Modern Homemaker Episode 11–12 Update on Wednesday 13th December 2017


EPISODE      11     –     12

Sona begins the first day of her household work at the kitchen and as she is about to boil the milk, she tries starting the stove and learns the unavailability of cooking gas as she realize that the gas is finished. Sunaina Devi comes into the kitchen and takes advantage of the situation by warning Sona with the after effects of turning into a housewife saying in this house, the food is always prepared on time and asks what is she going to do now? Sona smiles saying perhaps this is the golden moment for her to show her talent. Sunaina laughs saying the whole family will be without food and she is saying golden moment? Sunaina leaves the kitchen challenging Sona. Sona then starts thinking on what to do and thought of asking Neelam and as she is about to go, Bindiya and Renu is standing by the window. Bindiya asks what happened and Sona says that the gas has finished and asks if they know who to call for gas. Bindiya says she would know if Sona asked where to buy cosmetic items but she don’t know which company sends the gas. Sona asks Renu if she knows and Renu too says why asking her, she is a college teacher and not a housewife. Kanhaiya comes to the kitchen and says it’s his duty to help in the kitchen and Sona asks if Kanhaiaya knows where to buy Gas? Kanhaiya, who tries to help Sona in the kitchen asks why is she asking them? He tells her to asks his sister in-law Neelam. He then tells her not to worry that they will call the number and they would send the gas. Kanhaiya asks Renu and Bindiya to leave as he wants to spend time with his wife. Sona asks Kanhaiya to call for Gas first. Kanhaiya tries to help Sona, and he calls but stays unsuccessful as the gas provider says that the person in charge is not feeling well and it would be late and disconnects the call. Sona asks what happened? She asks how would she prepare the dinner?Kanhaiya tries to get romantic and Sona remind him that there is no gas and everyone would get hungry and he want something else? Kanhaiya says he is sad that their suhaag raat have not taken place. Hearing this, Sona tells him to please call for the gas first. Kanhaiya says he will go and get the gas cylinder and they will eat together. Kanhaiya leaves. Julie flirtatiously takes advantage of a young guy at her neighbourhood. She is at her balcony giving sign languages to the guy opposite her house and speaks with him on the phone after giving him the number and the guy agrees to reload her phone for her. Julie asks him to get the movie ticket and he agrees while Julie thinks to herself that these guys are real idiot. Durgesh speaks to someone on the phone about commision while Darshana is happy and asks Darshana to take a video of him as he speaks like a reporter and send the video saying he will get paid for it. Sona is thinking to herself that there is no stove in such big house and think of her mother in-law’s words. In the police station, Kanhaiaya announces that the first to bring the gas cylinder will get promotion and gets call for Sona saying she has prepared everything and Kanhaiaya ends up asking for the suhaag raat? Sona says for her cooking and asks when will she get the cylinder in which Kanhaiya says soon. Neelam is massaging Sunaina’s leg and Sunaina asks Neelam not to take long break.

Sunaina says a housewife must know everything and in the police station, all the constables comes back empty handed. Kanhaiya asks why didn’t they bring the gas cylinder and one of them say that they are constable and not gas dealer. Kanhiaya then laughs where all the constables laugh and Kanhaiya asks all of them to keep quiet and answer why didn’t they bring back the cylinder? All of them explain that they went searching everywhere but could not find for the gas. Kanhaiya gets angry saying they all should better listen to him now. The only reason he want to hear is yes or no instead of telling him long stories. Bindiya and Renu is saying how will Sona cook without the gas cylinder? She would prove that she is a failed housewife. Bindiya and Renu starts planning that they will make sure Sona do not fail in being a housewife. Renu and Bindiya then decides to help Sona, to turn her into a housewife in order to prevent her from working and gaining superiority over them in Sunaina Devi’s view. It’s late night and a person is shown coming to the police station looking for Kanhaiya with a flower bouquet and it’s turns out to be from his friend. His friend enters inside (new entry) and seeing him, Kanhaiya is surprised and hugs his friend Avinash. Kanhaiya says that he is meeting him after a long time and both Avinash and Kanhaiya starts talking. Avinash asks Kanhaiya why didn’t he invite him for his wedding and Kanhaiya asks Avinash what happened to that girl he used to run after. Avinash tells his friend that all of them are married. Back in the house, Gyaneshwar urges Sunaina Devi to handle Sona calmly and to think before she gives Sona the challenge while, Sunaina Devi stays adamant on turning Sona into a working women and says she know what is to be done and when. Sona comes out from the kitchen and hears Sona talking to her brother in-law Gyaneshwar ( Devar/ Cha-cha) where Sunaina says all she is doing is only for her good where she want her to go back to work and understand what being a housewife means.

