The Color Of Passion Episode 34 Update on Tuesday 12th December 2017

Tuesday Update on The Color of Passion ❣❣❣ Episode 34 ❣❣❣

Guess who’s coming to dinner.. Daniela!
 “Nora you can’t stay all day sleeping, please. My love did you hear me? ”  Rebecca pulls the comforter back and sees a pool of blood soaking through the top sheet, she gasps and pulls it back to find sNora slightly unconscious, her wrists slit and bloodied. “Nora! What have you done? Nora! No, please, my love, no!”  Rebecca runs to the dresser and quickly finds a scarf and rips it in half, making two quick torniquets to stop the bleeding.  She finds the phone and calls for an ambulance but in her panic she can’t remember the street name and throws the phone to the floor, calling for Tere instead.  “Oh my God? What happened to her?”  Rebe tells her to stop asking questions and grab her purse and car keys, so she can take sNora to the hospital.  She drags sNora up out of the bed and begs the girl to help her.  “Please my love help me… I have to take you to the hospital.   sNora moans and can barely stand but they manage to get out the door.

Naz and Marcello discuss Amador’s attempts at power.  Naz hopes that Amador isn’t going to bring his son back. He doesn’t like Rod and doesn’t want him roaming around.   Marcello doubts Amador would do such a thing, because Al would kick him out when he returned.  Naz suspects Amador is planning something  Marcelo thinks maybe what they just witnessed at the employee meeting was Amador just wanting to show his power and that he has the freedom to do what he wants.    Naz says maybe but Amador also knows that Al is going to take a while to recuperate and in that time he can try to get some benefits.  Marcelo tells him only if they let him.  Naz asks if Marcello is willing to fight and protect Al’s interests?  Marcelo says absolutely, if Amador Zuniga tries anything crooked, he’s going to have a hard time succeeding. 

At the hospital Lucia, tells Magda and Trini that her father opened his eyes and they spoke for a while, but then he became agitated.  Trini says it’s good news because that means he’s getting better and surely they’ll move him out of intensive therapy.  Magda notices Amador coming towards them and she excuses herself saying she prefers to be with her elderly patients; leaving Lucia and to deal with him.   He puts on a show of being concerned for Al saying that he was just notified of Al’s attack and came as soon as he could get away from the fabrica.  Lucia gives him the 411 on Al’s status and Amador claims to be very happy.  He asks if Al is able to have visitors and Trini quickly shuts it down by stating that Al’s visits are restricted and his family has priority.  Amador gets the hint and instead asks about Rebecca.  Lucia tells him she was there for a little while but went home to rest and should be back soon.  Amador is striking out and  awkwardly says he will then head back to work.  He tells Lucia to pass along his visit to Al  and to also assure her father that he has nothing to worry about back at the fabrica, Amador is handling the business as if he were Al.  Lucia graciously thanks him as Trini sits with her bitch face firmly planted.  Amador flounders not dressed for the north and south pole he’s walked into and he gives one last attempt “Well if you need anything, you know where to find me”   Lucia says yes, not offering him much of anything. “Well, I’ll leave now” he says knowing full well that he is not wanted or needed and he will be the last person they will call.  Trini gives Al’s backside a look of disgust.  Lucia makes the same face and tells her godmother she knows exactly what Trini is thinking,  Amador Zuniga is the biggest hypocrite she has ever known, second only to his son Rodrigo.

