My Sweet Curse Episode 33 Update on Tuesday 12th December 2017


Aurora is torn between Rodrigo’s love and Elsa’s opposition to their relationship. This makes Aurora sad and leaves quickly for the cemetery to cry on her father’s tomb and tells him that in the morning she was the happiest woman in the world but now she’s very sad because Elsa doesn’t think she’s worthy of Rodrigo’s love.
Monica badmouths Aurora to Luis while everyone’s looking for Aurora because she is nowhere to be found unknowingly to them that she’s gone to the cemetery because of the sad news she heard. Rodrigo goes to Father Basilio to ask but he hasn’t seen him and he becomes very worried for Aurora.
Ponciano gets upset when Aurora tells him that Elsa doesn’t think she’s worthy of Rodrigo’s love, and he tells her that she is a precious young woman so she shouldn’t be downhearted because of that.
Rodrigo goes quickly to the cemetery to find Aurora there and they show her the tombstone they made for her father’s tomb, and she is deeply moved.
Monica tells Corina that she hates Aurora because she has a lot of tricks to make Rodrigo spend a lot of time with her but Corina tells her that Rodrigo will never look at her the way Rafael looked at her in church, and without Monica’s consent, Corina arranges for Monica an encounter with Rafael through Monica’s phone.
Rodrigo wants to know why she has to come to the cemetery, Aurora discloses to Rodrigo what she overheard and that they can’t be together until she earns Elsa’s respect and not her compassion alone and he asks her to let them keep their relationship in secret and not let them separate and she accepts.
Dionisio wants to use Tobias to get a job in the Los Abedules hacienda but his wife Gloria isn’t in agreement and so he asks Tobias to help him get a job through Aurora.
Rafael tells Monica that he wants to marry her and Monica snubs him by telling him that he doesn’t much the kind of guy she loves in her eyes and Rafael gets very offended.
Elsa is furious with Aurora for going to the cemetery without telling anybody, and Elsa tells Rodrigo that that is the type of thing that Aurora does that causes the townsfolks to gossip about her but Rodrigo sees nothing wrong in Aurora going to the cemetery to visit her father. Elsa again tells Rodrigo that she feels that she has given Aurora everything without asking anything in return and so she asks Rodrigo to keep his distance from Aurora.
Monica wants to disclose to Elsa and Rodrigo that she is a biological daughter of her so-called father but just an adopted child so she can win Rodrigo’s love but Corina pleads with Monica that she can’t tell Rodrigo that she is not his uncle’s daughter because they could lose their part of the inheritance.
Aurora faints in her room while she is talking to Monica.
Severo discovers that Macrina has been digging in his land and as a result, he finds out that Carmen’s body isn’t in her tomb as he buried, and he suspects that Anselmo took it.

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