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Scene 1
Jalal is sleeping, Jodha caresses his and leaves. she brings thread, she ties one end of thread with Jalal’s dress and other end to her dress, she says i am sorry to tie you with me but if you get up in night then i will wake up too by this, i will protect you at any sost, she lies beside him.
In morning, Murad is drinking wine, Minister comes and shows him special wine, he says this is for you, Murad ask reason? minister says because your title will increase, i have sent man to kill to Salim, all will think Pratap killed Salim, then you will get throne of Mughal saltanat, Murad smirks, minister ask should we have wine? Murad says till i dont get his death news, i will not drink it, minister says you will not wait much, he leaves.
Salim is angry that we are not finding Pratap, Rahim says they cant stay hungry, they will come out soon, Salim thinks i dont know what they are eating. otherside Pratap and force are eating dry leaves, Pratap ask minister to prepare for big attack, we will get food from it.
Scene 2
Jodha thinks that if Leela is not magician, then who is doing it, i have to find out. Jodha comes to Laboni’s room. she hides, Sangram is sitting in Laboni’s feet, she says you were good man and now you have become dog, why did you come here, Jodha is shocked to see that, Laboni says now you are my servant, you dance on my finger tips, she laughs, Jodha thinks this means Yogi were right, Sangram in under her influence and she killed my sister Leela, a dasi comes there and greets Jodha, Laboni is shocked to find Jodha there, she makes Sangram stand, she greets Jodha, jodha says i came to talk to you, i didnt know you were busy with Sangram, i will come later, she smiles and leaves, Laboni have sigh of relief.
Hoshiyar is crying, dasi comes and ask what happened? Hoshiyar says Ruks has denied to see my face, dasi says maybe someone did black magic on me, someone must be jealous with you as you were special of Ruks, Hoshiyar says this can be true, the time i find that culprit, i will present it to Ruks and will finish that person.
Laboni is dancing in her room, Jalal who is in court, listens the music, he leaves, jodha trie sto stop him but Jalal keeps moving forward, Jodha follows him, Jalal comes to Laboni’s room who is dancing, she is happy to see Jalal there, Jodha hides and sees all this, Laboni comes closer to Jalal and smiles, he looks in her eyes, she greets him and says how you came here? Jalal says i listened you voice and couldnt stop myself so came to see your talent, she ask him to come in, she holds his hand, brings him in, she caresses his face, Jodha looks on, Jalal feels jittery, she ask are you alright? Jalal ask where i am? she says you came to see me singing, Jalal says i should leave, he leaves, Jodha thanks God.
Scene 3
Jalal comes to jodha, she makes him lie in her lap, she sings lullaby for him, Jalal feels jittery, he ask her to stop all this, Jodha says you like to listen this, jalal says yes i like it but i dont wanna listen it, i am feeling uneasy, i wanna go from here, Jodha says there is cone place where you will feel better, she brings Jalal to royal bathroom, she caresses his face, Jodha sit in royal tub infront of Jalal, she washes her face, she ask him to come in, you will feel better here, you like to take bath with me, Jalal nods, Laboni is waiting for Jalal and says dont know what is stopping Jalal to come to me, dasi comes and says tells that Jalal is with Jodha in bathroom, Labonis is stunned.
PRECAP- Jalal and Laboni are in bath tub, they both play with water.
Scene 1
Jalal comes in bath tub, Jodha gives him bath, she washes his hairs and face, Jalal moves away from her, Jodha gets sad but then splashes water at him, he starts smiling and says you wanna play game with me? Jodha says you can think like that, she splashes water, Jalal starts splashing water at her too, Laboni sees this from far, she fumes in anger, Jalal hugs Jodha, Laboni thinks this Jodha is making me angry but soon i will go to 3rd level to magic and then Jalal will be mine, tomorrow i will be in your place, she imagines herself in bathtub with Jalal, Jalal playing with her, she getting romantic with him, her imagination ends, she finds sacred thread on Jodha and Jalal’s neck, she says this thread is stopping Jalal to come to me, i have to get rid of it, she leaves.
Laboni comes to Dammo, Dammo ask where is Jalal? he must be with you, Laboni says he is with Jodha, dont know why this is in our way, because of her, our magic is not working, Dammo ask why? Laboni says jodha has tied thread on Jalal’s arm and because of that Jalal is not coming to me, Dammo says what if Jodha has got to know about us? Laboni says no, if this was the case then she would have questioned me, she would have arrested me, Dammo says we cant do magic till that thread is in Jalal’s arm, do something fast to get rid of that thread.
Scene 2
Jodha is drying Jalal’s hairs and thinks till when i will stop Jalal from going to her, Jalal is staring at her, she ask what? Jalal says i am looking at your beauty, he caresses her hands, he says when you are with me then i will become fine soon but i feel i should pamper you a little too, he makes her sit, he dries her hairs, In Ankhon mein tum jabse hogye gum.. plays, Jodha caresses his hands, she takes Jalal to bed, makes him lie, covers him with sheet, she sit beside him and caresses his hairs, Jalal sleeps, Jodha smiles, ishq hai woh ehsas badal jo jo halat plays, Jodha again ties one end of thread to Jalal’s and other to her dress, she prays that Yogi return soon.
Yogi is on journey. a great priest is shown busy in praying, Yogi comes to him, sit in his feet, priest looks at Yogi, he says so they reached Agra? he recite something on ash, he says they are Dammo and Laboni, they are great in black magic, you have to stop them but till this ash takes its color, you have to wait
its morning, Sangram is siting in Laboni’s feet, she makes him eat chicken, he eats it like dog, she says dont make me angry ever, if you dont do my work then i will not leave you, Sangram says i will never make you angry master, he leaves, Laboni smirks.
