Timeless Love Episode 32 Update on Tuesday 12th December 2017


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Fina gives Dr. Pushover an affably evil grin as he mulls over her mystery proposition.

Matilde excitedly greets Jero when he arrives at the hacienda. Jero drops in to visit the unfortunately-no-longer-shirtless Carlos. He assures Jero that his injuries look worse than they really are and that pursuing legal action will be useless. Agustin controls the entire region and everyone is afraid of him. If Jero dredges up trouble with Augie and then heads off for Spain, the whole thing will be forgotten anyway.

Antonio convinces Regina to hire only one official to investigate her missing daughter. Doña Cata brings in a package that was delivered for Regi. She opens the box and pulls out a pair of white baby shoes and a little red-checkered dress. It was the last outfit Reginita was wearing before she was kidnapped. Regi hyperventilates and quickly passes out.

Meanwhile, Gonzo is having evening tea with Constanza. She’s glad that Renata has her reputation cleared. Nata arrives and Coni heads into the other room so she and Gonzo can chat. I wonder if Renata has been taking fashion tips from Tia Coni, since they are both wearing similarly styled, salmon-pink dresses.

Gonzo doesn’t beat around the bush. “Fina and I are getting a divorce.” Nata’s eyes widen in surprise.

Cata holds the modern equivalent to smelling salts under Regina’s nose until she rouses. Regi cries as she explains that the baby clothes were what her hija was wearing the last time Regi ever saw her. Cata devises that this must mean the baby-snatcher, along with the long-lost Reginita, are somewhere close to them. Regina holds the little dress in a death grip. “My hija is alive! This assurance is the the most valuable thing that has happened to me in years!”

Tony hopes that Regi is right but warns her not to get her hopes up too high. Regi thinks the package might mean the robber regrets stealing Reginita. “The robber knows who I am and wants to contact me but is afraid of the consequences.” Tony isn’t sure what the package means but thinks it’s a good idea to call Detective Cantu immediately.

Agustin tells Dr. Nesme over the phone that he will personally show up at the notary in Ensenada to seal the deal. Dr. Nesme is pleased; as of the following day, Hacienda La Bonita will be Agustin’s. Augie wonders why he should bother with the hacienda if Renata isn’t there. “I don’t know how or when, but both will be mine.”

Augie surprises a pretty, young blonde at her apartment. She is clearly happy to see him since they start deep-tonguing the moment his foot crosses the threshold.

Regi sits alone in her bedroom and prays to the Virgin to help her find her hija. She wants nothing more than to hold her daughter in her arms once more.

Nata asks Gonzo if she caused the divorce between him and Fina. Nata knows that they argued for years about how Fina treated her and now that Nata was kicked out…No way, says Gonzo. “Stop blaming yourself for all the problems in the family! Fina and I have been having trouble for a long time and it was finally the moment to accept it.” Gonzo says he loves Fina and appreciates all the good times they had together as a family (that presumably didn’t involve Fina screeching and seething).

Nata understands how horrible it is not to be able to give someone the love that they desire. Gonzo lays out the game plan: Matias and Gonzo are going to move out while the Fieras continue their reign over the casa. “They need to continue living with all the commodities they are used to. The offer includes you, even if you don’t want to live with them.” Nata quickly turns him down; she would only cause more problems. Gonzo doesn’t want Renata to think that way. “I accept what happened between you and Matias, it affected my greatly, but I accept it. Your presence has filled my life with blessings. You will always be my hija.” Renata feels the same way about her padre and hugs him close. If only we could get Gonzo to walk the walk as often as he talks the talk.

Honorio is surprised to find Adriana at the office so late. She finishes just in time to head home to have dinner with her madre. Honorio asks to tag along. Adri is a little taken aback but agrees and runs to grab her things. “How much my life would have changed if I had know about you.” Honorio thought-bubbles. Daniel catches a glimpse of Adri leaving with Hon and the music has a fit about it.