Sergio pays Lety a visit and tells her he came by personally to give her some good news.  Sergio told his boss that Lety needed a job and since his boss needs someone to fill Rod’s position, he (Mario) has agreed to speak to Lety about possibly filling it.  Mario will meet with Lety at 6 that evening and so she has to be punctual!  Lety is at first excited and then bummed.  She tells Sergio she has no experience at anything.  Sergio says she has a degree in business administration and is smart, it’s time she start learning, besides he knows her and she’ll be like a fish to water in no time. Lety is so grateful and flings her arms around Sergio planting a kiss on his cheek “You’re a great friend!”   Sara comes in right at that time and is none too happy to find Lety with the guy that knocked up sNora.  “Oh Mom, this is my friend Sergio Mondragon”  Sara says she knows perfectly well who he is and she’s going to ask him to leave her house right now.  At first Lety thinks her mom is being funny, but then realizes she is being serious.  Are you crazy?  Sara reiterates that she doesn’t want Lety having a relationship with this man.  Lety is horrified and protests her mother’s behavior. Sergio is her best friend.  Sergio ever the gentleman tells Lety it’s okay and to calm down, he’s going to leave even though he’s just as confused as Lety as to why he’s persona non grata.  After he leaves, Lety tells her mother she’s crazy but Sara says no, she just doesn’t want her daughter hanging with a young man who has a serious commitment to sNora who is pregnant with Sergio’s baby.    Well aren’t you a dummy Mama because sNora’s baby daddy is Rodrigo know Lucia’s ex *snap-snap*    Sara is shocked and Lety pushes past her mother but not before telling her mother “What my father did to you, has turned you into an old bitter woman who hates all men!”   Sara follows Lety to her room apologizing but it’s no use and Lety pulls her bedroom door shut in her highly unethical and judgmental mother’s face.   It doesn’t matter though because Sara’s phone rings, it’s the hospital..she is needed back.

Screams are heard down the corridor as a hysterical sNora is wheeled on gurney. “Leave me.. I want to die…leave me!”!  A distraught Rebecca pleads with her daughter.  She attempt to accompany sNora to the examining room, but is blocked by the attending physician who tells her it’s best she wait there.    Magda meanwhile is walking an elderly patient in a nearby hallway when she comes upon her sister who is  crying.  ” Rebecca? What happened to you? Why are you covered in blood?”  Rebecca tells her that sNora tried to kill herself and she recounts the events to Magda who is horrified.  “She keeps saying she wants to die, she wants to die”   Magda tells her sister to calm down, but a tired Rebe probably for the first time, collapses into her older sisters arms sobbing. ” I can’t take it’s too much  for me…I can’t take it anymore”  Magda probably for the first time, truly feels empathy and compassion for her sister. “Calm down, calm down. Everything will be fine”  Will it? Me thinks this is just the beginning, or we have no TN 😉

The black cloud Mili comes home and Rafi asks where she was.  Mili lies and says she was looking at churches, for a place to house Fede’s ashes.  Rafi says Mili should have told her, Rafi would have gone with her.  Mili says she doesn’t need to inform Rafi of everything and besides it was a personal trip.  Rafi says yes, but at least she could have known so she would have known what to tell Marcello when he called.  What time was that?  Oh around 12ish, he was very worried about you since he hasn’t heard from you.  Mili seems to not be the slightest interested other than Rafi assuring Marcello they had arrived safely back to Mexico.   She begins heading up to her room when Rafi asks “Did you find a good place?”  Pardon?  Rafi elaborates “For your son’s ashes?”  I haven’t decided yet.   Rafi is no dummy, she knows the cloud is gathering a rain storm of some sort.

Marcello is working in his office when he gets a call from Normita, a grin passes across his face and he tells Norma to pass the call through.  She gives a tentative hello and then tell him that she saw her father and he’s doing much better.  I thought you’d like to know.  Marcello with the grin still plastered on his face is happy that his boss is better and happy that the bosses daughter is ringing him personally.  Are you coming by later? She asks with an urgency that gives away the hope of seeing him later.  “Do you want me to?” He asks knowing the answer already.   His voice and the question obviously awakening something in Lucia that she can no longer fight.  “yes”  She answers softly.   Marcello’s grin has become a huge smile.  “Good because I was going to come anyway”   I’ll see you later then.  As they hang up, Lucia is greeted by her Tia Magda.  Lucia I’m glad I found you.  Lucia senses the worry on her Tia’s face and assumes it must mean her father has taken a turn for the worse.  Magda tells her no, it’s about her sister sNora.  She is in the emergency room, for attempted suicide.  They rush back to the ER.