Scene 3
Joda brings Jalal in garden, she says to Jalal that dont practice sword fighting today, you are not fine, Jalal says i will not get peace till i dont practice it, soldier cant say that he is ill so cant fight, i will be fine by practing, Jodha says okay but not for much time, Sangram comes to Jalal and says i have listened about your sword skills so thought to fight with you today, Jodha thinks he is in influence of her, what if he hurts Jalal? she says not Sangram, jalal is not well, Jalal says let it be, he is our guest, i have listened about his valor, it will be fun to fight with him, Jalal brings out his sword, they starts sword fighting, Laboni sees Sangram sword fighting with Jalal, she thinks that afterall dog is loyal to its master, this Sangram is my dog that fighting for me, he will bring that thread for me. jodha is worried seeing jalal and Sangram indulged in intense sword fighting, Jalal overpowers Sangram, Laboni gets tensed, Sangram treis to attack Jalal’s arm but Jalal doesnt let him touch thread, Jalal throws him away and wins, Jalal makes hm get up, he leaves, Laboni thinks this Sangram is of no use, i have to do to something.
Rahim says to Salim that you are taking risk, you cant go out, Salim says i cant sit here quitely, seeing my soldiers working day and night to find him, Rahim says what will i tell Jalal? Salim says if i lose then tell Jalal that his died as a warrior, Pratap’s man attack Salim. Rahim saves him, they attack the man, Rahim ask man who sent you? he is wearing Rajvanshi dress, Salim says this cant be Pratap’s act, he is not like that, this work is of someone else, man dies.
Jalal says to Jodha that see i won over Sangram, Jodha says to Jalal that why dont you stop sword practicing for somedays? Jalal says do i ever stop you from prayers? ok i promise i will not practice till i get fine.
Laboni sees ash in her hands and says if i throw this dust on that thread then its effect will be gone.
PRECAP- Laboni is wearing ball gown of Jodha, she comes closer to Jalal and is about to kiss him but Jodha comes and shouts to stop all this, Laboni angrily looks at her.
Scene 1
Laboni is playing with Aram Bano and she goes to Sh room calling ABBUJAAN and he wants to carry her but she says no and wants to hide in his room from Leela mausi and she also runs inside and SH says you are also mineclose to me . Laboni wants to find Aram bano and show the ash on SH Tabeej and JB IS watching as she hides and throws the ash on SH and Jo separates SH and asks what is the matter Laboni says her leg slipped and she fell on SH and JB looks around but does not find anything and what she is searching and JB says she is looking at the room to find whether it is cleaned properly.
Laboni is with the pink dress and thinks that from today he will be hers and Dammo asks what is this and Laboni says to day she has put the ash on the tabeej and she will get SH today and all will know her as MEH mother. Dammo is doing her tantra and Laboni in pink dress and says today and she has to say the mantra in JA ears when she captures his body Dammo says go and wait for Jalal in your bed for him. She has decorated her bed.
Dammo starts her magic, Jalal is sleeping in his room, he wakes up and imagines Laboni calling him to her, she says Jalal come to me, i am dying to unite with you, Jalal starts to leave his room, thread creel attached to his dress starts unrolling, Jodha wakes up and doesnt find Jalal on bes, she follows the thread to find Jalal. Jalal is going in jungle, Jodha is following thread, Dammo is busy in magic, Jodha finds Jalal, she follows him, Laboni calls Jalal, Jalal comes, she is sitting on bed, dressed in ball gown, place is decorated with candles, Laboni says to jalal that i was waiting for you, she does magic with her eyes on Jalal, she makes Jalal sit on bed, Jodha sees all this hiding behind bushes, she makes Jalal lie on bed, Jodha is about to stop Laboni but recalls how Yogi asked her to not challenge her openly, wait for him to return, Jodha says he asked me to not stop her but i have no other way, i have to stop her, Laboni lies on Jalal and says i was waiting for this day, she opens Jalal’s shirt, Jodha is stunned, Laboni caresses Jalal’s face, she is about to kiss Jalal, Jodha shouts Shehenshah, Laboni turns and gets angry seeing jodha there, Jodha comes to her, both angrily look at each other, Jodha says to her that i gave you respect as my sister and you are doing this with my husband, Laboni says i will tell you truth now, i am not your sister but Laboni and your husband is like this because of my black magic, you know who i am? Jodha says i know you who you are, you have killed my sister and has taken her place, Laboni says why you are here? Jodha says i have come to take my husband, Laboni says i wont let that happen, this is last stage of my magic, i will get Jalal’s body today and if you dotn go away then i will kill Jalal, Jodha says my love wont let you do that, Laboni says i know your love has strength but today my strength has won over your love, it would be good for you to leave else you wont be able to stand, if Jalal is not mine then i wont let Jalal to be of anyone else, Jodha thinks whats to do, Yogi has not returned, i have to stop her till he doesnt come, Laboni says what have you decided? you want your husband to die? Jodha says no, dont do like that, i am ready to give you Jalal but dont do anything to him, its important for Jalal to live then be mine, Laboni laughs and says you are smart, you sacrificed like a good wife, but listen because of you my magic is stopped for today, i have to wait for next night, i will come to you and then you will give your place to me beside Jalal, Laboni says to Jodha that if you want Jalal alive then leave Jalal and palace, jodha is stunned, she looks at Jalal lying straight on bed, Jodha says okay i am ready to do that, Laboni smirks, Jodha thinks that for Jalal’s safety i have to take this step.
