Love Happens Episode 94–96 Update on Tuesday 12th December 2017


EPISODE       94     –     96

Gehna writes a message to stop her wedding ceremony on a stole and throws it out of her window, with a hope that someone will find it and do the needful. It happens exactly the way she had thought and Bhola finds the stole. He immediately takes it to Rangeela and Mirza and they all decide to present the stole to Sarpanch. However, none of them muster the courage to do the job. They soon get elated when Debbie assures them that she will do the needful. But before they can proceed, the stole gets blown away by the wind.

Everyone start searching for the stole, but fail in their attempt. The wedding rituals begin and Gehna start praying for some miracle to happen and stop her wedding. Her prayer gets answered and the wind carries the stole all the way to Raghu’s buffalo, and the buffalo carries the stole to the wedding venue. Everyone is shocked to see the message and Daadi accuses Aanya to be the one behind it. However, Raghu comes to Aanya’s aid and tells his Daadi that without any evidence, she should not blame Aanya. He then tells Sarpanch that someone might be playing a prank, so they should ignore it and continue with the wedding. However, Gehna breaks the ice and admits that she had written the message as she does not want to come between Aanya and Raghu. She urges her father to stop her wedding as Raghu and Aanya love each other and were sacrificing their love for her sake.

Lakhan and Daadi get furious and urge Sarpanch to resume the wedding rituals. But Sarpanch does not listen to them and announces that before coming to any decision, he will have a word with Raghu and Gehna. Gehna makes it clear that after realising that Raghu and Gehna love each other, she does not want to come between them. Sarpanch then asks Raghu whether he loves Gehna or Aanya. Raghu honestly admits that though he loves Aanya, he will honour his promise and marry Gehna wholeheartedly. Sarpanch finds himself in a dilemma and decides to leave the decision on destiny. He then asks Gehna to make two chits; one with her name written with Raghu and the other with Aanya’s name. Sarpanch then asks Daadi to draw one chit, which she does reluctantly. Everyone hold their nerves, but Gehna is confident because she had written Aanya’s name on both the chits. The result is out and Bhola, Mirza and Rangeela cheer with joy, much to Daadi and Lakhan’s chagrin. Aanya too feels jubilant and can’t help herself from hiding her smile. Sarpanch then tells Gehna that she has made him proud. However, Daadi is not happy and decides that she will not let Aanya marry Raghu.


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