Rod comes to find Brigi.  “Mom want’s wrong?  Esparanza told me you’ve been crying all day?”  Brigi says she’s the most discarded woman in the world.  Rod assumes it’s more of his mother’s drama and asks whys she says that.  “Today I foud out that your father is cheating on me”   Oh hey now she’s got his attention and he pulls up a chair.  Give me the dish mama! “Are you sure?”  Well I’ve suspected it for a while but I have no doubt now.  She begs her son to tell her if he knows anything to tell her..who is the woman, please tell me who it is.   Rod  comforts his mother and tells her he doesn’t know anything, it’s the first time he’s hearing any of this.  How did you find out?  Brigi tells him of the anonymous phone call.   Ro wants to know what Papa said.  Oh he denied it of course.   Rod says well there you go, it’s probably some gossip, you know how people love to make things up.  Nope Rod, your mom doesn’t know about gossip.  Brigi says no, she doesn’t think this is gossip, she’s already suspected it.  Rod thinks it’s strange he was with his father that morning and he didn’t say anything about it.  Well why would your father admit to something so embarrassing? And to make things worse she’s much young than me.  Just then Rod’s cell interrupts and he takes the call. He’s surprised to hear who is calling him but then is shocked by what the caller is telling him.  He hangs up and much to his mother’s dismay informs her he has to go. *Kiss Kiss* Mama relax everything is going to be fine.  Brigi is hurt that in her moment of despair no one cares.  “No one cares about me….no one!”

Ligia walks along, when suddenly Amador grabs her arm.  “Oh my scared me, what are you doing here?”   *slug*  down Ligia goes to the sidewalk. “Why did you hit me?” She asks with her lip busted and bleeding.  Amador kneels next to her and sociopath that he is, begins wiping her lip with his own handkerchief  “You know perfectly well why,  you wanted to be sneaky. You called my wife to tell her that I have a lover”  Ligia denies knowing anything about it.  Amador grabs her face and tells her she knows exactly what he’s talking and he’s not stupid.  Ligia throws it off on Rebecca, maybe it was your bosses wife, remember she saw us.  Amador says nope it wasn’t her, because she’s at the hospital with her husband and doesn’t have time for this stupid nonsense.  Ligia finally comes clean.  Okay, I did it.  I called her because I can’t handle this situation anymore. I need something to happen. Amador grabs her face again,  and gives her the Taylor Swift moment of her life. Okay here’s something happening,  you and I are over and we are never ever getting back together!    Ligia begs through her muffled mouth.  “Please my love, don’t do this to me. I swear that I love you with all my soul, I swear. You’re the love of my life. Don’t leave me”    Amador is unmoved by her pleas and takes his bloody handkerchief and leaves Ligia like a dog on the sidewalk.  The dog vows Amador is going to regret it. 

Magda tells Rebecca that Sara is with sNora but Rebecca isn’t happy about it.  Sara is not her choice and doesn’t trust her. Everyone treats her as if she were eminence! Magda says at least Dr. E can supervise.  Lucia comes with tea to calm Rebecca down but she refuses it, telling Lucia to stop acting like she cares.  Rebecca knows that Lucia doesn’t love them.   Lucia says that’s not true, she cares very much.  Dr E comes out and announces that sNora is calm now, they gave her a tranquilizer and she’s out of danger.   Rebecca wants to see her daughterr and Dr. E says she is in 201 but cautions Rebecca to not question or pressure sNora, just let her know that you’re there for her.  Rebecca says Dr. E doesn’t need to tell her what to do.   After she storms off,  Lucia wonders if sNora is really ok.  Sara says, physically yes, but it’s evident she needs psychological help.  Magda agrees and hopes that now Rebecca realizes it.  Sara says lets hope after this, she gets help.  Lucia asks about the baby.  Sara says it appears everything is ok.  Meanwhile in the room now, Rebecca tells a bandaged up sNora who appears despondent, that she knows her daughter has felt very pressured.  Snora turns away as her mother continues her I’m-here-to-give-you-hope pep talk.  You’re not alone my love, I’m with you and I always will be.   sNora does not want to be touched and physically removes herself as Rebecca attempts to stroke her leg.