Scene 2
Jodha makes Jalal lie on bed in his room, she is about to leave, Jalal holds her hand and ask her to not leave him, Jodha sit beside him and says i am with you only, Jalal says i feel good only when you are around, i feel weak, Jodha says dont worry, i will not leave you, i am yours and you are mine, Jodha lies her head on Jalal’s shoulder and says i love you alot Shehenshah, she thinks how much i show my love but in end i will have to leave.
Yogi Udaynath is with big priest, priest makes dagger and says this can finish that magician but it can be used only once so use it wisely, Uday takes dagger, priest says you have less time, if you dont reach on time then this dagger will be useless.
Moti ask Jodha where are you lost? you seem tensed? tell me if you have some problem? Jodha says nothing, Laboni comes there, Jodha stares at her.
PRECAP- Jodha is leaving palace, Jalal smiles at her, Laboni smirks, Jodha gives last look to Jalal..
Scene 1
Laboni says to Jodha that when husband is ill then how can Jodha be fine? and for my sister, her life revolve around Jalal, jodha ask moti to leave, she leaves, Laboni says to Jodha that forget Jalal and you remember your promise? jodha says i remember and i will fulfill it, i have one request, Jalal is very ill, let me live here till he gets fine, Laboni says he is ill because of my black magic and i can make him fine but for that you have to leave palace, dont care about Jalal and leave this palace today only, if you dont leave then i will kill Jalal and his family,i will give them pain, do you wanna see them in pain? like Hamida, Aram? jodha says no dont do this, i will leave palace today only, dont hurt my family, Laboni says thats like a good sister, she leaves, Jodha curtly looks at her.
Hamida comes to Jalal and says to him that give Jodha responsibility of management, Ruks thinks why always jodha? Jodha comes and says i can take this responsibility, Jalal says dont say like this, you are capable of it, if king is not fine then queen should take charge, Jodha says i know but i am sorry, i cant take this responsibility, i wanna go to Mathura, i wanna do pooja there for Jalal, Hamida ask cant you delay this pooja as Jalal is not fine, Jodha says i have to go for Jalal only, i am sure with my prayers, Jalal will be fine, i cant ignore this pooja, Hamida says if this is the case then you go, Ruks says yes, we will take care of Jalal, you leave, Jodha looks at jalal, she gets little emotional and says i will prepare for my leave, she leaves.
Scene 2
Laboni laughs and says to Dammo that i get what i want, soon Jodha will leave and Jalal will be mine, she says did you think that it will happen? Jodha knows everything but she cant do anything, Jodha is foolish, she has given her life to me, if i was in her place then i wouldnt have let that happen, Dammo says now our work is easy, we will do last part of our magic, our work will complete now, Laboni says there is no hurdle in my way now, Dammo shows her red powder and says you have to apply it on jalal before you make him yours.
Salim gets Anar’s letter, she writes that i hope this letter brings smile on your face, i pray for your protection and i pray that you win and return soon, i cant even sleep in your wait, your Anarkali, Salim kisses her letter, he smiles and writes letter for her too, he send letter to anarkali. Rahim comes to him, Salim ask did you find about man who attacked me? Rahim says no, we will find soon, your security is more tight now, Salim says nothing will happen to me, i have to catch Pratap, we have to think something else to catch him, Rahim says he is not coming out, Salim says we have to take step now, ask all soldiers to keep eye on all markets and borders, i have to return to Agra soon.
Jodha is packing her stuff, she sees blue dupatta which jalal selected for her, she recalls how jalal made her wear it, jalal comes in her room, he says you are getting ready as if you wanna go asap, Jodha makes Jalal sit, she says you are not fine then why did you come here? you could have called me, Jalal says i thought you muse be busy so thought to come and meet you, Jodha starts to leave, Jalal says sit, let me see you, spend sometime with me, dont know when we will see each other again, Jodha thinks i dont wanna go away but for your life, i have to go away from you, Jodha ask Jalal to take care of him, drink Kadha and dont do sword fighting, jalal says you are saying as if you will not comeback, jodha says i care for you, Jalal says then take me too with you, jodha get in tears, jalal ask what happened? there is something that is bothering you, tell me, Laboni comes there and interrupts them, Laboni says to jodha that palanquin has come, Jalal says your sister doesnt wanna leave me, Laboni says jodha dont worry, in your absence i will take care of Jalal, Jodha curtly says i know, Jodha says to Jalal that i will leave now, she gives him look and leaves. Jodha comes in garden, Jalal sees her from balcony, jodha smiles at him, she then looks at Laboni, Dammo says to Laboni that prick is removed, now we have to prepare for night, jodha sit in palanquin, she looks at Jalal who is sad, palanquin is taken away from palace, Ruks ask jalal to not worry, jodha will return soon, take rest, she takes Jalal to his room.
At night, Dammo says to Laboni that i am waiting for moon so that we can start our magic, this statue has helped us and will do that now too, you have to bring Jalal to jungle, Laboni says our problem jodha is removed, now who can stop me?
Ruks brings jalal in chess room and says i thought you will feel good here, she says lets play game, she ask which color you chose, Jalal says white, Laboni is standing as pawn on ches table, she thinks Ruks cant stop Jalal as he has to go with me.
jodha comes to Uday’s house, she doesnt find and says i thought Uday would have returned till now thats why i left palace but he is not here, i cant fight them alone, what if anything happens to jalal? i cant leave Jalal alone, i have to save him even if my life is gone.
