Timeless Love Episode 31 Update on Monday 11th December 2017


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Last night poor Carlos got beat up by a couple of thugs. The padre carried him to Dr. Do-Little’s house where Carlos, thankfully shirtless, told the group that the thugs told him he has to learn who is the boss of Guadalupe Valley. Lazaro gives the doc his epic stink eye. Man I sure wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that one. Carlos and Lazaro know it was doc’s friend Augustin who arranged the attack on Carlos.

Via phone Jero explains to Nata that he and Regina are friends from way back. He thinks it’s cool she works at the center. Then he tells her that Fina came to see him at his place, she wanted to know his intentions. This shocks Nata. He tells her that although Fina has a strange way about her (that’s one way to put it) he thinks she loves Renata. Poor sap Renata sheds a happy tear at this thought.

Fina’s shady Licenciado calls and wants to meet her tomorrow to show her something very important. Roberta enters Fina’s room to find out what went down with Jero. Fina says Jero is pretty closed-mouth but he doesn’t suspect that they know about his brother. There is something about Jero that she doesn’t like but she doesn’t know what. Rob suggests it’s because he’s like his brother but worse and more experienced, a liar, cheat and two-faced. Then Rob goes on a tear that it’s obvious Jero and Rafa use the same MO. Clearly Renata and Rafa had something going on outside the office, in secret, before or at the same time Rafa was getting it on with Roberta. Fina actually looks skeptical but Rob’s on a roll. Rant rant rant why did he keep hiding me (wait, she’s the one who hid) and they even use the same words, “Bonita”.

Fina’s diabolical brain goes into overdrive, “Rafa never used your name?” Nope, he just always said Bonita and whenever Rob texted him or called him she was referred to as Bonita. Fina looks positively orgasmic at this revelation.

Carlos, all tucked in with Matilde tending him, calls Jero to tell him what happened. He’s sure Augustin is behind his beating even though he went to the DF last night.

It’s morning in the DF and Jero sits in a hotel lobby suffering from earthquake leg. He sees Augustin, calls him over and accuses him of the attack on Carlos. Augie feigns innocence, he’s been in the DF since yesterday. Jero doesn’t hesitate for a moment, calls bulls**t on Augi and informs him that as of now he has no intention of selling him La Bonita now or ever. Ooh, big angry glare from Augie.

Let’s join Mexico’s least favorite couple, Dr. D and Kari, where she’s sharing her theory that Augi is behind Carlos’s thrashing. Doc gets all defensive and she accuses him of being afraid of Augi nor does she like doc spending so much time with him. Doc sneers, says he can take care of himself (anvil words) and tells her to take care of her own house and he’ll take care of his. Jerk.

Speaking of, Augustin is in a right snit at Jero’s proclamation. Jero would do this based on suspicion? They had an agreement and Jero gave his word. Puhleeze, says Jero, he’s a businessman and he’ll acknowledge the consequences of his actions. Based on Augie’s treatment of the workers and what happened to Carlos Jero won’t sell Rafa’s land to someone who doesn’t deserve it. Augie can think what he likes but the vineyards and La Bonita will NEVER belong to him!

Oh goodie, Carlos has his shirt off again. Matilde enthusiastically tortures him with some sort of painful cure. He gets a phone call that makes him happy and Mati teases that it’s his girlfriend. (Heh, nice subtle sleuthing there Mati.) Nope, it was Jero with the great news that he’s not going to sell the hacienda to Augustin el Guapo. She enthusiastically hugs him, ouch!!!. And if Carlos is in charge then he’ll need a title. How about…Carlos the Funny (Carlos el Chistoso)? He’s all “What? There is Augustin the Handsome, Jeronimo the Beautiful, and I get to be Carlos the Funny?” She thanks him for not making her work for Augustin and they gaze at each other in smitten goofiness.

Overa at Hate House Gonzo and Matias are on their way to work. Gonzo tells Fina they still have unfinished business and they need to talk. He’ll call later.

Honorio tells Coni and Nata over breakfast that he saw Agatha and she’s concerned about Adri being alone. He tells them he promised that they (he and Coni) would always be with Adri, which surprises Coni. After he leaves Coni tells Nata she thinks Honorio is too preoccupied with this business.

Now we get to see Adri eat breakfast. Mom tells her that Honorio came by and he really is a great guy. Adri tells her she had a great time with Matias. Agatha’s a little worried because he still loves Nata but Adri says it was just nice being with him and they like to hang out. Once she’s alone Agatha doubles over in pain.

Augie calls Doc D with instructions to get to the notary ASAP because Jero the imbecile wants to renege on their deal. Doc’s bummed to hear the news because that messes up his own plans to be a partner with Augie (and no doubt his plans to see Alfonsina every day). Augie accuses doc of being short sighted. In the long term La Bonita WILL be his, now go to Ensenada, get a notary, and figure out how to squeeze everything they can out of Jero for breaking their agreement. It had better be a fortune and it had better happen fast!

