Video + Written Update: The Impostor Episode 74 Update on Tuesday 12th December 2017

Edwardo making all efforts to get rid of the memories he shared with Blanca by selling off the house he bought for them.

Raquel confesses to Blanca in Jail she killed her father captain Memo Guorrero.

Raphael and Raquel plan to change the fake DNA test to tell their families the truth.

Sophia finds out Cristobel is in love with her mother but her uncle denies being in love with Mariana.

Blanca denied food in Jail during lunch.  Ramon and Katelina celebrating their impending victory with their investigation just then her father walks in to query her for going through his official document.

Salvador visits Edwardo to tell him the real truth and whom not to trust but Raquel walks in and asked that her security throws him out.

Would Blanca survive in her present situation?

Would Edwardo be convinced with what Salvador told him or believe his mother?

Would Adriana find a way out in his present state? Would clemente look on whiles her daughter produces evidence to reveal his fraudulent deals?

Is Raquel in love with Ivan or just a charade? Tune in @8pm

Will Edwardo ever come to his senses with such a mother polluting him all the time?


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