PRECAP- Laboni brings Jalal closer to him, Jodha comes in jungle too.
Scene 1
Jalal is playing chess with Ruks, Ruks is impressed with his skills, she is involved in playing when Suddenly Laboni does magic and spread smoke in room, Ruks, pawns all are stoned, she ask Jalal to come with her, she says to Ruks that play here alone and i will play my game, she takes Jalal with him.
Yogi Uday is moving towards palace, he says eclipse night has come, i have to reach fast. Dammo starts her last part of magic, she recite some mantras, put beads in water and does magic on fire, Jalal’s face is shown is water, she smirks at her success. Laboni thinks i cant take Jalal out of palace from main gate, all will know about it, i have removed jodha from my way with difficulty, i cant take risk, how to take Jalal out? she says there must be some secret way out to this palace, she does magic on beads, she throws bead on floor, they start moving and shows her secret way out to palace, Jalal is following her, they are going out when she finds soldier coming, she gets tensed, soldier greets jalal and leaves, Laboni follows beads, she finds secret gate and takes jalal out of palace.
Scene 2
Laboni and Jalal are going in jungle, Laboni sings and dances, she comes to Dammo who laughs and says the time has come when you will get what you wanted, Laboni says you taught me to get what you desire, Dammo gives water to her and says magic is done on it, you have to drink it, Laboni is about to drink it but Dammo says you can drink it only after Jalal’s body become blue, take him to isolated place, apply red powder on his body, i will do mantra and his body will become blue then he will be yours forver, Laboni takes jalal with her.
Jodha is in jungle too and says how to stop that magician, Yogi comes there, Jodha says thank God you came, Yogi ask what are you doing here? i asked you to not leave Jalal alone, Jodha says i have left for his good only, she tells him how Laboni blackmailed her, Yogi says you did good by not warning Laboni and listening to her, i have got dagger from priest, we will finish their magic with this.
Laboni brings Jalal to some isolated room in jungle, she comes closer to Jalal and says you will become mine today, you will say and do what i want you to do, Jalal is standing like statue, Laboni removes Jalal’s jewelry.
Yogi and Jodha are going in jungle, Jodha says its all fog here, how will we move forward? yogi says this is done by that magician. Dammo is busy in her magic. Yogi says to Jodha that they have surrounded themselves with fog so that no one can reach them, he says i will control Dammo with this dagger as she is protecting her daughter but you will have to control Laboni, Jodha ask how? Yogi gives her some hair lock of dog and says put this in Laboni’s body, her magic will end when this hair go in her body, but it can be dangerous, jodha says i am not afraid of result, i just want to save Jalal but how will i do it? Yogi says Laboni must have water with her, she has to drink it before getting Jalal, you have to put this hair in that water, i will stop her mother Dammo but Laboni should not see you else she can kill you, Jodha says to save Jalal even if i have to die, i will have no problem, Laboni opens Jalal’s shirt, she applies red powder on his body. Jodha is going to Laboni, she takes off anklet from feet to not get caught by their sound, she comes to isolated place, she hides and finds Jalal lying on bed, she says i will save Jalal.
PRECAP- Laboni drinks water, Jodha is lying on floor, she looks at Laboni.
Scene 1
jodha sees Jalal and the blood on his body, she sees Laboni and says what has she made of my husband. She recalls what the jogi said, that she has to put these hair in the pot. Jodha sees the pot and says how do it get it.
damo says i have made this fog cover all over me, no one will be able to see me. She says odhay nath you came again. odhay nath says i had to come, you thought you can use your black magic to do this evil. damo says you dont know about my powers yet you can’t stop me. Laboni says who is there? come in front of me. odhay says i wont let you do this. I know your powers but i will stop you. She creates a fire circle around her.
His parrot comes and hits damo a little. The parrot falls down. dami says your pal is dead now.
jodha goes near jalal, her head starts bleeding, Laboni comes in and throttles her. she says i asked you not to come in between, not you see the consquences, she shoves jodha and says i asked you not to come. She shives her again, laboni says i wont leave you nor your husband. I wanted to take jalal from you, i will take you life as well. Jodha shoves her and says my love is stronger than your magic. Laboni says i will see how you stop me, Stop me if you can. She hit jodha. jalal opens his eyes, laboni keeps doing her tricks, jalal jitters. laboni says you will die in front of your husband. See him in my arms. Jodha is weak. Laboni laughs at jalal.
odhay throws a fireball at damo and says your end is written today. She defends it, her head bleeds. A fireballs strikes her and she is on ablaze. her body burns, Laboni drinks from that pot. jodha says help me God, take care of shahenshah. Laboni says no one can save you or jalal now. She goes closer to jalal. her hands are on ablaze, jodha recalls putting hair in the pot. lamoni screams, her body start to burn. jodha goes to jalal and says shahenshah get up please. Jalal caresses jodha’s face. she says you are all right. You are out of that magic now. he says what magic? and what are these wounds. jodha says she was not leela. she tells him everything. jalal says what would have happened if she was successful. she says i wont let that happen. you are my life. jalal says i will be with you all my life.
odhay is sitting with his back against the tree. blood is dripping down his nose, he opens his eyes, there is just a black spot on damo’s place. He stands up and touches it. jodha and jalal come there. He says jotak you gave my life for you. jodha says i am so sorry to hear that. odhay says yu have to lose something to do something good. i am glad its over. Jalal says i will always be your grateful come to our castle we will welcome you there. odhay says the walls of castles never fascinate me. Jodha says come with us and get the treatment. Odhay says we have all the treatement in this jungle. i have to do the funerals of jotak.he sits there and takes jotak’s ash in his palm. He leaves.