Lucia tells Magda that in spite of the resentment she feels, she doesn’t want anything to happen to her sister.  Magda says she knows and she also cautions her niece not to take her Aunt Rebecca’s words personally.  She was just lashing out and Lucia needs to understand it’s not easy for her.  Lucia says yes, of course Magda is right.  Magda leaves Lucia to go call Trini.   Rod comes upon Lucia, he came as soon as he called.  Lucia said she thought he should be there to support her sister.  He asks how sNora is and Lucia tells him after all she’s been through, fine and so is his baby.   The subject gives Rod the opportunity to at least try to address what happened but  Lucia says there’s nothing to talk about.  Rod says yes, she needs to know that what happened with sNora was something stupid that got too complicated.  He loves Lucia.  Lucia tells him to be quiet, but Rod continues, it’s the truth.  Lucia leaves the waiting area, not wanting to hear anymore but Rod follows her out into the  hallway near the elevators and attempts to stop her.  She pulls away and tells him not to touch her.

R: I love you, I love you. And although you are disappointed in me I know that you also deep down, feel the same way.
L: You’re really wrong. I stopped caring about you a long time ago.
R: Don’t tell me that story that you like that Escalante guy
L: No it’s not a story, it’s the truth.

  (Marcelo comes upon the convo and watches from a distance)

L: Yes, I feel something really special for Marcelo, something I’ve never felt ..for anyone. Not even for you when I was so in love.
R: You know what, I don’t believe you.
L:  I don’t care if you believe me or not. It’s the truth. And if I haven’t accepted his affection it’s because I’m scared because thanks to you Rodrigo, I lost all trust in men.  But let this be clear to you, despite everything I like Marcelo.

(Marcelo who has been holding his breath, exhales)

M: Repeat what you just said. Please…repeat what you just said.

(Lucia, turns and the music swells and so does my heart)

L: What you heard. I care about you a lot more than I’d like.

Rod with tears in his eyes,  realizes that what he is seeing is real, Lucia is looking at Rod in a way she has never looked at him.  Right now, she and Marcelo are the only two people in that hallway.  But he makes one last attempt to shatter the glass.  I’m sure you’re lying you’re doing this out of spite.   Marcel tells Rod to have some dignity and accept that what Lucia felt for him is gone now.  Lucia reminds Rod why he is there and tells him that sNora is in room 201 and she motions which way.  Rod takes his dignity up off the floor and scrams, leaving Marcelo and Lucia to makes sense of what just happened.  How are you?  Alright she replies.  Marcelo wonders why sNora would be there in hospital.  Lucia says it was really horrible and Marcelo suggest they go elsewhere and he’ll buy her a coffee.

It’s 6 o’clock!  Lety is on time and feeling fine having chosen a demure mint dress with a sweater.  But busted up Ligia is not looking so good and she’s ill prepared to deal with such a force of youth and vitality. “I’m Leticia Ezquerra and I’m here to see Mr. Hernandez for the job opening”  Ligia is cool and informs Lety that Mario hasn’t arrived yet but she can have a seat and wait.  Girl what happened to your face?  Calling out the elephant in the room Lety asks again about Ligia’s busted up face. What happened?  Ligia is caught off guard for such open dialogue but recovers and says she bumped into some furniture.  Lety giggles and says it much have been really hard but suggests ice and arnica will take care of the inflammation. Really… I know because my mom is a doctor. Ligia thanks her.  Just then Mario comes in and Lety rises not waiting for Ligia to do her job and takes the bull by the horns.  Are you Mr. Hernandez?  You are? Good, because I’m Leticia Ezquerra Sergio’s friend. You can call me Lety like everyone else does and well here you have me.  Mario handles her flurry of babble with aplomb and tells her he’ll see her in a minute calling Ligia into his office with some documents for him to sign.  Ligia assumes Lety has shot herself in the foot with that school girl display and gives the girl a once over telling her to sit down “You mightt get tired of waiting”.  Ligia tries to avoid Mario’s direct gaze, quickly handing the documents to her boss but he’s too astute and notices.  She tells him it was a stupid accident with a file cabinet. Really? Yes, of course I have no reason to lie to you.  Mario says no he wasn’t saying she was but he’ll get the documents signed and back to her in the meantime send in the girl.  Ligia tries to discourage the interview from happening by saying some clients are also waiting for you.  Mario isn’t the least bit interested, he just wants to see the girl.

