishing her for a mistake? Kunj says thank you for ringing my bell. Sid says I have to leave. Say goodbye to twinkle.
yuvi says I should call twinkle. yug calls twinkle. he says mom is nowhere. She will try to hurt you two. Be careful. Inform me if you get to know anything at all. Kunj comes in the party. Twinkle says he looks better i should talk to him. Kunj says maa I am so sorry I am late. Are you bugged? Leela says no. How is your mood? He says better. My tunning is done. Forgive your son. Leela says I forgot it. Enjoy the party.
Two clowns come in the party they look at twinkle. Babbe says leela you called clowns? They say we are surprise. We are sent the one who loves you. Jerry says I will prick the balloons. There is a laughing gas inside the balloon. Everyone starts laughing. Leela says what is happening babbe. Twinkle says please don’t be mad at me Kunj. I can never hurt you. yuvi is helping you. Kunj laughs and says I can’t understand anything. He keeps laughing. Kunj says i am talking to my wife. What is it called. My mood is off. They all keep laughing. Twinkle says kunj trust me. I can never hurt you. I wanted to tell you about yuvi. Kunj says hurt.. Raman comes and hugs Kunj. Yuvi looks from the balcony at the clowns. He sees everyone laughing. He says why is juggler looking at twinkle? Its laughing gas. i have to take twinkle from here.Her life is in danger. Twinkle asks yuvi did you get to know about anit? He says please come out with me. She says I wanna stay with kunj. Juggler takes out a knife. Yuvi says lets go. Kunj says why is twinkle going out with this sardar ji?
Leela gets a call from anita. Leela says one slap wasn’t enough? Anita says I called to answer for you slap. You will see whats gonna happen. Just wait and watch.
Yuvi says to twinkle someone wants to kill you. I saw him coming here. Twinkle says but why would someone want to kill me.
The juggler comes there. Yuvi says lets run twinkle.
The party starts. A girl dances. Everyone is busy celebrating. Twinkle says there is no way. The jugglers faint them and take them.
Kunj says where have they gone? he sees the jacket. Kunj says this means..they are there. Twinkle is with him. I have to save her.
The jugglers put twinkle on bed and yug next to her shirtless. He messes their hair. Kunj looks for twinkle.
He comes in the room and is dazed.
Scene 2
Roshni hears the bell and says not again. SHe says who is seiding all this? Don’t deliver again and again. She takes the cake and throws it away. Roshni takes her phone and says 37 missed calls from sid. Has he gone mad? I don’t wanna talk to anyone. Bell rings again. Roshni says take these bouquet from here I will get you fired. Its sid. he comes in. Roshni says you should go from here. He says you want me to go? She says I said everything. He says but you didn’t hear me. Sid says please don’t wear this net gown, it blows my mind. i am not aliya’s husband. She was killing herself. I took her home and they thought I am her bf. That is where this confusion started from. She says I will talk to aliya. He says you don’t trust me? She says in hearts sid can never lie to me but maybe he is doing this to score me back.
Roshni calls aliya and says I want to meet you. Come to office its urgent. Sid’s mom take the phone from aliya she sees roshni’s picture and says who is this? Aliya says she is ragini desai. Aliya leaves. Sid’s mom says she is back. Roshni..
Roshni asks aliya you can share everything me? She says yes. When you met sid? Aliya says in his office. I was an intern there. She says why didn’t you tell me back then? you married him? Aliya says what are you trying to prove. I know what is better for me.I and sid are married. Accept it.Roshni says you are getting me wrong.Aliya says we are married accept it.
