Veera Episode 768–769 Update on Tuesday 12th December 2017


The Episode starts with Veera scolding Gunjan and saying its last handmade food by Ratan. Gunjan asks why is she shouting, they all are feeling sad but they can’t be like this. Veera gets angry and says she does not care, this food has love from Ratan. Manjeet and Bansuri come and ask what happened. Gunjan says I have thrown the leftover food, so… Veera says its not leftover food for me. The people come there and look on. Veera says she should have asked me once. Gunjan says I m bahu of this house, whats there to ask. Ranvi comes and asks what happened.
Manjeet tells him that Gunjan has thrown the food made by Ratan. Gunjan says I was doing as per rituals, see how Veera is shouting on me, I know she is sad for Ratan’s death, but she can’t insult me like this. Ranvi asks her to stop it, what will he tell Veera, who gave her right to throw the food. Gunjan asks how is he talking infront of people. Ranvi says you are thinking about others, not us, you have thrown the food which Ratan made, it had her love. Ranvi says he will not obey any rules which stops him from eating Ratan’s handmade food. He says we thought to save this food and consume little every day, as it has Ratan’s love in it, and what did you do, you have thrown it and don’t regret for this, I m regretting seeing this. He leaves. Manjeet smiles. Bansuri gets angry on Veera.
Gunjan cries and Balwant pacifies her, asking her not take anything on her heart. Manjeet tells Bansuri that Balwant is favoring Ranvi and Veera. Bansuri says we can’t expect anything from him. Jaggi asks Balwant for a pic of Ratan. Gunjan says she will get it. Bansuri asks her to ask Veera once. Gunjan says no need, Veera got emotional in kitchen. Manjeet fills Gunjan’s ears against Veera. Bansuri asks her not to bend infront of Veera, as Ranvi trusts her blindly. Gunjan goes. Baldev asks Jaggi and Billi to get few things. Balwant comes and asks did he arrange everything. He sees Ranvi and asks Baldev to take care of Ranvi, Gunjan and Veera. He says Ranvi has broken, become his strength. Baldev says he is in big shock, I m worried for him.
Gunjan and Veera come to Ranvi to show pics. Bansuri looks on. Veera shows the pic and Gunjan looks at the pic she brought. Ranvi chooses Veera’s brought pic and asks Gunjan what was she saying. She says nothing and leaves. Gunjan hugs Ratan’s pic and cries. Bansuri asks her why did she not give this to Ranvi. Gunjan says Veera has memories with that pic. Bansuri makes her against Ranvi.
Manjeet says she is worried for Gunjan, who will care for her now and cries crocodile tears. Gunjan goes to Ranvi and asks is there any work. Baldev says he wants some bedsheets. Gunjan says its in her room’s drawer. Vera says she will bring it. She gets Ratan’s dupatta in her cupboard and hugs it. Gunjan come sand asks what is she doing. Veera says this is Ratan’s fav dupatta. Gunjan takes it and says Ratan gave this to me, you can’t take it. Veera says sorry, I did not think. Gunjan says you think anyone else can have right on her things and memories, I don’t want to argue.
Gunjan scolds her and asks her not to touch anything without her permission. Veera cries and leaves. She tells Baldev that she wants to go home. He asks at this time. She says yes and insists. He brings her home and sees her doing unnecessary works. He asks why did she come here and what is the matter. She gets angry. Few ladies come to give condolences. They say Gunjan has controlled everything, we get to know she scolded you.
The Episode starts with ladies filling Veera’s ears against Gunjan. Veera gets angry and they ask her to be smart and not let Gunjan control the home. Veera scolds them and says they are not ashamed to ignite fire, Gunjan is her Bhabhi, she will not leave them if they try to break them. Baldev comes there and hears Veera defending Gunjan. They say Veera is in shock of Ratan’s death and she has gone mad. Veera says yes and scolds them. She makes them leave. Baldev asks whats the matter, and she says they are going back home. He says fine, we will go and keeps the knife.
Bansuri tells Gunjan that Veera has gone and asks her not to regret or feel guilty, Veera knows Ranvi will blame you for making you leave. She says Veera has taken Baldev along, Ranvi is not in state to do any work, Veera did not think anything. Veera comes and apologizes to Gunjan. Gunjan also apologizes to her. Veera says its my mistake, I know you also love Ratan as much as me and Ranvi. Gunjan says Ranvi and I will not let you miss Ratan, we know Ratan was very close to your heart. They cry and end their fight.
Ranvi calls Gunjan and she goes. Veera turns and sees Baldev. He comes to her and asks what was the matter, did Gunjan and you shouted on each other. She says its all over now, go and work. He holds her hand and says he can’t understand women, but he knows her well, that she was showing knife to those women, this is why he loves her, she is tigress and go to any extent to save her loved ones.
The police comes and Ranvi and Baldev talk to him. Balwant asks inspector what did he find. The inspector says we got to know a big thing, we got a clue. Manjeet gets tensed. Ranvi asks what clue. The inspector says bomb was not in field, but in godown, whoever planted it there wanted to ruin godown, we feel Ratan was taking the bomb away from the godown to the lake and she got killed. Ranvi recalls Ratan’s final words and says yes, she had something in her hand and she asked us to not come ahead. The inspector says she had bomb in her hand, she died to save the harvest, she has sacrificed her life for the pind. Veera thinks she will find the bomb planter and expose him.
Ranvi says maybe Ratan has any doubt so she has gone there. Gunjan reminds that Chintu said Ratan was going to field, we have seen she was wounded. Veera says it means Ratan knew who was doing this, and that man had wounded her too to stop her from saving harvest. The inspector asks them to tell him any minute details. Ranvi asks him to find that devil, they will not sit quiet till they find the culprit. The inspector says he is from the pind and promises them that he will find the culprit in one week. He asks them to be careful and not take matter in their hands. The police leaves.
Balwant says I can’t believe anyone can try to kill Ratan. Veera says I will find out soon. Baldev says don’t get in risk. Veera says she will not leave the culprit, I can’t sit like this. She asks him to support her.
Dilawar says Ratan spoiled my plan, she has found the bomb, else I would have been owner of the pind. Manjeet calls him. He asks how is the situation there, I wish to come and see everyone crying. She says we will cry soon, police came and they got to know about bomb placed in godown, Veera has decided to catch the culprit, they will not give us to police if we get caught, they will kill us, think something to come out of this problem. He thinks what to do and gets worried.
Its morning, Ranvi tells Gunjan that he spoke to pandit and he is on the way. Baldev tells Balwant that Veera is with Ratan’s pic since night, she wants to nab the culprit. Balwant says tell her to be patient till the imp rituals are done, I can understand her pain. Baldev pacifies Veera and says pind people will find the culprit. She says then even culprit would have known this and he will try to erase the proof. She tells Gunjan that she wants to go and find proof, and asks her to make any excuse for her. She says she feels Ratan wants me to go and check the godown, the man will try again to ruin the harvest. Veera goes to godown to check and gets a chain there. She says its Ratan’s chain, how did this come here. She says it means Ratan has come here to save the harvest, someone wanted to ruin the harvest. Dilawar comes there and hides his face. He walks to her and a lamp falls. She turns and gets shocked.
The man runs and Veera gets his shoe. He calls Baldev and asks him to call police, she got a clue. The inspector asks Dilawar to try the shoe. Dilawar says its not my shoe. Everyone look at him.


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