Chema meets up with Selene in a restaurant. They have drinks, Sele assuring him that this is the first of many happy encounters. Slow down, girl! I don’t think he even knows your name, so don’t start filling out the wedding invitations yet.

Roberta enacts phase 2 of Fina’s master plan. Rob sits on the stairs and plays her part well. Matias inquires about her mopey mood and Rob says it’s because of her heartbreak over their one-night-stand, plus their parents are getting a divorce because Gonzo is interested in another woman. Mat is sure Gonzo doesn’t have a wandering eye. Rob cries that she always looked to Gonzo as a padre, even though he always preferred Renata. “Gonzo is divorcing Fina, not you. You and Renata will always be hijas to him.”

Rob lets the waterworks flow. “I feel like all men who love me, abandon me. First my real padre and now Gonzo. And you too. We were hermanos.” Matias promises that he will always be her brother. Oh, squick. Stop calling each other siblings after you bumped uglies please.

Agustin’s lady friend with the incredibly small waist asks why he finally returned. She wanted to marry him, yet he never wanted to commit. “Did you come back to tell me you want to marry me? No, right? Something major must have happened for you to come back to me. Don’t tell me what you think I want to hear.” Agustin asks her to come with him to the hacienda. “As what? Your friend, lover, or wife?” Agustin grins. “You are my woman. From the moment I met you, I never promised anything more. What do you say?” Lady-friend starts macking with Augie, so I’ll take that as a yes.

Jero is in paperwork hell at the hacienda. Everything has to be redone to include Agustin in the contract. Carlos knows that Augie is an astute businessman but he is positive that Jero will win the hacienda back.

Renata and Jero text message each other. They want to see each other soon. She tells him about her parents divorce but she wants to give him the details in person. Lots of “I luuurv you!” and “I lurrv you more!”. They both look very happy, so let’s just bask in the glow until it inevitably disappears.

Karina gets home to find Dr. Nesme nursing a bottle of tequila. He pours her a drink to celebrate Agustin’s acquisition of Hacienda La Bonita. Kari is upset that her hubbie has become one of Augie’s minions. “Since Rafa died, you have become Agustin’s right arm!” Nesme snaps that he is the doctor around here and he owns no one any explanations. “Shut up. It makes you much prettier.” Blech. Is there much more el Doctorcito can do to make us hate him more?

Fina spouts poison to Renata over the phone. “I hope you’re happy that you caused this distance between your padre and me!” Nata asks her madre why she is always blamed for everything. Gonzo told her it wasn’t her fault. “He is just protecting you! Our decision to divorce wasn’t only because of you but because your padre has another woman.” Nata does not want to believe such a thing but she does want to visit Fina. For a change, Fina agrees. But not without getting a barb in at Nata. “Maybe for once in your life, I can get you on my side.”

Tony tells Regi that the detective will stop by first thing in the morning. He promises Regi that he will help her find her hija and the robber, whatever the cost. I hope he didn’t just put the nail in his own coffin with that statement. Tony might end up on the business end of Fina’s next knife if he isn’t careful.

Honorio shares a pizza with Agatha and Adriana, a decidedly more relaxed get-together than their last dinner party. Even Agatha is enjoying herself. Meanwhile, a concerned Coni tries to call Honorio but is stuck leaving a voicemail.

Chema tells Selene that his future ambition is to own his own restaurant but it would cost a lot of dinero. His padres could help him out but he would rather do it with his own money. Sele is impressed.

It’s finally morning in this capitulo! Matilde and Carlos stand in the fields and talk about the contract. Agustin is shrewd and won’t let the hacienda go without a fight. Mati has harsh words for Jero because he sold the hacienda out of momentary grief. Jero takes a last look at the gorgeous fields before heading over to the notary with Carlos and Lazaro.