Scene 1
Kunj comes in room to find Yuvi and Twinkle sleeping on bed with Yuvi without shirt, he feels bad, he grabs Yuvi and throws him from bed, he makes him wear shirt and beats him, he says how dare you do this with my Twinkle, you tried to act all good, i told you to not hurt her but you didnt listen to me, how dare you touch my wife. He says to Twinkle that i told you to not trust this guy, how can you trust him? Twinkle says i am not understanding anything, he didnt do anything, Kunj says how can you trust Yuvi, see what he has done with you, he asks Twinkle if he gave her some intoxicating medicine? he asks Twinkle to come in senses, Yuvi says i didnt do anything with her, understand me, Kunj beats him. Twinkle says Yuvi didnt do anything, Kunj says i know you cant let him do anything with you, see what this guy has done with you, he has taken your senses, he says to Yuvi that i wont leave you today, he beats Yuvi who is intoxicated and cant even stand, Leela asks if he kill him? Kunj says yes i will not leave him today. Cherry sees Kunj beating Yuvi and calls Anita, he says to Anita that you have great mind, just think that your work is done. Kunj is beating Yuvi when media comes there, media person says that in high society, one brother’s wife spends night with other brother, they were found in compromising position, lets find out whom Twinkle love, Yuvi who is her ex-lover or Kunj who is her husband now, Babee says who called them here? Cherry calls Anita and says your work is done. Media person asks Kunj if knows about Twinkle and Yuvi’s secret affair? they were found in compromising position, Kunj says dont you dare point fingers at my wife, her respect is my respect, this is all done by Yuvi to frame my wife, he is obsessed with her, he keep planning something or other to malign her respect, now he stooped so low to disrespect her, Yuvi says no, Twinkle is pure, she is pious, this is difficult to say but my mom Anita is behind all this, i promise you all that my mom will be brought by me, she will say sorry to Twinkle, Kunj please trust me, this is all lie. Kunj says first you made your mother go in jail and now you are trying to act good, you can do any drama but i will never trust you, you can do anything but you cant separate us, i love my wife alot and i trust her completely, he asks Media to not ask these cheap questions again, my wife’s respect is my respect, i know she is pure like before, i dont her character certificate from anyone, i have full faith on my wife, she will not do anything which will malign my respect, Twinkle is happy to listen all this, Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand and leaves from there, Yuvi looks on.
Twinkle is in her room, she lies on bed and says to family that i dont know how i reached that hotel room, i dont know how Anita did all this, i dont remember anything. Kunj says i didnt ask you anything, i dont doubt you so why you are thinking so much? i am with you always, nothing will happen, Sajna ve plays, Twinkle smiles at him. Leela says sometimes i wonder how did i get son in law like you, i must have done great deeds in past life that you came to me in this life, i pray that you both live happily, i should not have arranged this party, Kunj says dont say this, that mother-son duo just need chance to torture us, Babee says why they are behind you both, Leela says i keep wondering when will Twinkle and Kunj get peace, from the time they got married, they have not gotten a single day which has peace, sometimes its Anita or Yuvi or they both are together, they have filled our lives with filth, Babee says dont worry, we will go to Guradvarah and pray tomorrow, Leela says you are right.
Scene 2
Its morning. Kunj and Twinkle comes to Guradvarah. Yuvi is praying there too. He prays that i know God i have done many wrong deeds but if i have done a single ood work then give its reward to Twinkle. Kunj thinks that God you know whats in my heart then why you are not listening to me? Yuvi prays that i have loved her alot but i have tortured her, give her happiness of world. Kunj prays that i want Twinkle to smile always, give me my old Twinkle back who used to fight with me, bicker with me and create Sayappa for me, he looks at Twinkle emotionally. Twinkle and Kunj gets up, they hold hand and starts leaving, Twinkle thinks that i am lucky that i got such loving, sweet life partner, God please bless us always, Yuvi sees them there and goes from there before they can see him. Kunj and Twinkle comes to tie sacred thread on wall. Kunj ties it for Twinkle, he asks Twinkle to give hand, she does, he ties sacred thread on her arm, she glares him with love, he says this is for you, i am always there to protect you but if by chance i am not around then this will protect you, agar tum sath ho plays. Kunj makes Twinkle eat parsad, she looks at him lovingly, he smiles at her and caresses her face, Twinkle makes him eat parsad with her hands and smiles at him, he is confused as why she is looking at him, they leave from there.
