My Sweet Curse Episode 32 Update on Monday 11th December 2017


Aurora tells Rodrigo that she’s not sure that Elsa will accept their relationship and he tells her to leave it all up to him, because he will talk to his mother.
Pillar looks so depressed about Rodrigo’s rejection and Elsa calms her down and encourages her that time will surely heal all her wounds because she is a very beautiful lady.
Monica is happy because Pilar is leaving the hacienda, and she tells her mum that now her next goal is to get rid of Aurora, so she goes to speak with Elsa and starts badmouthing her to Elsa by telling her that Aurora just wants to marry Rodrigo to financially secure her future but Elsa doesn’t believe so because she knows Aurora but Says so did she but now she is beginning to know Aurora little by little that she is an opportunist.
Onesimo can’t understand why Apolonia insists on keeping the promise she made to herself and doesn’t want to give him a chance to court her.
Aurora goes to church with Elsa’s family and the congregants stare at her, gossip about her, and disdain her but Father Basilio’s message was about love because that is the great significance of God and so people shouldn’t let deception and superstition into their lives to hate one another. After saying these message, the congregant who left their seat to move away from Aurora started coming back to sit by her side.
Severo decides to get out of town for a few days so the police will stop suspecting him haunting Aurora.
Macrina starts to dig for Severo’s supposed buried treasure.
After church, Apolonia tells Aurora that she can count on her for the milk producers event and she looks so happy.
Aurora decides to go speak with Father Basilio but at the corridor, she starts to feel unwell and starts having hallucinations.
She manages to get to Father’s Basilio’s office’s door and in opening it and hearing Elsa and Father talking about her, she decides to eavesdrop the conversation and she overhears Elsa telling Father Basilio that though Aurora is a virtuous woman who is doing everything to make life meaningful for herself and she loves her very much and would seem that she is being unfair but as a mother, she wants the best for her son because they come from a different background but she doesn’t like Aurora as Rodrigo’s girlfriend, and if that relationship should happen, she would ask Aurora to leave the ranch no matter how much it will break her (Elsa) heart she will do it.
This makes Aurora sad and leaves quickly for the cemetery to cry on her father’s tomb and tells him that in the morning she was the happiest woman in the world but now she’s very sad because Elsa doesn’t think she’s worthy of Rodrigo’s love.

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