Sona is in the kitchen and calmly decides to handle Sunaina Devi’s challenge. She talk to herself that her mother in-law loves her so much. She can think about anything with the $40,000. But she’ve already become a housewife and she already know how many difficulties come in a housewife’s life. But it is also true that a housewife knows all the solutions to all the problems.

At the police station, Kanhaiya announce that his college friend has come, he’s a big model and asks to arrange for some tea and snacks for him. One of the other inspectors asks if there is no problem. The friend tells Kanhaiya no that he will be leaving soon. And in modeling one have to be very fit and tight. Kanhaiya compliment his friend that before he was not like this. Now he’ve started doing all of this? His friend asks if he have forgotten what they had both eaten before? Kanhiya tells him to eat? He also says he have wasted more tissue paper than eat anything. His friend tells him to leave all of that and tells him to introduce him to his sister in-law Sona and to let him eat some food cooked by her. Kanhiaya says he look innocent by his face, but that’s not true. And about eating food they’re having problems with the gas cylinder. As soon as they can get a gas cylinder in the house, he will call him home for lunch. He then can come for lunch and meet his sister in-law. His friend says done? Kanhiaya says deal.

Kanhaiya seems to be on his way home when he stops in front of a guy who has a gas cylinder on the back of his motorcycle. Kanhaiya tries to get a cooking cylinder from a stranger and says the cylinder looks black. The guy tells him to take his glasses off and look. It’s red. Kanhaiya takes his glasses off and asks what’s red? The guy says the cylinder. Kanhaiya says a cylinder is supposed to be red. The guy says he just said it was black. Kanhaiya then says he is a brainless fool. The guy says in his destiny there is nothing. Kanhaiya asks what did he mean? The guy says ‘black baazari.’ Kanhiya again asks whose? The guy says the cylinder. Kanhaiya says that’s what he is saying that he is roaming around with the cylinder and making a fool out of Inspector Kanhaiya? The guy reads the name tag and says Kanhaiya Chaturvedi. He asks if Kanhaiya ji Chaturvedi is a policeman. The stranger then tells her that any agency will give him a gas and make it reach his home. Kanhaiya tells him to be quiet and threaten him that he will make him reach the jail and there he will get jailed. He then tells him not to waste much time that he want the gas and ask him to take it down. The guy says by taking his cylinder he won’t get any benefit nor any harm. Because everyday he take an empty cylinder to the store and he bring that same empty cylinder back home and that It’s been 5 days. He haven’t even showered hot water. Kanhaiya, who tries to get a cooking cylinder from a stranger gets disappointed on learning, the cylinder to be empty. He takes a look around the cylinder and tells the man to go. The guy says his house is there ( he points above where they are standing ). Kanhaiya again tells him to go there.

Renu and Bindiya order the food, for the dinner with an intention to help Sona. Bindiya tell Sona that tonight her face will have no wrinkles and the product is ready. Renu asks Sona if she hear Bindiya? For today night as working wife they have arranged everyone’s favorite dinner. Sona says he’s here. Kanhaiya walks in calling out Sona’s name. Sona goes up to him and asks for the cylinder? Kanhaiya says it will still take some time for the arrangements to be made for the cylinder. He asks if she know that a good friend from college came to meet him. He wanted to bring him home and have him taste her food, but stop himself as there was no gas. One of the kids asks their uncle who was it? Kanhaiya says Avinash. He adds that four years ago he was Mr. Allahbaad. The other kid asks the one who was in that ad? Kanhaiya says correct. Now he is a jury member in the Ms. Allahbaad contest. One of the kids thinks to herself that her uncle’s friend is a jury for the contest? That means she have a chance too…Kanhaiya tells Sona he couldn’t come to their wedding and he was saying at least he can eat food made by his sister in-law and that he’ll come one day for lunch. Sona tells her husband to call him whenever he want. Julie thinks to herself if she become Miss. Allahbaad then the whole city will dance on her tunes. Kanhaiya’s mom comes and asks Sona what is this? When she have taken the responsibility of being a housewife, then to fulfill all of the responsibilities on her own. She adds that she should fight the difficulties on her own and she don’t like that for one cylinder she is begging in front of everyone. Sona replied her that this daughter in law of hers is not begging from others. But she is helping her own family. And by taking the 7 rounds with her husband, she have promised to share all her happiness and troubled times with him. She is just fulfilling that. Sunaina Devi asks why do she feel that on the first day she is going to make her family fast. Sona then replied her that her mother in-law may have thought that because of the amount of love she have for her, that the dinner is all set and ready. Sunaina Devi asks if she is joking and so quickly? And that too without a cylinder? Sona says the food is ready and suggests her to let’s go. She will serve the food. Renu tells Bindiya that it looks like they will be trapped.