Precap-Jodha gives parsad to a woman, she holds her hand. its laboni with half of her face burnt.
Scene 1
Sangram has gone to is state back, everything is going good in the castle. Jodha and jalal’s wedding anniversary is near.
Jalal says she was beautiful btw. Jodha says okay keep saying i am not jealous. Jalal says its only your name in my heart. She laughs, jalal says i love your smile. He says something is near, she says what? He says you don’t remember? jodha says is it something that important?
anarkali swipes her tears, she says i dont need these tears anymore. salim says i will talk to my parents about out wedding on their wedding anniversary. She says but.. He says let me look at your face i am back after so long. Anarkali hugs.
arham says to salima i will gift them the sword on their wedding anniversary. hameeda says wow you have gotten intelligent. Jodha comes in and says what are you talking about? arham says we were talking about the gift. jodha says what are you gonna gift? She says i wont tell you. arham says i heard you took round around fire. jodha says that is a ritual in hindu weddings. She says i wanted to attend you wedding. Jodha says you were not here back then. arham says why dont you get married again, i will love it. hameeda says idea is good. Salima says yes she is right. We want to see your wedding again. hameeda says i will talk to jalal about it. he will agree i am sure. Jodha says what are you saying ammi jaan. hameeda says i am your mother in law and i have decided this.
Jalal talks to jodha about the idea of wedding again on their anniversary, she laughs and says okay. He says i will come to you with the baraat and take you again. Jodha says i am goin to temple. jodha gives parsad to all the poor people in temple. she gives it to a lady, when she looks at jodha, its laboni. Jodha is dazed, jodha says you? i thought you were dead. Laboni says the laboni who wanted to destroy you is dead. please pardon me, i am a new person now. I want to apologize to you. Jodha takes her hand and says go from here i dont wanna see your face. Laboni holds her feet and says please dont do this. pardon me. my body is burnt, i dont wanna burn in my sins. jodha says you have the punishment, you have to live like this. laboni says if you dont pardon me i will be like this forever, please forgive me. She cries. Jodha says dont do this, i have forgiven you. its my wedding anniversary tomorrow so in name of my love i pardon you. She says i am jalal’s culprit too, can i come there tomorrow? i will ask for pardon from him. i want to pray for you. i lose my mom, my body is burnt i just want to be a good woman now. but you shouldn’t allow me after what i have done. I haven’t got your complete pardon. Jodha says okay you can come there. Laboni says really you do? Jodha says okay you can. laboni says is it a dream. Jodha says its reality. you can come tomorrow. Laboni says you gave me ease thank you so much, Jodha leaves.
Scene 2
Next day, jodha gets mehndi on her hands. Moti says why did you ask her to come? Jodha says she was crying she is regretting what she did. Moti says you are so generous, people take disadvantage of it. Moti says well if that makes you happy then let it be this way. jalal comes in, moti stops him and says sorry but you can’t go in. jalal says you know what you are saying? Moti says you are about to get married to her, you can’t meet her before weddin. jalal says what if i dont agree to this? jodha says mot come here, she whispers something. Moti says you asked to the wedding again, she says then you have to follow the rituals. jalal says can i see her face? because i can’t sleep without seeing her face. Jodha says then you have to stay up all night.
Precap-pandit ji asks jalal to hold jodha’s hand. Laboni puts her hand on the top. Jodha is dazed.
Scene 1
Haidar’s uncle instigate Murad against Salim that all have sidelined you, you have to do something. Hamida, Salima comes to Jodha, Aram says i will gift Jodha, she gifts Jodha sword on Salima’s behald, Salima says i prays that you remain happy always, Hamida gifts dress to Jodha, Hamida ask Ruks will you not congratulate Jodha? Ruks congratulate her and says who can gift Jodha, she is special wife of Jalal, how can anyone gift her? Jodha says she is right, you all are with me thats enough, Ruks says but have to follow rules, she gifts Jodha, Salima says to Jodha that your mehndi color is very dark in your hands just like your love, Hamida sys Jodha is my daughter, i will attend marriage from Jodha’s side, i will do her kanyadan too, Jodha gets emotional and hugs her, Salima says then i will come from Jodha’s side too, Ruks sys wil Jalal go alone then? i will come from Jalal’s sie then, alla smile.
Salima makes Jalal wear turban (sehra), Salim says you are looking nice, Jalal says you will wear it soon too, i and Jodha have decided to do your marrriage with Mann soon, let Bhagwan das come here, Salim thinks i cant marry Mann but how to tell Jalal, Jalal says you know when i got married to Jodha, i used to hate her then she loved me and changed my hatred into love, if your mother had not come in my life then you would have not been here, love is very importantant in life, i had heart before too but she made it beat, she gave life to heart, Salim says so love is everything? Jalal says yes, love is everything, it makes you live life nicely, it gives you reason to live, Salim thinks that means i have to tell about my love to everyone soo.
Scene 2
Jodha is getting ready as bride, Salima says you are looking very nice, Aram puts black spot on her ear and says evil cast will not fall on you now, Aram ask when will i become bride? Salima says where is your groom? Aram says dont know, she ask Jodha to tell my groom to not white horse, i like brown horse, Jodha and Salima laughs.
