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EPISODE      6      –      8

Sona closes her cupboard and sees Kanhaiya sleeping. Meanwhile, Bade and Bindiya is shown where Bindiya says she has dressed up so well and everyone else her age looks like aunty and people thinks she looks like sister to kids Julie and Dimple. Bade reminds her that she is a mother to them. He also says he had made mistake in marrying her after meeting her at college. An upset Bindiya asks Bade to look into her eyes and talk. Neelam stays busy in her regular household chores cooking where her husband calls her and says that the food is cold and asks her to bring milk for him and she takes the food away. Neelam boils the milk and gives it to her husband who is listening to song. She tells him to be careful since the milk is hot but he keeps listening to the songs. As Neelam is walking back to the kitchen, Devar ji asks Neelam to make him a hot glass of tea as he is reading a novel and he wants to read it finish. Neelam says she will go to get it. Neelam’s husband drinks the milk and shouts out for Neelam where he asks why didn’t she tell him that it was hot and asks her to make it cold and bring for him as he will be going to his room. Devar ji looks at Neelam and tells her that this book has a very beautiful line and he recites the line to Neelam about Ahilya in Ramayan where her curse was lifted by Sri Ram and asks her to pray daily. He also says that she will get freedom one day and she will get all the happiness in her life and she will keep smilling. He asks Neelam to smile and Neelam smiles saying she will go and get his tea now but after reading the novel, to tell her the whole story. Neelam leaves. The next morning, Sona is sitting by Kanhaiya’s bed and wakes him up with a rose. Kanhaiya opens his eyes and says sees Sona by his bed. Sona gives the rose to Kanhaiya and they both exchange romantic look and Sona gets shy as they share their affectionate time together. Kanhaiya is getting romantic while Sona opens the room window and says it’s morning now and that he slept last night. As she is about to leave, Kanhaiya pulls Sona to him and says he can’t sleep without her. Sona says she will bring tea for him and leaves. Kanhaiya says to himself it’s already morning and when will it be night? Sona is about to enter the kitchen when both Bindiya and Renu stop Sona from involving in any household work asking where is she going as she had completed her tradition. They tells her that Neelam would make the tea and bring for them and asks her to keep distance from the kicthen. Sona smiles saying they should go and sit down and she will bring them tea. Bindiya and Renu says all this is kicthen politics and she will never go to the kitchen and do any work. Sunaina Devi exchanges the gifts given by Sona’s family with low quality gifts and announces to the family that she is going to give them the gifts and tells them to accept the gifts given by Sona’s grandmother. As everyone comes to collects their gifts, she then gives her family these gifts under the pretext that Sona’s family sent them.

Sunaina also gives a saree for Sona and ask Sona to wear this on the first day she is going back to work. Suhnaina gets a phone call and goes aside to receive the call. A saree guy comes to Sunaina asking when can he come to collect the sarees? Sunaina says her new daughter in law would go to work and he can come the following day. And when he come, also to bring a fruit walla together as new daughter-in-law’s family also sent many fruits as part of their gifts. Sunaina hangs the call and sees Devar ji who looks at her. Sona brings the tea for everyone and Neelam tries to take the tray but Sona asks Neelam to take the tea instead. Neelam asks if she will take first? Sona says yes, that she should take first. As Sona goes around giving everyone the tea, everyone are more interested in seeing their gifts first. Bindiya, Kanhaiya, Renu and the other family members criticize the gifts. Everyone is upset to see the gifts where Bindiya says even the worker in her parlour would not wear this. Sona is shocked to hear this. Kanhaiya goes to Bindiya saying this saree looks good and Bindiya says they will need to wear this. Renu asks why can’t new daughter-in-law’s grandmother understand what kind of clothes they wear? Kanhaiya says the saree would not suit Renu from any angle and Manohar says during the wedding, Sona’s grandmother talked greatly but to look at this dress. Neelam sees Sona getting upset and Dimple asks her mother to take her dress as if her friend sees her wearing it, they would tease her. Julie says her father will not let her wear such color and Kanhaiya again supports Sona. Darshana says that Sona’s grandmother had insulted them in the name of giving them gifts and Kanhaiya taunts Darshana. All of them keep back the gifts on the table where Sona gets upset seeing it. Kanhaiya says it’s a good thing if good things comes from the in-law after wedding but it’s also alright if it doesn’t. So what if everyone didn’t like the gift? They should not see the quality in the gifts they are getting. Neelam tells Sona, she love her present. Chicku too assure Sona that he will also wear his clothes. Kanhaiya tells him to take the gifts and keep and they can give other people. Kanhaiya tries making Sona feel better but Sona is still upset. Just then, Sona’s handphone rings where it’s her Daadi, Sona goes to receive her call. Daadi asks how is she and her in-laws? She asks if everyone liked their gifts? She further says she is keeping her husband according to her right? She inform her granddaughter that she had sent all the gifts according to everyone’s wish so that no one would look down at her and asks if the gifts were worth the money? Sona gets shocked hearing this. Daadi further says she had did her best for sending her the gifts.