Everyone is sitting around the dining table. Sona and Neelam are serving the food. Sona makes Neelam sit down. She serves Neelam. Everyone eats their dinner. Sunaina Devi is still shocked as Sona overcomes one of the first challenges she faces as a housewife. The grandfather figure ( Sunaina’s brother in-law) says in such a difficult time, if any daughter in law takes work such seriously then the house will be prosper. Kanhaiya tells his mummy that is true and such great food without any gas. Sunaina Devi is not happy about this. She cannot take defeat and believes that she will get her way no matter what. She asks Kanhaiya to explain to his wife about going to work. If she understands then this is nothing. She will provide him with better food than this. Sona then tells her mother in-law that today she realized that her family is far better than what she had originally thought. Her upbringings and culture is showing her the right path. Sona however, informs the same to the Chaturvedis and asks if she know that today’s arrangement for dinner has been done by her sister’s in-laws Renu and Bindiya. Sunaina Devi gets annoyed by their gesture and says her daughter in-laws have really grown up without being taught anything they have learned everything? They will have to bear the consequences on helping someone out without having permission. Bindiya tells Renu in a corner, that she want the housewife to wins. But here mummy is doing the opposite. Sunaina Devi hence punishes Bindiya and Renu to stay awake for the entire night and that they will stand in the hall all night. And if tomorrow they try to help Sona again then the punishment will be even worse. When they come then do tell them where are they both? Bindiya tells Renu if they go in front of mummy right now then their punishment will be worse. Renu says yes sister and until everything is not full and final until then they will stay here. Sunaina Devi says they both are missing because they have taken a step without her permission but they cannot escape the punishment. When they come to please tell them that their sleep has been snatched. Renu tells her sister in-law that for the first time she had faith upon her and instead of a gift to look where they have landed. Bindya’s hubby says his mummy taking her sleep away she is snatching his post office system. Meaning if Bindiya is not there then he won’t be able to sleep properly. The younger brother tells his brother after a long time he’ve gotten a chance to be single again. The soldier brother says something about the border which no one understands. Kanhiya too telbs his brother this is not a border, but this is a house and she is their mummy. Their mummy has been taking all the decisions and will continue to do so. The younger brother tells his brothers that if nobody is saying anything about their mummy’s decision then what can he say? He further asks his brothers if he is right? The older brother nods in agreement. Sunaina Devi hear this and says that means they all want to say something about her decision? Everyone says in union as no mummy. Renu blame herself saying this is all her fault that despite being a teacher she was taking tips from a parlor lady. She could have just gotten a gas. Bindiya says if they went to buy a gas then her one month of tips would be over. An ordinary man can get a gas for a certain price. And black in gas means a full $5,000 rupee. Renu says she know and this is called expensive killing. Bindiya tells her to leave that. She asks if she remember mummy’s atachyar and now whatever mummy says they will follow. Renu then remind her that their sleep is spoiled tonight.

Sona asks her mother in-law why is she punishing them like this? And they just did it for the family. Sunaina Devi replied that they helped her without her permission. Sona tried to defend them but her mother in-law tells her that there is no need for a ‘but as they have crossed their mother in-law. The grandfather figure tells his sister in-law that she never take a wrong decision and all her decisions are right. He then asks his sister in-law to forgive him but he remember that one day he had heard her one day that when a daughter in-law helps with a good deed in the house, she enjoy and like that. And this time the same has occurred and the best part is that they all worked together. He further says there is nothing bad in that and she also enjoyed the food. Then asks what else did she want? Sunaina Devi lovely him as Devar and says whatever she want he already know and there should only be one housewife in the household. Bindiya and Renu should be ready for their punishment. And tells Sona that this first time it’s okay, but it won’t work every time and that she cannot just become a house wife like that. She adds that for her, this road is very hard and everyday she’ll find challenges and tells her to listen to her advice carefully. That she won’t be able to handle and do all of this and she should just go to the office.

Later in the night time, Renu and Bindiya are standing in the hall. They both are very sleepy but they are unable to sleep. Bindiya says their mummy’s sleep is like a dog. She keeps staying awake and if she sees them sleeping like this she’ll make them stay awake every week.

Bindiya’s husband is alone in the room. He is singing “Meri Sapno Ki Rani.” He is excited in being alone in the room for the first time after his marriage. He is holding love letters from his college days. He wants to read them, he smells them and says they smell like a rose. He’s holding the love letters to his chest.

Renu says this is ruthless and suggests Bindiya to let’s them play antakshri game to spend this night and asks her to start first. Bindiya starts singing. Then Renu starts singing too. Bindiya tells her to sing quietly or else mummy will hear.

