Modern Homemaker Episode 8–10 Update on Tuesday 12th December 2017


EPISODE       8    –    10

Sona learns Renu’s and Bindiya’s jealousy towards her for gaining preference over them by Sunaina Devi. Kanhaiya comes behind her. Sona asks if he can see what is happening in this house? Kanhaiya says all this is normal in this house and she must always be happy. He try to discuss about their night but Sona interrupts him and asks what about Dimple and Julie’s studies. Kanhaiya says it’s night. Sona goes downstairs and asks what Neelam is doing in which Neelam reply that mummy ji asked her to do this flower gardlands. Sona asks for what and Neelam says because she ( Sona ) is going to work. She then tells Sona to go and sleep as she need to wake up early. Sona asks if she is also waking up early to do all the work. Neelam says it’s alright, she can go to sleep. Chacha ( Sunaina brother in-law) is listening to this.

Chacha ji comes to Sona and says that there is everything in this house but yet something is missing. He is always hoping for something to happen and everyone thinks that it’s normal. But she is Kiran to him and he have full trust in her and he know she will never break his trust. Sona smiles. Sona enters her room and sits on the sofa, Kanhaiya notice this and says the look on her face is not good. He reminds her that she will resume her work tomorrow and he have decided that tonight.. They both but Sona interrupts him before he says anything further and asks if he is not worried on what is happening in the house? Kanhaiya reply that he is only worried about them and slowly brings Sona to the bed. Understanding what her husband intention is, Sona suddenly pretends to have headache and asks for water. Kanhaiya goes to get water. He comes to the room and sees Sona sleeping. He says to himself that Sona have already sleep and wonder why is God taking revenge on him. So he have to sleep tonight as usual. As Sona sees that Kanhaiya is sleeping, she sits up thinking on how everyone keeps calling Neelam as a housewife. Sona also recalls her mother in-law changing the gifts and recalling Chacha ji’s ( Sunaina’s brother in-law ) words and sits on her laptop, she starts typing and prints a letter out. The next morning, Neelam brings the diya while Sona comes down and sees Bindiya not allowing Dimple and Julie to go to college saying they need to follow her to the parlour. Everyone gathers around in the hall and Chacha ji asks what is happening by Bindiya bringing her daughters to her parlour. Renu also says she is not coming back before 10pm and he is remaining quiet? Suhnaina says she is also waiting to see her daughter in-law going to office. Kanhaiya is on his motorbike calling Sona as it’s getting late. Suhnaina takes arti of Sona and Sona takes Sunhaina’s blessings.  Suhnaina also feeds Sona curd and sugar. The Chaturvedi’s gives their best wishes to Sona on her first day of office. Sona goes and off Kanhaiya’s bike asking if he is going to work. Kanhaiya says no, he is going to send her to office first and then go to his work. Sona then gives an envelope to him asking him to help her to send this to her office. Kanhaiya asks what is this in which Sona asks him to wait a minute. She tells Bindiya there is no need to send Julie and Dimple to the parlour. She tells Renu she don’t need to come back late. Suhnaina remind Sons that she is getting late for work and Sona tells her that she have made a decision. She inform her that the envelope she had given is her resignation letter and she have decided to be a Housewife from today. However, they remain stunned when Sona announces her resignation and decides to remain being a housewife but the most shocked is her mother in-law Sunaina Devi.

Sunaina is shocked to hear about Sona’s resignation. She thinks sona is kidding and asks her to go to office. Sona says she will now become housewife. Kanhaiya also thinks she is joking and asks her to leave for office. Sona says her mother in-law will be upset but she has decided that she will be housewife from today. Sunaina’s Devar ( brother in -law)  is happy to see someone giving trouble to sunaina while Sona’s decision to remain being housewife, leaves Sunaina Devi unconscious. Sunaina’s reaction leaves everyone shocked and all are worried. Devar says he has never seen Sunaina fainting or in shock. Sona puts water on her face and on regaining consciousness, the Chaturvedis caresses Sunaina Devi. Sunaina, who wakes up says she won’t die so soon or so easily.

Kanhaiya wonders if his mom is alright and asks her to count 1 to 4 but Sunhaina refuses, Sona gives her something to drink to reduce her BP when Sunhaina refuses.The other daughter in-laws feel Sunhaina may not be well and asks her to recognise her grandson. Sunhaina tells them that she is fine and when Neelam asks her to rest, Sunhaina continues to worry about 40,000 rs loss every month from Sona’s salary. Devar asks her to stand up or all will think she is unwell. Sunaina Devi gets up and suggests her Kanhaiya to convince Sona to rethink about her decision by talking some sense to his wife, Sona.

Kanhaiya takes her to the room and tries to influence Sona’s decision asking why she wants to sit at home and cook and further asks what will happen to his reputation in police station. Sona’s granny’s image comes in front of her and she tells Sona to keep him in her grip and control.