Jalal comes to venue with Ruk, Murad, Daniyal, Salim and others. Hamida does their aarti and tilak. Jalal comes in Mandir, priest ask to call bride, Hamida and Salima brings Jodha, she is in veil and slightly glances at Jalal, both smile at each other, Jalal recall how he first saw her in palanquin in Amer, Hamida makes Jodha stand beside Jalal and says i am giving my most precious person to you, take care of her, Jalal says dont worry, your precious person is most precious gift to me, i will take care of her all my life, i will give her all the happiness, Jodha shyly smiles, they sit in mandap, Anarkali comes there, she smiles at Salim, Salim thinks that soon we will marry too, Anar thinks i wanna marry you Salim but i get afraid if it will ever happen or not, Salim thinks soon i will make you. Jalal ask Jodha that you remember gift? Jodha says i didnt forget it but you should also not not forget, Jalal smiles. Jodha imagines Laboni there, she nods to Jodha, Jodha says to Jalal that dont get angry on me, she was repenting so much and she has got punishment for her deeds, she was asking forgiveness and if i didnt forgive her then it would look rude so forgave and she has come here, Jalal ask whom you are talking about? Jodha points to one corner, Jodha says to Jalal that i have invited her, there is no one there, Jodha looks there and finds no one now, she gets tensed, priest ask them to exchange garlands, they get and exchange garlands, flower petals are sprinkled, priest ask Jalal to take Jodha hand in your hand, Jalal does that, Laboni puts her hand on their hands too, Jodha is shocked to see that, she ask Laboni to leave, Jalal ask what happened? there is no one here, Jodha is shocked to see her gone, priest ask them to get up for pheras(rounds), Jalal and Jodha takes 7 pheras, Jodha imagines Laboni taking pheras too, she tells Jalal, Jalal says there is no one here, why you are teasing me? he cannot see Laboni but Jodha can, pheras are done. Priest ask Jalal to apply Sindoor (vermillion) to Jodha, Jalal raises his hand to apply Sindoor (vermillion) on Jodha forehead, Laboni comes inbetween, Jodha is shocked, Sindoor falls on Laboni’s forehead, Jodha is stunned, Jalal applies sindoor on Jodha’s forehead, he cannot see Laboni there, Jodha faints seeing Laboni, Jalal ask to call doctor.
PRECAP- Jodha is lying on bed, Laboni’s soul enters Jodha’s body, Jalal comes there, Jodha stares him..
Scene 1
Jodha becomes conscious and is waiting for Jalal in room, Laboni comes there and says to Jodha that walk slowly else you will fall, i am here to wait for my husband, Jodha says your husband? Laboni says dont you remember i took pheras with Jalal and he filled my forehead with sindoor too, i am Jalal’s wife now.
outside room, Doctor informs Jalal that Jodha was fasting whole day for pheras so she fainted because of that, she is fine now, she is sleeping. Laboni says to Jodha that you killed my body but my soul is still here, now it all depends on me how and when i come here or not, i possessed you body that day, i will not go anywhere now, i do justice, as we both are Jalal’s wife so in daytime he will be yours and in night, he will be mine, his body will be mine and you will just serve him whole day, there is one problem, i dont have body so your body will be yours in daytime and at night, i will take your body, this partition will be don from tonight only, Jodha is stunned, she pushes Jodha on bed, Jodha lies on bed, Laboni’s soul enters her body, Jalal comes in room, Jodha possessed by Laboni’s soul looks at him, he ask are you fine? i listened you were talking to someone, Jodha says i was talking to myself, she touches Jalal’s face and says i was thinking how to woo you, why did you come so late, Jalal says you need rest so sleep, Jodha says tonight is our marriage night, i need you not sleep, no one sleep on this night, Jalal smiles and hugs her, he says i have brought gift for you but i wanna know what you gift me, Jalal ask dasi to bring gift from his room, he ask Jodha where is my gift? Jodha says first you show your gift, dasi brings gift, its beautiful dupatta, Jalal makes her wear it, she says its very nice, Jalal says there is something special in it, he shows Jodha her reflection in water and ask did you remember anything? Jodha gets confused but then say i remember everything, do you? Jalal says i cant forget that day when i saw your reflection in water in ghunghour in amer, you were wearing same dupatta that day, you were shining like moon that night, Jodha says you say good poetic lines, Jalal says its because of you, you make me poet too, he ask for gift, she says i will gift you such a thing that you will never forget, she takes off her dupatta, she takes off his jewelry, Jalal says i have never seen this side of yours, Jodha says its start only, she pushes Jalal on bed.
Scene 2
Anarkali says to Salim that Jodha was looking very beautiful as bride, Salim has his head lying in her lap, he looks at her and says i am imagining when you will dress as my bride you will look so amazing, that day will be best day of my life, Anar says i am thinking about Mann, she will get pain listening all this, Salim says it will be better than hurting every day, .as she doesnt deserve to be with someone who doesnt love her, he ask what are you dreams as girl? anar says all my dreams died when i became dancer, i have no dreams now and i have no right to see dreams, Salim says i assure you that you will see dreams and i will fulfill it, future queen, she hugs him, he makes her wear dupatta and says you have right to see dreams and it will be fulfilled as its promise of you future king.
