Queen of Miami Episode 2 Update on Tuesday 12th December 2017


We kick off this episode with Adan agreeing to sell Mario Alejandros cocaine in order to make it out of there alive with a stubborn conrado (who I love love ??)  meanwhile Renato is talking to a nurse and he asks for Anastasias room.  He is told that she has a specialist visiting her and his good instincts tell him that this so called specialist is bad news.  He runs to her room.  Meanwhile back in the room the guy just pointed the gun at Anastasia ready to shoot her as a gift from Leandro when Renato budges in and shoots his hand.  So Renato almost throws the guy out of the building ??  until he confesses that he knows Leandro but he still doesn’t spare him and shoots him straight in the head ??? He then tells Anastasia that they need to go,  her husband is in Miami.  Anastasia tells him to kill them (by them I think she means the bad guys ??)  He them calls Nataniel and tells him that Anastasia needs to go to Miami right away,  Nathaniel definitely doesn’t want her in Miami( because of his side chic ??)  he prefers she stays in Mexico.  Ana isn’t having this and takes the phone.  She tells Nathaniel that she can’t do it anymore.  Nat is telling her to chin up and be patient ?? she can’t,  they raped her throughout the night,  they told her and it was all his fault.  She is going to Miami. Nat thinks she is bluffing,  she tells him that if she is going to die because of him she better die with him.  She will be heading there first thing in the morning ??? (can someone kill Nat now?  ??) 

Nat tells his side chic that Ana is heading over to Miami and the woman thinks he lost control of her.  She tells him that he asked for war when he asked for the head of Leandros brother.  He apparently asked for the guy’s head because that Nicanor Quezada took advantage of his daughter Silvana.  The woman tells him that that was the only place they were away from Ana.  There is nothing Nat can do.  She tells him that he is going to be a father ??

Conrado isn’t sold to the idea of selling cocaine because it has chemicals and is processed unlike Marijuana and thinks that Alan shouldn’t have tried to save him because he ain’t Superman ? He insists that he was able to defend himself even though it was clear that Alejandros men were going to kill him.  After the argument they head out to a club and they sell everything that they were told to sell.  They can’t even believe it ????

Irene comes to Ana’s room and tells apologizes for causing her so much harm in the past.  She tells her that she was a bad mother and she did horrible things in the past but she won’t leave her new that she knows Ana needs her the most. She won’t also let anyon hurt her.  They are both in tears when Renato comes in and tells Ana that her husband is calling.  The goes to pick up the phone warning him that she isn’t changing her mind.  Apparently that wasn’t his plan either,  he wants her to go over to Miami with her mother and bring him the goods.  Ana reminds him that he promised her he would never involve her in the business,  Nat is very convincing,  ignoring the part that she might get caught with the good as at the airport,  he tells her that they will be together and he just needs a few kilos of goods to get the work going.  Ana isn’t sold to this idea but she wants the heads of her rapists.  He promises her he will give her their heads. He just needs the goods ???

The next day Ana is all dressed up for the flight and Renato is explaining the details.  Irene has changed her appearance and is more than ready to go anywhere with them ??? mostly because she sought if killed a very important guy in Mexico and she is in the run,  going to Miami would be a break through fire her ???  She asks if they get caught and Ana tells her that if that happens there is nothing they can do and prison will do her good ??

Alejandro goes to wake Conrado up with beer and cigarettes and later they head to a restaurant with Adan.  They hand over the money to Ale but he has another proposal, a shipment is arriving from Mexico and if they distribute it they can get up to a million dollars ??? though they claim they aren’t vendors,  that money seems to be seducing them into making this a full time thing ???

Ana acting all weird at the airport almost gets them caught ??? . A female guard notices her anxiety,  stops and asks to check on things but doesn’t manage to find anything on her.  They are relased ?? phew!!!  Alan’s wife Veronica wonders where her husband went with Conrado and decides to ask Erika (Conrados woman)  Erika thinks that she shouldn’t ask too many questions and should enjoy life ( don’t tell me these two will be dragging joystick again ??? from Someone’s watching ???)   meanwhile it seems like Conrado is the one trying to convince Adan to get in on the business ?

Ana and Irene arrive but there is no one to pick them up at the airport.  They go to a hideous hotel and find Nataniel waitingfor them. Apparently with his new secretary Gina Bianchi.  Ana greets her idiot husband lovingly while Irene’s eyes are on Gina and she obviously knows there is something between Gina and Nata. 
Later ,  Nata tries to touch Ana but she doesn’t want him or any man touching her,  he sheepishly behaves like he doesn’t get why she is acting like that and she throws it in his face that she was abused because of him.  He promises her that he will kill the men who hurt her.  He recieves a call and doesn’t want to tell her what it’s about but she forces it out of him(more like commands it,  he tells her.  She wants in in the negotiations as well ? she thinks she has earned the right to be included and there is niyhinh Nat can do to stop her.

Adan refuses to tell Veronica what he is up to with Conrado but she finds out the next day that he was fired from his job accidentally.  Conrado and Adan have gone to meet up with Ale who is about time take them to meet Nataniel.  They are still debating whether they should do it or not ??? They are then taken to meet up with Nataniel.  Meanwhile Ana is getting dressed and puts on a wig.  On her way out she overhears Gina talking over the phone about her pregnancy with Nat’s kid.  She is angry and walks out,  a gun in the bag ???

Nat is making a lot if threats to Conrado and  freaked out Adan ???  about the consequences of betraying him.  Anastasia shows up with her high slitted dress that leave the men dumbfounded especially Conrado ??? She is extremely angry with her husband and is acting cold towards him noticeably to the other guys.   Leandros men come over in a motorboat and open fire on everyone around ??? Everyone is force to take cover ??? Adan and Conrado are looking absolutely ridiculous ??? Ana has taken cover behind a pillar but when she sees Ignacios face and remembers the animosity they did to her she starts shooting at him ????

End of episode….

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