Sona follows her Daadi’s advice and cuddle him affectionately in her favour and traps him in her charm. Seeing his wife romantic mood, Kanhaiya completely forgets what he was talking to her and Sona finally says what’s the need for her to work. Kanhaiya asks about their suhaagraat when Sona, however manages to convince him and asks him to agree on her decision first. Kanhaiya, who’s eagerly waiting for his consummation with his wife left with no choice agrees with her. Sona, who have decided to become a housewife promise him that she will change this house and make it heaven. She then gives him her resignation letter to submit in her office.

Sunaina is still worried about Sona’s decision and thinks it was not worth to marry her if she doesn’t work. Gyaneshwar ( Sanaina’s brother in-law who she lovely address as Described) on the other hand also tries to convince Sunaina Devi. He adds that there is competition in their house between everyone and sona will surely feel left out. A greedy Sunaina Devi stays adamant on sending her to work and that she will not allow Sona to leave the job or take her own decisions by herself and she will ensure Sona rejoins her work.

Sunaina Devi gets disturbed after learning Kanhaiya’s support for Sona’s decision of becoming a housewife. Meanwhile, Bindiya is talking with Renu on how to be number 1 in this house and they both start discussion on how to make sure Neelam brainwash Sona to remain as a housewife always so that they would still be getting importance and favorite from their mother-in-law Sunaina Devi. Darshana and her husband are also discussing about the change in the family in which Darshana says she will not be leaving the house and go anywhere. Bindiya and Renu both speak to Neelam and try to influence Neelam, to support Sona on her decision to become a housewife saying that there is two working housewife and two working wife. Bindiya also convinces Neelam that there is so much of work in the house and it would be good if she has Sona has her help. In the police station, the constables are saying on how all the wives of their senior officers are housewifes but Inspector Kanhaiya’s wife is…Kanhaiya then interrupts them saying he just remember that Sri Ram’s wife was a housewife and Inspector Kanhaiya’s wife is.. the constables says Reporter and Kanhaiya says wrong, she is going to be a housewife. She has taken the decision to stay in the house and clean his house by making it a heaven. The Constables says what a sacrifice and one of them says he feel like he ( referring to Kanhaiya) have got demotion instead. Hearing this from his surbodinate, Kanhaiya slaps him saying it’s wrong. The constable says his wife is going to make his house like a heaven and it’s his promotion. Back at home, Bindiya tells her husband why he is sad by Sona going to be a housewife? The housewife says they both have not done anything good for the sake of the apple. Bindiya asks what is the problem in Sona being a housewife and why do he want her to go to work? He says because that is what his mother wants. Bindiya asks if he won’t find anything his mother say wrong. He understand his wife point and bluntly tells her that he know she is trying to take over his mother’s place. He only want to be in his own place and state that that if anything happens to his mother, she will have to deal with him. Sunaina Devi on the other hand try to urges Sona to rethink over her decision asking if she didn’t find anything she said wrong? Sona says housewife is the strength of a house and a housewife also have as much of importance as a working wife. Sunaina says she will make her understand and tries to convince Sona by mentioning the consequences of being a housewife. Kanhaiya in the police station orders milk and gets a call from his brother calling him to come home as it’s important. Back at home, his brothers says that their mummy is like this today because of him and his wife, Sona. Kanhaiya says if Sona wants to stay at home, it’s her own decision and asks how does it effects his mummy? Everyone tries convincing Kanhaiya to talk to his wife in which Kanhaiaya clearly says any decision that Sona takes will be for the good of the family. He knows his Mummy will convince Sona and Sona would convince mummy back. Sunaina is asking if Sona understand what she is trying to say in which Sona replied that she understands that sometimes they need to exchange the gifts. Sunaina says she is serious and they need to get prepared before their bad day. Sona says she don’t understand. Sunaina says they don’t want to lose the Laxmi who came into the house and that they got her married to Kanhaiya so that they both can earn and bring home money which Sona looks at Sunaina with shock while Sunaina keeps talking about Sona’s salary and ask what does Sona gets by sitting at home? She keep trying to convince her to go to work but Sona insist that she like being at home. Sona staying stubborn on her decision further, annoying Sunaina Devi and says she is saying that she have to go to work. A stubborn Sona says she is going to the kicthen and tries walking away from her while Sunaina holds Sona’s hands in annoyance and calls Neelam. Sunaina tells Neelam to correct everything in the house and Neelam leaves. Sunaina asks if she see, that this is where a Housewife belongs and this is what they have to do. Everyone else watches while Sona takes a glass of water and gives to her mother in-law Suhnaina saying she have talked a lot and to have some water to drink. A furious Sunaina says she don’t want to drink and if she is joking, to please end the joke and understand what she is saying. She adds that she will not get anything by being a housewife. Sona smiles saying that nothing in the house will happen without a housewife. A working wife has leave while a housewife have to work everyday and to her, a housewife knows everything. Sunaina again asks if she want to be a housewife? Sona answer with a yes. Sunaina says then till she herself give up being a housewife, this Sunaina will not breath in peace. Sunaina Devi then say from today, all the work in the house will not be done by Neelam and however announces Sona to perform all the household chores without anyone’s assistance. Everyone looks serious and leaves while Sona smiles to her mother in-law, Sunaina Devi.

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