In morning, Jodha wakes up, she says why everything is messed up in room and why i have headache, Laboni comes there and laughs, Laboni says to Jodha that it was amazing last night with Jalal, there is something special in spending night with Jalal, Jodha looks on shocked, Laboni says i wanted Jalal always but now he is mine, Jodha says i will arrest you, Laboni gets angry and approaches Jodha, she shouts on Jodha that have you gone mad? she laughs, she says did you forget that i am not human but soul, you cant arrest me, nor you can kill me, you cant burn me nor you can throw me in water, nobody can see me then how will you fight with me? and who else will fight with me? he will lose his life, Jalal comes there, Laboni goes near him , Jalal is not able to see her, he says to Jodah that you gave special gift to me last night, you won this time too, Jodha says to Jalal that i wanna talk to you, she clutches Jodha’s face in her fist, jalal cant see it, Jodha is silent and says no i dont wanna say anything, Jalal leaves, Laboni laughs and says you cant say anything to your husband, Laboni says to Jodha that if anyone gets to know all this then i will kill your husband and you know i can do it, should i show you demo? Jodha says no dont hurt jalal, Laboni says i should thank you that you killed me, what i couldnt do in my life, i am doing it easily after death, Jodha is tensed.
PRECAP- Ruks says to Jodha that give neclace to me, Jodha says i think this necklace will look nice in my feet than on your neck, Ruks looks on shocked.
Scene 1
Hamida wishes birthday to ruks and so does salima. Jodha comes in, she was worried about what happened last night and laboni keeps using her magic on Jodha. Jodha comes in the hall and says parnam to everyone. laboni is standing by her side. jodha says happy brithday ruks. Ruks thank her. Ruks says thank you, its a special day for me. jalal spends his nights with you we crave for his company but tonight like every year i will spend the night with him. Ruks says you have to get everything prepared. Jodha says of course i can. jodha says there is no difference between you me and salima. Laboni says wrong.
Jodha goes to her room and unties her hair. laboni cmes in and says now jodha will sleep in me and i will wake in you. Jodha says i wont let you do this. Laboni says you cant stop me. you increased my powers by killing me. She smiles, jodha is worried. She gets inside jodha, jodha smiles and says i am isnide you. She turns into jodha and says please leave me, she starts crying. she says i wont go out. Laboni’s soul controls her again and says jodha you lost again. She says you ruined your makeup? so i can’t go out? what ugly clothes your wear, this will be your body but soul will be mine and i will get dressed now. She takes all the jewelry and wears it.
She comes out after getting dressed, everyone looks at her in an awkward way. She walks past all the soldiers. A soldier says what is she wearing? murad is drinking, minister says you have to stay in your senses, no one should know that man who wanted to kill salim was sent by you. Murad says why you sent that stupid man there. Rahim comes in and says what man are you talking about you? Minister says he send a man to buy fruits. Rahim says you shouldn’t drink that much. Murad says salim must have told you. Rahim says we all care about you. murad says i know how much you care i dont need it all. he leaves in anger.
Ruks gets dresses and smokes hukkah. she says please give me that red necklace jodha. Jodha takes the necklace and twists it, she says i would give you but i think it looks better in my feet than your neck everyone is dazed. She wears it in her feet.
She says you should dress so much in this old age, it will either be worn by me or some young woman. this wont look good on your neck and nothing can make you look beautful, she laughs. she says its your time to walk by a cane. Jodha says what did you say? Ruks says this necklace looks good on someone’s neck who has true mughal blood. Jodha says you have blood of a runner, traitor. ruks says how dare you to insult my father. Jodha says i wont the same jodha who would endure your insult. Why should i talk to you? salima says why are you talking this way jodha? She is your elder. jodha laughs and says you better stay quite. There is no difference between hoshiyar and you. I am the queen, the closest one to jalal. The truth is always bitter.
Jalal comes in and says my three wives are here and i love to see you. Jodha you look different today. why you look upset salima? salima says no nothing like it, i am just tired. jalal says happy birthday ruks. he hugs her and says thank you Jalal. i hope that like every year, this night you will spend with me. jalal says of course. jodha says no.. Ruks says no its my day jodha dont tell him something important. He is only mine tonight. jalal says of course i would. i do it every year. jalal says is there something wrong jodha? Jodha says no nothing. jalal gives the gift to ruks he says i am sure you must remember how we used to play with it. Ruks recalls their childhood times. When they used to play together. She says you remembered it? she says its really close to my heart. Jalal says jodha suggested me to gift it to you.
No Precap.
Scene 1
Jalal says i will stay with you tonight Ruks we will talk and play chess. Ruks says to jodha jalal will spend this night with me. laboni says in heart all his nights are mine. jodha says hoshiyar get the hokkah ready for me, everyone is dazed. She smokes it.
Salim comes close to anarkali. She says what if someone sees? He says you are my wife to be. she says let me go its ruk’s birthday i have to get the dance prepared. He holds her hand and pulls her closer. Anarkali says sees someone and says someone is kepin and eye on you. She runs. Daniyal comes in clapping and says wow. this is not right. She is a dancer. Salim says i love her. daniyal says king will kill her if he gets to know. Salim says you wont talk like that about her ever again. I love her.
Ruks gives drink to jalal. she says i just wanna enjoy your company. she says i wanna ask something. whom you love more? me or jodha? jalal says same question after 25 years? She says thats not the answer, i know you love jodha. i just wanna know, is there any place in your heart for me? if there is, then what is it? Jalal says i have spent my childhood with you. You are my pal, first time, you are the one i trust, the one on whose shoulder can i cry. You don’t have to worry no once will be on your spot. jodha knows what you mean to me. she never wanted to take your place. She hugs him. someone knocks at the door. Its jodha. She comes in and faints. Jalal says what happened to you jodha begum? she says i smoked hikkah i dont feel good. He says why did you? she says it was ruk’s birthday i was happy so i drank it. Ruks says i want to be with you jalal. jalal says i cant leave her alone. jalal says i will come to you when she is fine. Jodha says please dont leave me alone. jodha says stay here.jalal says yes i am here. Ruks leaves in anger.