Lucia and Marcelo are in the hospital courtyard. Marcelo asks why sNora did it.  Lucia says she doesn’t know perhaps she felt really guilty, really pressured.  I don’t know.  Lucia tells Marcelo sNora has always been unbalanced and does things like incomprehensible.  Yeah or like getting with her sister’s boyfriend, right?  Oh Marcelo, it’s too late to pile on to Snora. She only has two wrists.  Lucia says that’s the least important thing right now. Marcelo says he has sNora to thank because if it wasn’t for little red riding rod, Lucia would be married right now and he wouldn’t have a chance to be there with Lucia.  He asks if she was telling the truth back there, or was she just trying to hurt her ex boyfriend.  Lucia says it’s true, how many times doe I have to tell you?  She grabs the fetching papasito’s face “Marcelo..don’t fail me. Not you”  He says he’s not like Rodrigo and she’s going to realize it.  He comes in for the kiss they’ve both been dying for.   Marcello is the one to stop it and tells Lucia maybe they should take it elsewhere. The hospital isn’t a comfortable place to talk about such things.  Oh were ya’ll talking?   Lucia agrees, but says first she has to go see sNora.  Marcelo tells her has to finish some things up and will back for her later.  He goes to leave but not before planting a few more kisses on her.

Lety tells Maro that this would be her first job so she has no resume.  Mario says not to worry about it.  She gets distracted by a picture of Puebla.  Mario tells her not to worry about it because Sergio already filled him.  All Mario wants to know is if she really feels like learning or does she just want this job to entertain herself before she’s married.  Lety  has finally taken a seat and says no, she doesn’t even have a boyfriend and even if she had one she can assure Mario she’s going to work really hard and won’t disappoint  him, all she wants is a chance and some patience in the beginning while she gets acquainted. Deal?  Mario suggest she get a trial run to see if they both like it and if it’s good he’ll offer her a firm contract.  Lety jumps at his offer, when can I start?  Well how about Monday?  Perfect Lety says and Mario will see that she is going to be very punctual.  Mario says he hopes so.  She thanks him profusely and even goes so far as to rush around the desk to kiss her new boss on the cheek. He’s charmed of course and she does a little I-got-the-job jig on her way out.  On her way out she stops by Ligia’s desk to remind her new coworker about the arnica for the face and to give her a cheek peck. Yo girl..see you on Monday!    Ligia girl it is not your just got slugged again!  Lety’s hips swish and sway and she is feeling all sorts of good when she sees Sergio who is anxious.  What happened?  She hugs him and tells him she didn’t quite get the job but she’s on trial and that’s good enough.   Lety can’t thank her friend enough. She actually likes Mr. Hernandez and he’s not bad on the eyes either.  Sergio says yeah he’s a nice guy , but also strict and demanding. He’s the kind of person that expects everyone do what they’re supposed to do.  Lety says not to worry, Mr. Hernandez will not have one complaint about her.  Sergio wonders what Lety’s mom will say about her working with Sergio. Lety explains that the reason her mom was so rude is because she thought Sergio had knocked up Nora.  Sergio wonders where she got that from.  Lety says she told her mom once that sNora and Sergio were dating once and she probably assumed it was his, since no one knew about sNora riding Rod’s rod.  Sergio says yeah, no one knew.  Lety sees that it still hurts her friend and he admits it does.  He asks if she’ll be attending their wedding and Lety tells him it’s been called off for the moment because of Al’s heart attack.   Lety thanks him again for helping her get a trial job. She’ll see cutie pie on Monday!

