Love Happens Episode 91–93 Update on Monday 11th December 2017


EPISODE      91    –    93

Daadi keeps scolding and yelling at Aanya for no apparent reason. Janki and Gehna feel bad about Daadi’s behaviour, but there is nothing that they can do. Bhola and Chhotu urge Aanya to stop being so generous and marry Raghu. Nevertheless, Aanya does not listen to them. Meanwhile, in order to unite Aanya and Raghu, Rangeela and Bhola write a letter for Gehna revealing Aanya and Raghu’s relationship and urge her to stop the marriage as quickly as possible. They then ask Chhotu to hand over the letter to Gehna. However, Chhotu gets confused when Lakhan also hands him a note and asks him to give it to Sarpanch. Chhotu does a blunder and interchanges the letter. Sarpanch’s wife, Yashodha is taken aback to read the letter.

Yashodha gets tensed and decides not to reveal about this to anyone. She calls Gehna and orders her to stay in her room and prohibits her from meeting anyone, Gehna gets confused, but Yashodha does not say anything to her. Later, Aanya cries her heart out when her mother, Debbie arrives from Mumbai. She tells Debbie that she has decided to return to Mumbai as she will find it hard to stay in the village after Raghu’s marriage. GD and Kishan get elated as they feel that Aanya will now marry Rahul. On the day of Raghu’s wedding, Aanya tells him that she will leave for Mumbai after his marriage. Raghu finds himself helpless as he can’t do anything for Aanya. Later, Aanya meets Gehna, who expresses her desire to meet Raghu and tie him a sacred amulet for his protection before the wedding takes place. Aanya then gives her stole to Gehna and takes her out from the backyard. She then goes near Raghu’s place and asks him to meet her on the sly. Raghu mistakes Gehna for Aanya and speaks his heart out. He also expresses his inability to marry her and requests her to forget and forgive him. Gehna is shocked to hear this.

Raghu gasps with horror when he realises the blunder he has made. Gehna is shattered and cries inconsolably. Yashodha then tells her that there is nothing that they can do as Sarpanch’s pride was at stake, and urges Gehna to forget everything and marry Raghu. Meanwhile, Bhola, Mirza the village barber, and Rangeela decide to do something in order to stop the marriage, but with the passage of time, their hopes begin to lose. Finally, Gehna dons the bride’s attire and Raghu, dressed up as groom, arrives at the venue.

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