Doc doesn’t want to get in the middle because he’ll likely have to deal with Jero in the future. Augie reminds him about the drunken night when Rafa died. Doc will side with Augie or Jero will find out everything. Way to take care of yourself doc.

Everyone’s eating breakfast today. Now it’s Fina with her Lapdog Licenciado and he’s got bad news for her. Looks like hub’s been seen with Regina Soberon. Fina puts on her hangdog mask and sighs how sad it is that all their years of marriage mean nothing to her husband. He says he caught Gonzo having a meal with Regina; Inez and Coni were there too. (Sheesh, hardly an affair.) Then El Lic says they were together when Gonzo made a donation, then one night he saw them…alone. He whips out his photos and Fina cusses them out.

Regina and Cata stand in the Regina Hope garden and admire Renata’s way with the clients. Cata warns Regina not to lose objectivity; she doesn’t want Regina to suffer when Renata goes on her way.

Cut to Renata’s current charge, a frail-looking wisp of a woman who has no self worth. Nata advises her that the center will help her find work and be productive so she can support herself and her baby.

Uh oh, Augustin has made his way to Empresas Monterrubio and he has an audience with Gonzo. I hope he doesn’t say anything about Jero. For now he’s preoccupied with Nata; he REALLY wants her involved in their contract. Gonzo confirms that Nata left for personal reasons that had nothing to do with her exemplary work ethic. Sorry, no chance of her returning in the near future. Gonzo himself will handle Augi’s biz. Augi presses, his relationship with Nata was slightly more than business, they were developing a great friendship, ahem, that he would like to continue and he needs her number. Gonzo sternly says that’s her business and he won’t give out her personal info. He’ll give Augi’s info to Nata and IF she wants she can contact him.

Nata and Regina are having a one-on-one in the RH garden. In fact Nata’s in the middle of telling Regina that her own mother was abandoned when Jero sneaks up with a bouquet of flowers and an invitation to eat. How cute, he’s got three bouquets, one each for Nata, Regina and Cata. Cata calls him an incorrigible seductor and Nata feigns shock.

Over at La Bonita Matilde continues her cures of pain. This time it’s tea to help inflammation served with a smack on the arm. Apparently the tea tastes like crap. Lazaro shows up with some papers that shock Carlos. Sounds like it’s the penalty from Augi’s notary. Carlos knew that they would pay some sort of penalty fee but this is madness! Augi’s a thief but he might be within his rights. If Jero agrees to pay it will be the worst business decision of his life. Mati says these lands are priceless. “To us,” adds Lazaro, who sees that Jero’s hands are tied. Mati flings down her worst insult, calling Augie el EX Guapo.

There is a meeting going on at Empresas Monterrubio but Honorio’s mind wanders back to Agatha’s words, Adri is his daughter. He stares at Adri and thought bubbles that she’s his daughter and he can’t say a word or hug her. Back on earth Gonzo discusses that with Renata gone they need to strengthen the marketing department; they need a Marketing Director with vast experience. I wonder who that’s going to be?

Over at Hate House Fina glares at the photos, shoves them in her purse and slithers out to meet Gonzo for lunch.

Chema arrives at Regina’s Hope. Coni tells him it’s been days since she’s seen him. They plan to meet later that afternoon; I think he’s going to take her jam-making class.

Matias sees Honorio in the hall and asks him how his visit with Agatha went. Honorio says some very serious stuff went down. Matias suggests they go to lunch and talk.

Gonzo has rendezvoused with Fina and he gets right to the point. He wants a divorce. She accuses him of loving someone else. No, he claims, it’s not for another but for himself. He doesn’t want a partnership without love. She says she’ll give him a divorce if he wants but please don’t lie to her. She whips out the photos of him and Regina when they accidentally ran into each other. They’re proof that he’s seeing another woman. He looks completely guilty and busted as the music crescendos.

Guess where Roberta and Selene are? Yep. Roberta asks if she looks fat. Oh brother. Then she gripes about Renata likely having it off with Rafa, just another reason to hate her. She asks Sele about the guy that Sele likes. Sele says it’s gone nowhere. Roberta jumps up and approaches a group of guys for someone’s phone number which annoys Sele.

At least Gonzo defends himself and wonders where she got the photos. He ran into Regina who was at the restaurant to meet her fiance. Fina has seen the way Gonzo looks at Regina and heard the way he speaks about her, he’s leaving Fina for her. Gonzo denies it, their problems started long before he ever met Regina. Fina claims that women have a sixth sense about these things. Shoot, the way he trips over his tongue every time he sees Regina doesn’t take a sixth sense, but OK. She loves Gonzo and would do anything to keep his love blah blah blah she is saccharin sweet, the faker. Gonzo says he feels terrible but he’s made up his mind. She goes all pathetic martyr on him. He gives his word that he won’t abandon her or the girls. He’ll leave her the house, a generous pension and his unconditional support. She thanks him and says she’d better leave, but we know that won’t be enough for our little demon mother. She never did answer his question of where she got the photos.