Kanhiya says it would be nice to see her riding with him on his bike going to work. But what Sona is saying is also right. He agree with her. But she’s also a newlywed wife. Sona walks in and he lovely call her. Sona says she thought he must be sleeping since it’s so late. Kanhiaya asks how could he have just slep like that? And that he mean just like the gas cylinder his sleep is gone too. Sona asks if he is not upset with her decision? Kanhaiya says he is unable to decide. Sona says she’ve told him everything already. Kanhayia then replied his wife that if she look from his mummy’s point of view, she is correct and if she look at it from her point of view, she is also correct. But he know one thing that out of them both one person is absolutely correct. 100%. Sona then asks him to think from his point of view on what the difference is between a housewife and a working wife and asks him to tell her. How is a housewife less than a working wife? And in what aspect? A confused Kanhiaya says yes and then says no. Sona learns Kanhaiya’s state of disturbance, of making a choice between her and his mother Sunaina devi’s after their decisions but she still insist him to tell her. Kanhiya says he is a bit sleepy so he is unable to think properly and he will tell her later as he is sleepy now. And then remind her that his dream of riding a bike with her just like the suhaag raat will be left incomplete.

Sunaina Devi gets disturbed in understanding Sona’s adamant behaviour of willing to turn a housewife. She keeps thinking of how Sona answered her right from the time Sona wanted to cook to fulfill her tradition to the dinner. She talk to herself that Sona is smart and wonders from where did she got this idea to be a housewife? She realized she keeps going against her again and again and looks like she didn’t had a good upbringing and think she have to call her Daadi over here. Sunaina Devi however, calls Girijadevi ( Sona’s Daadi)  at her residence to influence Sona’s decision of being a housewife. In Neelam’s room, her husband is doing push-ups and Neelam asks why didn’t he said anything just now and he says some military terms. Neelam says but because of the gas, there was so much of problems in the house. Her husband says she had to do it. Neelam says Sona is new to the house and wonders how would she do all this? Her husband asks her back that when she was a housewife, how did she managed it? Since Sona had taken up this responsibility, she have to think of it. Neelam says it was not right for mummy to stop anyone who wants to help Sona? Her husband raises his voice calling Neelam name! He asks if she is going against his mummy? He further says what his mummy says it’s right and she always is and warn her not to dear go against her. He leaves. Julie is shown joining Facebook and Dimple comes and sees what Julie is doing. Julie asks Dimple not to disturb her and Dimple leaves outside. Dimple then sends Avinash a friend request saying that once he becomes her friend, then he will just see what she do. The next day morning, Sona is cleaning the kitchen, sweeping and mopping the house. She also keeps the house tidy, Neelam comes to Sona asking what is she doing? She tells her that she have nothing to do now. She is a housewife and asks what would a housewife do if she has no work? Sona too says she really need rest, she don’t have to worry and she just have to tell her now that once the gas is empty, and asks how did she prepare food? Neelam says they would make food using electric heater but it would take some time and Sona says that was smart. She then asks to tell her where it is in which Neelam says that is in the store room. Sona says she will go and get it but Neelam stops Sona saying Mummy used the gas as a reason and she better go back to her work. She tells her she will do all the work. Sona says if she can do all the work, why can’t she? Neelam lovely says she is here to be as her competition and Sona laughs saying she have so much of work to do, she tells her to go and rest but Neelam is sad that no one had called her name to do their work. Just then, Sona’s Daadi comes to the house and Sunaina says she had to call her because the issue is such that her daughter in-law Sona is insisting to be a housewife and asks what have she taught her? She wants to leave her $40,000 job monthly and stay home doing all the housework. She asks if she understand what she is saying and Daadi says that since small she have been telling Sona that a women have to work. And she don’t understand why she did this and she will make Sona understand. Sona’s Daadi leaves to meet Sona. Girijadevi ( Sona’s Daadi ) comes to Sona’s room door and calls her. Sona looks back asking if she is really here. Daadi again call her which make Sona realize that her Daadi is really standing before her. Sona and her Daadi hug each other and Sona says such a surprise? Her Daadi then tells her that she want to tell her something. Girijadevi tries to convince Sona to change her decision saying she can’t understand why would a women who have studied well and earning high salary would want to remain at home and be a housewife. Sona just smiles and her Daadi further tells her that an identitiy for a women is her career and asks why is she leaving it? Sona says she want to prove that being a housewife is not easy. Her Daadi then asks if she want to be like her mother by being a housewife? And asks if she have forgotten everything she had taught her? Sona says she want to bring changes in this house and that is why i take this decision. Sunaina thinks to herself that Sona would need to change her decision. Sona’s Daadi says it only sounds good but it’s very hard to do all this and asks how can she do this? Sona convinces Girija Devi to let her withhold her decision for her family’s wellbeing and that she have thought a lot about this and that she also realized that only a housewife can take care of everyone in this house.

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