Over breakfast, Honorio tells Constanza about what a time he had with Aggie and Adri the night before. Coni warns him again that he should not get so involved; he is just a friend not a brother or father in the family. Instead of taking the perfect opportunity to tell Constanza the truth, he just clams up about it.

Renata arrives to visit Fina and Roberta snarks at her. Nata finds Fina still in bed and panics when she can’t wake her. Nata screams for Roberta to call an ambulance. Gonzo and Matias rush in to help. Nata does what she can to try to wake Fina while Gonzo calls Fina’s doctor.

Detective Cantu checks the package that was sent to Regi. He thinks that Reginita must be alive, because whoever sent the package is probably doing so because Reginita is supposed to inherit her father’s fortune once she turns 25. Regi is overjoyed at the news.

Jero gets the paperwork and Carlos recognizes the three thugs who beat him up. Lazaro rolls up his sleeves to settle the score. LOL. While I’m sure Lazaro could take the punks single-handedly, Jero convinces him to let it be. Jero has a better way to get revenge on Agustin’s goons.

Fina’s doctor examines her and informs the family that Fina has been having severe migraines recently. The doctor says they must have been brought on by severe stress. He warns them that they need to be considerate with Fina and avoid upsetting her or riling her emotions, at least until the test results come back. Roberta shoots Gonzo a fierce look.

Agustin arrives at the notary with his lady friend (Arely). He agrees to meet Jero in person, since Jero deigned to show up instead of sending his lackey. Augie orders Dr. Nesme to speed things along.

Fina stirs and everyone rushes to her side. The family leaves so the doctor can talk to Fina alone. Fina sits up triumphantly. The doctor applauds her ability to pull off the ruse. After a little reveling in their wretchedness, the doctor ushers the anxious family back into the room. Nata and Rob rush to Fina’s bedside and Gonzo asks to talk to the doctor in private. Fina glares at Nata when she says that her illness was brought upon by all the recent stress. Nata is stricken; she is again being blamed for things beyond her control.

The doctor tells Gonzo that Fina had been having tests done for a while without telling anyone. She didn’t want to cause any worry. The doctor is worried that Fina is showing symptoms of a brain tumor(!!!!!). GAHigkmref;lnb4jhfbnrsjfevjnfkjdn (Sorry about that. But this makes me so angry, I had to smash keys in frustration. It’s the next best thing to cursing as loud as possible.)

Renata tells Fina that she is going to cancel everything she has to do in favor of taking care of her madre. She gives Regi a call to tell her she won’t be in. Fina’s hackles raise upon the realization that Nata is working with Regi. “You cannot work in that place! Regina Soberon is your father’s lover!” Fina tosses the photos at Nata as proof. “Please, hija. You have to promise me you will never get close to that woman!”

Ines tells Regi and Cata that her son has started his first round of chemo. Meanwhile, Isidro and Andres have both gotten their heads shaved since Andrescito is about to lose his hair anyway.

Nata glances at the pictures of Regina and Gonzo while Fina cries about how Regi is destroying her (Fina’s) marriage. Fina tells Nata she will give Gonzo a divorce so he can be happy. Gonzo drops in and Robbie and Nata promise to take care of Fina. Gonzo leaves for work and promises to have a talk with Renata later. Once alone, Fina gloats over the phone to her doctor.

Renata barges into Regina’s office and drops the incriminating photos on Regi’s desk. “How long have you been my father’s lover?” Regina is stunned.

Jero and Co. sit across the table from Agustin and Co. Just as the last of the paperwork is about to be signed, Jero rips the contract in two. Agustin is infuriated but Jero stands strong. “There is no contract. I would rather pay the penalty than sell my brother’s land to an ass like you!” The hombres stare daggers at each other. Let the cage match begin! Shirts vs. Skins please. Or rather no shirts at all. 🙂

Avances: “The competition for Renata is strong. Renata and Roberta come face to face over Jero!” Roberta screeches at Nata and Nata slaps her a good one.

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