Sunaina’s Devar asks her as how can she be so greedy and Sunaina says that she exchanged the gifts for the welfare of every person in house. Sona listens to her words and learns the truth that her mother in-law Sunaina Devi’s trick of exchanging the expensive gifts given by her grandmother, with some ordinary gifts yet she tells Sunaina that her Daadi is sorry if there is something left in the shagun. Sunaina has no words to say and Sona lefts with teary eyed. Sona is upset while Kanhaiya wants his consummation with his wife. He adds that his mummy is always right and their might be some reason that she exchanged the gifts. Kanhaiya’s support in his mother favour further, saddens her and tells him she is going to sleep. Next morning, Sona’s company official visits the Chaturvedi’s residence with an incentive cheque of Rs 1,25,000 for Sona, which Sona handovers to Sunaina Devi furthermore delighting her. Sunaina asks Neelam to take care of Sona’s lunch as she has to join her office from tomorrow. Kanhaiya thinks why always he can’t celebrate his night. Renu and Bindiya are trying hard to gain attention of Sunaina. Sona watches everyone always asking Neelam to their work and Sunaina says that housewives are meant to do household works. Sona is shocked to learns Sunaina Devi’s instability, when she mentions the importance and the loss of a housewife in a family.

Kanhaiya goes to work and arrives at the police station, he looks serious while the constables looks at Kanhaiya and laughs. Kanhaiya asks why are they looking like that in which they all say that Kanhaiya looks happy and they ask for sweet to celebrate it. Kanhaiya calls to a sweet shop and orders sweet. That says that he have hit the jackpot by getting a high salary earning wife. Kanhaiya’s subordinates praise him for his superiority over his seniors for being married to a working woman than a housewife saying that all their senior officer’s wives are Housewives while Kanhaiya’s wife is a reporter. Kanhaiya gets proud as they keep praising him. Kanhaiya starts dreaming of going on the motorbike with Sona and a few people are saying hear the sound, Kanhaiya is coming. Kanhaiya then comes out from his dream saying hia wife will be going back to work tomorrow. Back at the house, Neelam is washing the clothes and puts it for drying and as Sona is going to meet Neelam, Sunaina stops her asking where is she going? Sona says that she is going to help Neelam but Suhnaina says she can do her work on her own. Sona says that if she helps, Neelam can do the work faster and Sunaina says that she does all the work faster. Sunaina then adds that she can’t wait for Sona to finish her leave and faster go back to work. Sona is then cutting some vegetables in the kitchen when Neelam comes asking Sona not to do this and go to rest. Sona claim she is doing work the whole day and asks why would she rest? Sona continues cutting the vegetable then Neelam remind her that she will need to take care of her husband and teases Sona. Sona’s phone rings and it’s Kanhaiya, asking if is Sona is doing anything. Kanhaiya says that he thought of eating lunch with Sona and starts singing song for Sona saying coming home soon. Neelam tells her devar ji is coming back home to eat? Sona lovely address her sister and asks if she remember the night before her suhaag raat? Everyone was teasing her but she was the only one keeping quiet. She like to see her like this and smile always. Neelam smiles hearing this. In the night, Bindiya comes to her husband saying that after this, she wants to stop Julie and Dimple’s studies as she is going to sack two of the ladies in her parlour. With that, she would be earning more and mummy ( her mother in-law) will be sending apple in her lunch box too. Sona hears this and as she walks, she hears Renu talking to her husband where Renu is going to do extra class and she also wants apple in her lunch box. Sona learns Renu’s and Bindiya’s jealousy towards her for gaining preference over them by Sunaina Devi. Kanhaiya comes behind her. Sona asks if he can see what is happening in this house? Kanhaiya says all this is normal in this house and she must always be happy. He try to discuss about thei night but Sona interrupts him and asks what about Dimple and Julie’s studies. Kanhaiya says it’s night. Sona goes downstairs and asks what Neelam is doing in which Neelam reply that mummy ji asked her to do this flower gardlands. Sona asks for what and Neelam says because she ( Sona ) is going to work. She then tells Sona to go and sleep as she need to wake up early. Sona asks if she is also waking up early to do all the work. Neelam says it’s alright, she can go to sleep. Chacha ( Sunaina brother in-law) is listening to this.

Chacha ji comes to Sona and says that there is everything in this house but yet something is missing. He is always hoping for something to happen and everyone thinks that it’s normal. But she is Kiran to him and he have full trust in her and he know she will never break his trust. Sona smiles. Sona enters her room and sits on the sofa, Kanhaiya notice this and says the look on her face is not good. He reminds her that she will resume her work tomorrow and he have decided that tonight. They both but Sona interrupts him before he says anything further and asks if he is not worried on what is happening in the house? Kanhaiya reply that he is only worried about them and slowly brings Sona to the bed. Understanding what her husband intention is, Sona suddenly pretends to have headache and asks for water. Kanhaiya goes to get water. He comes to the room and sees Sona sleeping. He says to himself that Sona have already sleep and wonder why is God taking revenge on him. So he have to sleep tonight as usual. As Sona sees that Kanhaiya is sleeping, she sits up thinking on how everyone keeps calling Neelam as a housewife. Sona also recalls her mother in-law changing the gifts and recalling Chacha ji’s ( Sunaina’s brother in-law ) words and sits on her laptop, she starts typing and prints a letter out. The next morning, Neelam brings the diya while Sona comes down and sees Bindiya not allowing Dimple and Julie to go to college saying they need to follow her to the parlour.


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