people gather outside sarna house. they chant against Twinkle and Sarna family. Kunj comes there with Twinkle and family. He asks family to not get down from car. He comes out of car and ask people to stop it and go from there. Twinkle get downs from car. One women says that she is not hiding her face after act, your high society cheap acts will not work here, leave your neighborhood, Leela says why you are calling her cheap? how can you do drama outside our house? Women says we saw that she married one brother and having affair with other brother, this can work in high society but not here, Babee says we are famous family, why you are behind my daughter in law? Women says we know your family but not your daughter in law, dont know what acts she has done in past, why was she exposed in media? she must have done something wrong. Kunj says you are saying so much wrong about her but Twinkle is not asnwering back, she can shut your mouths but still she is silent as she respects you all, Women says she doesnt have answer, how will she defend her character? thats why she is silent. Kunj says those who are at mistake give clarifications, Twinkle doesnt need to explain anything to anyone, i am her husband and i have faith on her more than me, you people blame girl easily, world is changed but you people are not, when you people will change? Kunj says how will you feel if someone talks like this with your daughter? one man says if it was daughter then i would have beaten her in middle of road, this girl should be beaten up by throwing stones at her, people say yes its right, they start throwing stones at Twinkle, it hits Twinkle’s head, Kunj is shocked and tries to protect her.
Scene 1
People chant against Twinkle, Twinkle is tensed. Cherry comes there and smirks, he says sorry Bhabhi, i didnt want to do it but i had to do it, i dont have good days, its Anita who is making my life good by giving me money. One man throws stone at Twinkle, it hits Twinkle, Kunj shouts at him. Other man tries to attack Twinkle with wooden stick but Kunj holds it and kicks man, he starts fighting with men. One man hits Kunj on head with stick, Twinkle goes to save him but man pushes away Twinkle, Twinkle is about to fall down on floor but Yuvi comes there and holds her, man is about to attack Twinkle with stick but Yuvi holds it and kicks man, he hides Twinkle behind him and beat goons, Cherry gets tensed. Kunj and Yuvi fight with goons. Men try to attack Twinkle with sticks but Yuvi and Kunj comes infront of her and hold wooden sticks while protecting Twinkle, Kunj and yuvi looks at each other, they beat goons with wooden sticks. Leela hugs Twinkle and asks if she is fine? she nods, goons run from there. Yuvi comes to Kunj and says i.. Kunj pushes him away, he throws stick on floor and comes to Twinkle who looks at Yuvi in tension, Kunj asks Twinkle if she is fine? did someone hit her? she nods in no, she stares Yuvi who looks away. Yuvi starts leaving and thinks that i am sure Anita is behind all this, i have to find her, dont know where she is but she has to say sorry to Twinkle.
Twinkle comes in room, she says i am sorry Kunj, Kunj says dont say anything, i am important to you or these society people? i am with you, you dont need to take stress, he gives her water. Babee says i think you both should go out from here for sometime, situation will get mild here and you both will get rest too, Leela says you both should go for holiday, Kunj says i dont think running away is solution, we should stay here and face situation, there is no guarantee that Anita and Yuvi will not do any stunt after go from here, Babee says we will handle them here but till you both are here, they will keep creating problems, see Twinkle’s situation, atleast think about her, Kunj says my Twinkle is not that weak, these small things cant effect her, dont underestimate my sayappa queen, Babee says i know Twinkle is very strong but sometime person get tired of all this, Leela says Anita can do any other act after this.
Anita calls Cherry and says you yourself are good for nothing, Cherry says Yuvi is good for nothing, i dont know why he is acting like your step son, i had set everything but Kunjj and Yuvi beat my goons so much, your son has gone mad, he has become Twinkle’s bodyguard from her devil, Anita says i have to think some solid plan to separate Kunj and Twinkle, Cherry says when you talk about new plan, my heart shivers, Anita says you need money right? just listen to me.