It looks like Roberta got somebody’s number and that somebody is Chema. Ha, didn’t I say Sele was checking out His Hawtness? Anyway, he agrees to meet her at 9:00 that night. Coni hears the end of the conversation and teases him about being a heartbreaker. Oh no, we’re just friends, he says. She teases and squeezes his cheek which seems to bug him a little.

Rob teases Sele and immediately turns the conversation back to herself as usual, this time how she and Rafa hooked up. This chick is really annoying me with her ego-maniacal one-dimensional personality.

Gonzo calls Renata, he has a lot of things to tell her. Can he meet her at Coni’s house tonight? He mentions that Augie came by and wanted her contact info. Nata looks suspicious.

Regina tells Jero that her intuition tells her Nata’s a good kid. Regina likes Jero but she doesn’t want to be an accomplice to his lies. Hooray! Common sense.

More eating, this time Honorio and Matias are at lunch. Honorio asks Matias about Adriana. Matias says he was feeling bad and she cheered him up, she’s pretty and sensitive. Why, what’s up? Honorio is about to burst and has to share some info with someone. “I am Adriana’s father.”

Segue to Adriana who has joined Nata and the others. Jero kisses them all goodbye, Nata blows kisses, the ladies hug, etc. Regina wants Adri to come by whenever she likes because she enjoys being around her.

Cara impactada de Matias. He swears not to say a thing about Adri being Honorio’s daughter. Honorio frets about Coni’s reaction when she finds out. Matias reassures him that she’ll come around. I’ve been wondering about Mr. Inappropriate for this episode and I think Honorio’s decision to NOT tell Coni this important piece of news is very inappropriate. The longer you wait the harder it gets.

Food Flirtation montage of Coni teaching Chema to cook. Lots of tasting things off of each other’s fingers, feeding each other stuff, teasing each other with food, and Chema gazing longingly at Coni. Hmmm…inappropriate?

Adri wants to talk to Renata about her (Adri’s) relationship with Matias. Adri beats around the bush, says she’s getting closer to Matias, uh, errr. Nata helps out; does Adri think Nata and Matias might have a future? Absolutely not, reassures Nata. The BFFs nod in agreement.

Carlos calls Jero to fill him in on the crazy penalty and the deadline which is tomorrow. (Doesn’t make sense to me since everything else in those parts seems to move so slowly.) Carlos points out that Augie is a man who doesn’t know how to lose. Jero says he’s going to come to La Bonita right away and face Augustin. He calls Renata and tells her he’s got to leave immediately, trouble in the country, doesn’t know when he’ll be back, love you mi amor.

Roberta joins Fina somewhere, the club or their ritzy back yard, griping that she wants to go to shopping in New York as a distraction. Fina throws down The Photos and gives Rob the 411 on dad. He wants a divorce. Rob turns it back to herself, she doesn’t want to be left alone with this business about Matias and the baby. After all she went through, sleeping with Matias so Gonzo wouldn’t divorce Fina. Fina tells Rob to trust her.

Gonzo fills Honorio and Matias in on his divorce plans. Phone rings and it’s Licenciado Anibal Lara there to discuss his son Diego.

Renata hooks up with Augustin at some restaurant. He was surprised to hear she left the company, why? Well…she fell in love. The idiot smiles, still thinks it’s him. It was enough to make her leave? She hems a bit, actually….it’s because she fell in love with one of her brother’s best friends. Oopsie, bad news for Augie and he’s taken aback. Clueless to his off-the-wall assumption she cheerfully babbles, Yeah yeah she knows, she felt bad but it’s the greatest love of her life. She blathers on that of course it’s not news to him because he was already aware that she was in love. Augie maintains his composure but his eyes look royally pithed off and he thought bubbles that he wasn’t aware of any such thing.

The Monterrubio tribunal of Gonzo, Honorio and Matias tell Anibal Lara that they don’t plan to press charges against Diego but they want Diego to take responsibility and clear Renata’s name. Anibal seems like a decent guy and gives his word it will be so.

Fina is in a doctor’s office telling him if he does what she just explained he’ll have work for the rest of his life? Or he won’t have to work the rest of his life? She gives her Sweety-Nasty smile that gives me nightmares. Oh dear, yet another doctor portrayed as a weak sell-out. How inappropriate.

Mañana – Fina tells Renata that Gonzo dumped her for Regina. Renata confronts Regina. It appears as if Fina attempts suicide.

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