It’s visting hours now in ICU and Rebecca goes in to see her husband, but Magda stops her asking for Lucia.  She is on her way to Naz and Trini’s and wanted to let her know.  Rebecca says she has no idea where her niece is nor does she care.  Magda does not respond to the harshness instead asking about her other niece, how is sNora?   Rebecca says fine and she took the opportunity to let her alone so she could come see Alonso.  Magda offers to go be with sNora but Rebecca shuts it down.  Magda suggest that maybe with everything going on with Al and sNora, Rebecca could change her attitude a little?   Rebecca doesn’t see the point, even if she were the sweetest sister, Magda would always be criticizing her.  I’ve always been this way.  Magda says it’s not true and even if Rebecca doesn’t believe her, Magda despite not getting married has always tried to understand Rebecca’s pain as a wife and mother.  I’d like to be closer to you.   Rebecca doesn’t believe her. Don’t pretend and that’s impossible, because it’s the story of our lives, sometimes were relatively fine and other times we aren’t.  Now if you’ll forgive me I’m running out of time to see my husband.  Magda warns Rebecca not to tell Al about sNora.  Rebecca says she isn’t stupid and she knows better than anyone what Al needs, and even if Magda thinks Rebecca wants to kill him.  She leaves Magda and shuts the door for some private time with Al.   Hello my love.  I have been so anguished over you and if I haven’t been here more it’s because they don’t let me. Al is weak but has a moment of lucidity. How long have I been here?  About two days, but they’ve felt like an eternity.  He asks about Lucia.  Why do you always ask about Lucia when sNora is also your daughter? She’s really worried about you.   It appears Al has fallen back asleep.

Amador comes out of the fabrica to find his partner in crime Vinicio sitting on his car.  What the hell are you doing here? And get you’re slimy hide off my ride.  Vini says he’s there to meet Mr. Escalante who’s going to show him around and tell Vini what he needs to do.  Oh no you don’t, didn’t I make it clear to you that you are not going to take that job, so forget about that nonsense.  Vini says well I told you very clearly that I need a job. Amador gives Vini a shove and says you are not working here, is that clear?  I’m not playing!  Vini pushes back and says don’t tempt me boss or you’ll find out who I am.  Marcelo comes upon the shoving match.  Good evening boys!  He apologizes to Vini for not greeting him the previous  night but he had an emergency.  Amador tries to exert his new power.  This guy isn’t going to work here.  Remember that at this moment I’m in charge of the factory.  Welski Sheriff Zuniga, I have a higher law that tells me he’s hired. Mr. Gaxiola himself personally hired him and if you need the signed document I can show you.   Amador says He could care less about that signed contract.  Marcelo says tough and tough, because Vini is going to work there and if Amador wants he can take it up with Al personally because he’ll return soon. So, unless he has a good reason why Vini cant work there.  Vini is amused and sees the power at play between the two men and he’s aware he’s aligned himself with the wrong horse.   Amador tells Marcelo you think you’re smart don’t you. I’m going to rid you of that insolence and I’ll be in charge of that.   He turns to face Vini who looks at him now like the loser he is.  He steps aside for Amador to get into his car.  Marcelo asks Vini why Amador dislikes him.  Vini plays dumb, I don’t know I’ve always been nice to the guy.

