My Sweet Curse Episode 34 Update on Wednesday 13th December 2017


Severo discovers that Macrina has been digging in his land and as a result, he finds out that Carmen’s body isn’t in her tomb as he buried, and he suspects that Anselmo took it.
Epifania goes to see Jeronimo to beg him to forgive her but Jeronimo tells Epifania that he doesn’t want to stay in a relationship with her because he doesn’t know if he really loved her or if he was just influenced by Macrina’s spells.
Xochitl tells Macrina that Aurora has been unwell and she is afraid that she could end up dying, and says that she couldn’t carry that on her conscience knowing Aurora could dye due to the powder, but Macrina assures her that that isn’t going to happen and she gives her a different powder to be administered in Aurora’s food to cause her to hallucinate more and more.
Aurora gives Elsa a detailed rundown about her proposal for the milk producers fair, and even though Elsa doubts that she can pull it off, she decides to give her the green light and lets Rodrigo, Monica and Luis assist her to make that dream real and Aurora looks very happy.
Tobias takes his father Dionisio to Los Abedules to talk to Aurora and Rodrigo to give his father a job and they agree to give him a job.
Monica knowing that rush quickly to tell Elsa that if Dionisio asked Aurora for a job, it was because he knows Rodrigo will do anything to please her. In great anger, Elsa scolds Rodrigo for hiring Dionisio without taking into account their current situation because she never budgeted paying two employees but now she has to do so by paying Aurora and adding up this Dionisio guy. Rodrigo then is taken aback by Elsa’s reaction and says he will take it upon himself to pay the two with his money.
Severo goes to asks Ponciano if Carmen was buried in the cemetery but Ponciano says No. Severo then goes to hire Macrina to help him find Carmen’s body and at first, she refuses, but then accepts after he threatens to tell the townsfolk that it’s a lie that Aurora ate her mother after she died.
Aurora has agreed to have her first communion so Father Basilio decides to help Aurora finish her preparation to make her First Communion. In other matter, about her relationship with Rodrigo, he tells her that love will triumph in the end so she should not be dismayed about the challenges that are confronting them.
Rodrigo goes to confront Severo to let him show him where he stole Carmen’s body to bury and Severo says he knows nothing about it and Rodrigo tells Severo that he could send him to jail for stealing Carmen’s body.

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