Leela says to Kunj that you both should have holiday, Kunj says if you both think that we should go out so i will go away with Twinkle, Leela says good, she leaves with Babee, Twinkle looks at Kunj tensely.
Yuvi comes to Cherry and holds his collar, he asks him to speak, he asks where is my mom? Cherry says she is your mom so you should know where she is, i dont know about her, i should ask you where is Anita mom, Yuvi says dont act innocent, why you keep taking money from my mom? Cherry says i have no interest in your mom, your mother is going from rough patch and i dont want to get crushed in all this, and i told you i have right on her money too so i take it from her. Yuvi says you wont understand in nice words, from now on wherever you will go, i will keep eyes on you and if you get caught by me then you will be gone.
Yuvi comes to Twinkle’s room, she says you in my bedroom? Yuvi says actually I.. just listen to me once, there is awkward feeling after yesterday night but trust me nothing happened last night, i didnt even touch you, it was situation created by someone, i know you are sensitive girl and must be feeling bad after yesterday’s night, dont think that you did any sin, i know i had tried to do this cheap act with your earlier, i feel so horrible about it now, he folds his hand and says whatever mistake i have done in past, please forgive me for that, what happened yesterday night was done by my mom, i swear i will bring her to you, she will confess her mistakes and will ask forgiveness from you, you have my word, i promise you, forget everything what happened last night as bad dream, Twinkle recalls what happened last night, she says i dont understand how we reached there yesterday night, Yuvi tries to touch her shoulder to support her but she moves away, he says i am sorry, i know your dont trust me but you trust yourself, whole family is with you, no one doubts you which means you have won this war already, trust me i wont let you get affected by whatever happened last night, its shadow will never fall on you, Kunj comes there and angrily looks at Yuvi, he says you came here again? whats your problem? listen one thing carefully, dont stress my wife, if you come in this room again then i will put straining order on you by calling police here, Twinkle says you are thinking wrong Kunj, Yuvi just came here to say sorry about last night, Yuvi says i didnt mean to stress anyone here, i just came to say sorry to Twinkle, Kunj take care of Twinkle, Kunj says you dont need to say it, Yuvi leaves from there, Twinkle is tensed. Kunj gives medicine to Twinkle and starts leaving but Twinkle holds his hand and points him to not go away, Sajna ve plays, Twinkle smiles at him, they share eyelock.
At night, Twinkle is sleeping in Kunj’s arms. Kunj thinks that i am trying so hard but i am not able to bring smile on your face, i am feeling helpless seeing you stressed, Babee is right, we should go away from here for sometime, you will feel better and we will be away from Anita aunty too, he caresses her head while she sleeps.
Yuvi calls his manager and asks him to find out where is Mom, check her farmhouses, every place but locate her.
Kunj makes Twinkle lie on bed, he turns around to see some silhouette near room’s door. he asks who is outside room? he comes out of room to find someone running away with knife, he runs behind silhouette and says who it can be? silhouette disappears. Kunj calls out Twinkle’s name. Twinkle wakes up in room and doesnt find Kunj in room, she goes to search him. Twinkle comes in corridor, she sees Kunj standing there, he says you here? Kunj sees shadow on wall, he pushes away Twinkle and runs behind shadow. He grabs person, lights are switched, its Yuvi whom Kunj has grabbed, Kunj and Twinkle are stunned. Kunj says i knew it must be you, whom you wanted to kill, me or Twinkle? Yuvi looks on.
PRECAP- Kunj says to Yuvi that dont test my patience, i can do anything with you. Yuvi says you are thinking wrong, i have come here now only, i dont know anything, Kunj says till i am here, you cant even touch Twinkle, i wont let your cheap shadow fall on her. The shadow was of Cherry, Cherry hides behind wall and saves himself from Kunj.


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