Lucia comes to see sNora who is less that thrilled to see her sister.  What do you want? She asks hiding the evidence of her wrists under the covers.  Lucia says she came to see how she is and despite everything she is her sister. She doesn’t wish harm on her or her baby.  sNora says she already told her that she doesn’t care about the baby.  Lucia says you say that now but you’ll see when it’s born and you have it with you, you’ll feel different.  Lucia tells her that Rodrigo also came to see her. sNora says she doesn’t care about Rodrigo, she never did.  Lucia starts to ask why then did her sister bust up their wedding, but she catches herself.  There’s no point and the evidence of the damage is in front of her.  Lucia instead tells sNora she needs to rest and get well so that their father can see her well.  sNora turns away and says she doubts he even cares about her.  Rebecca comes in and accuses Lucia of coming by just to torture her sister. Lucia says of course not, sNora is her sister and she has a right to see how she is.  Well now you have now get out.  Lucia says Rebecca has every right to see her sister. Rebecca drags Lucia toward the door You have no right to anything, now get out.  They go out into the hall with their yelling ad a nurse tells them to shut it.  Rebecca tells Lucia that she has no right to see her sister. She fills her mouth with concern for sNora but she’s a hypocrite who couldn’t even forgive sNora. It’s because of Lucia that sNora tried to kill herself.  Lucia rubbed sNora’s face in all she’d done and then made her own father despise her.  Congratulations Lucia, you got exactly what you wanted. Now leave and never come back. ]

Magda comes to Trini’s to find that Lucia hasn’t come home yet. They wonder where she is, and Magda assumes she is with Lety, but Naz says or with Marcelo.  After all he’s been trying to win her and he’s going to do it.  We see him doing just that as he keeps his word and picks up Lucia from the hospital. He thought she would still be with her sister, but Lucia tells him the visit was a fail. sNora had no interest in seeing her and maybe my tia Rebecca was right, maybe she did this because I made her feel guilty.  Marcelo says Lucia is not responsible for what sNora did and not to let Rebecca influence her.  She tells Marcelo she’s tired… so many things have happened. Marcelo offers to buy her dinner but Lucia has no desire to run into anyone who’ll ask about her father or sNora.  Marcelo suggest he take her to his apartment or rather her apartment. He’s not a bad cook.  Lucia doesn’t thinks Marcelo’s mom will like it, she’ll see Lucia and want to kill her.  Marcelo says she went back to Mexico, but if you think it’s an indecent proposal it’s fine, forget it.  Lucia laughs at the suggestion “Let’s go!”

Lety is in her room going through her first day of trial work wardrobe. She doesn’t want to look pregnant and the second dress will make her look like her mother.  Sara comes in and wants to talk, Lety is still annoyed but says fine.  Sara apologizes for how she treated Sergio and Lety says she should apologize to Sergio.  Sara says when she sees him she will do just that, but what she wants is for Lety to understand her reaction. She really thought Sergio was sNora’s baby daddy and she loathes irresponsible men. Yeah yeah, they remind you of my father.  Sara says yes and she fears that Lety will repeat her mother’s story.  Lety says she doesn’t even have a boyfriend and she doubts she’ll get married.  Sara says of course she will Lety is beautiful with lots of qualities and she’s still very young and when you least expect someone is going to appear in your life.  Lety says Sara has to say that because she is her mother.  Sara says no, because it’s true.  Oh and what’s up with all these clothes!  Letys gives her mom the good news. I got a job! Where?  At Mario Hernandez office, Sergio got me the job.   Sara is happy and congratulates her daughter. Lety asks her mom to help her pick out a dress for Monday.

Marcelo opens the door and Lucia is hesitant to come in.  He suggests they can go somewhere else.  She’s sorry but this is the apartment where she was going to begin her life with Rod, but here is always where everything happened with sNora. Marcelo reminds her that she also said Rod didn’t matter to her anymore.  Lucia apologizes for being so unfair to Marcelo.  He assures her that there is nothing left of Rod there, only him. Besides she won’t even recognize the place.  She says truth be told she’s dying to see it.  She steps across the threshold and is “wow”  What do you think?  She is impressed by his good taste and so many plants too!   She notices the little plant Trini brought.  He tells her about the gift and Lucia tells him her godparents like him a lot.  He says the feeling is mutual.  He pulls her close and tells her he’s going to wash up so he can cook…they are going to cook pasta.  Suddenly they hear  “My love, it’s good you’re here”  Daniela looking like a drowned rat wrapped in a tablecloth comes out of the bedroom “I’ve been waiting for you for hours”  She wraps herself around Marcelo and plants a wet one on him that is clearly not expected or reciprocated;  as a horrified Lucia looks on.  Game on Mili!

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