Ruks comes to salima and tells her everything, salima says there is something wrong. Ruks says this is too much now either she will live here or i. salima says maybe its something else, we have to figure it out. i know jodha very well.
jalal says jodha you wanted to me to spend my night with ruks, what happened to you today? She says forget all that.
jodha comes out, Ruks says i wanna talk to you. Jodha says i will talk to you tomorrow, i wanted to drink go bring me water. Ruks says what? She says i wanna talk to you jodha i wait for this night whole year. jodha says dont speak so much in this old age. you will die, and roam like a ghost. Jodha says i am the real wife and love of jalal. you oldie has to die. Ruks slaps her and says how dare you? Jodha slaps her again, she says how dare you. She slaps her again and says dont dare to do this again. one more thing dont tell anyone about this. or you will tell everyone you got two slaps on your birthday.
She goes in.
ruks goes to salima and tells her everything. she says i will tell jalal. Salima says no you wont tell him. its not jodha. Ruks says its her real face. i wont pardon her this time.
No Precap.
Scene 1
hamida is dancing with arham. Salima comes in, Hamida says she asked me, arham says she dances well. salima says how are you now? hamida says i feel good with kids. salima says are you coming to celebrations? hamida says yes. Salima says i wanted to tell you something. she tells her how jodha slapped ruks. Hamida says this is wrong i will talk to jodha.
Jodha walks to celebrations, Laboni follows her. Jodha says in heart why is everyone scared of me? i think laboni did something last night.
Jodha comes to ruk’s room. She says i want to talk about something. Laboni says what you wanna talk to this oaf about? Ruks says i dont wanna talk to you. Laboni comes from behind and says to Jodha that now game is going good, Ruks ask Jodha what did last night wasnt less that you came here to insult me, in today’s function i will teach you lesson, i will win now, Jodha says i always want your win, Ruks says dont try to show this innocent face, i will not leave you now, Laboni says this Ruks can only shout on poor Jodha, let night come, i will take Jodha’s body and then i will teach you lesson, Jodha says to Ruks that i am sorry for yesterday.
Ruks comes to Hoshiyar and ask did dancers came? Hoshiyar says yes everything is set, Ruks smirks.
Salim comes to Anarkali, she says you? he sys you dont like to spend time with me? she says nothing like that but what if Jalal sees us? Salim says if you are afraid that our relation has no name, no recognition then dont worry, i will announce our relation tonight only and if anyone doesnt us our relation then we will go far from here, i will be with you, just hug me and dont say anything, Anarkali hugs him.
Scene 2
Jodha is sadly sitting in her room, ready to do pooja, Laboni comes and says you will not do this pooja, Jodha says i will do it, Laboni throws aarti plate away, Jodha lits matchstick and does aarti of Kahna with that only, Laboni is frustrated with it, Jodha says bhajan, Laboni gets jittery and shouts to stop this, Jodha smirks, Jodha prays to Kahna to support and help her, Laboni says Kahna’s idol is not here even, Jodha says its trust not idol, this trust makes me believe that good win over bad always and your end will come too, Jalal comes there and sees Jodha’s burnt hand due to matchstick, he gets worried and says i will apply balm on it, he applies it and ask show did it burn? Laboni says to Jodha that tell him and his life will be gone, Jodha says my hand got burned with diya, Jalal says you are careless, Jodha thinks how to tell you that Laboni’s soul is playing games with me, Jalal says i think you need me, i will be with you, Laboni says no, Jodha says i wanna take rest, Jalal says ok i will leave then, he leaves, Laboni says to Jodha that game is going good, Jalal will hate you in days because of your attitude and he will love me at night, Jodha ask why you are doing all this? i never did wrong to you. Laboni says you are special to Jalal and i want Jalal and also you killed me so now i will kill you everyday.
Rahim says to Fazal that Shahabuddin(haidar’s uncle) is instigating Murad against Salim, he wants Salim to get killed, remember Salim was attacked in mewar too, Fazal says we should not tell Jalal now as we dont have proofs against him but we have to keep an eye on him.
Scene 3
Jodha is sitting in dark, she thinks that night has come, now Laboni will come and will force me to do what i never wanted, Laboni comes there and says wow everything is set, i will enjoy night, Jodha says enough, i will not allow you to use my body anymore, Laboni says so you will stop me? she pushes Jodha away, Jodha starts reciting mantras but Laboni says it will not work, she gets in Jodha’s body, Jodha starts shouting that no mnatras will work, she comes out of Jodha’s body and says i will not leave you Jodha, she again possess Jodha’s body and says this night is mine, Salim is coming to Jodha’s room, he comes in his room and finds Jodha’s head down, he ask Maasa are you fine? Jodha says i am fine, why you came here? Salim says i wanna talk something important, she says first bring paan for me, he brings it and ask from when did you start eating paan? Jodha eats paan and says i eat it from childhood, she ask the matter, Salim sys i dont love Mann bai and i dont want to marry her, Jodha says whom you dont love, you should not marry, Salim says i never thought you will agree so soon, you remember that dancer, she is very pure girl, Salim says to Jodha(possessed by Laboni) that i love Anarkali, we want to spend life together, will you talk to Jalal? Jodha glances at him and throws flower on his face, she says if you love Anarkali then i will be with you but remember there are many problems in love, you have to be strong to get your love, Salim says i cant believe you are saying this, Jodha says if i was in your place i would have got my love even after dying, dont worry i will talk to Jalal, Salim says you are very nice, thanks.
PRECAP- Jodha is dancing like dancer in function, all royal family members are stunned.


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